Alvah visits Brand

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Coming down into a dim vaulted chamber part of it is filled with stacked kegs. There are a couple tables and chairs. There are 4 cells, each lit differently. Two are empty and the doors are open. One looks like gurads sleep in it.
One has a gray skinned man in it sleeping on a bed. His cell has nothing else in it.
The other, that Darcy walks up to, is well fitted out. Bed, Chair, lamps, dresser, There is a keg just inside the bars and two outside as well as several comfortably padded chair. In the cell one chair in the back matches the ones outside. Another near the bards is large. It has a small keg used as a table next to it.
In the near chair sits a man in a smoking jacket, a cigar burning in an ashtray. A book in his hands. Red hair and a pale complexation ... He looks up as Darcy enters.
"Well, Sir Darcy! What a rare treasure.. And Arloxedra! Shapechanged into a fair maiden just for me? I blush.. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah never been in such a place she just falls silent. Walking with Darcy to one of the doors. She carefully looks inside. No clue what really to expect. She then does a short double take on the grey sleeping figure.
The image what she saw with Dwynwen was that the same man?
Alvah looks at Darcy and points silently to the door with a questioning look.
When the man speaks she just raises an eyebrow.
"Ah alright you are Brand then. And obviously i am not Arloxedra."
Michael James Watson
It is clearly Dwynwen's father.
"Hagalta, Son of Dworkin. He is an enemy of Amber though Random is working on him. He fathered a daughter on his sister and then fathered a daughter on his daughter. Apparently thats not uncommon among the Adask. Not entirely uncommon in Amber since Oberon had 4 sons with one of his daughters. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods at the information. She then holds the basket out to Brand.
"Dame Margot gave me this to bring to you."
She looks for a spot to just place it down and step back as soon as she can.
Michael James Watson
"Well, Arlo, you are so helpful. I could use a foot rub."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks Brand up and down then just puts the basket near him on the ground.
She steps back looks at Brand.
"Well i am sure you got time enough here. Practice footrubbing on your own feet."
Michael James Watson
He smiles, "I suppose i do....wait now.....Darcy? "
Darcy says, "Alvah, daughter of Delwin"
Brand stands, approaches the cell. "Indeed?! So you are not my jailer after all? That's different. My apologies, Lady Alvah. I should have guessed though. I may be bereft of magic but reason should have seen that this could not be Arlo. He is a fine shapeshifter but he could not create a shape so lovely. He tends toward Dierdre type.. The old Deirdre though; not the new ones.. Please, have a seat. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?"
He sits back, picks up a large brandy snifter, shakes it and it fills.
"I would serve you the wine myself but they rarely let me out. There are glasses over there. Darcy, be a good lad, and pour.. Give her the good stuff not the kitchen barrel. " Darcy nods, steps over and retrieves two glasses.
"I have one of the kitchen barrels in here.. So i usually stick to the brandy. Giving me an ever-full brandy snifter might have been a joke to Bleys since he made sure it filled with bottom shelf brandy from a grocery chain called Ralphs, but its been a life savior to me.
"The kitchen Barrels are magic of Margot's. She has a barrel in the kitchen that wine from the tables, or every where else gets poured. The barrel purifies it of spit and backwash, and then fills hundreds of barrels around the place. Magically of course. Its like taking a bottle of red, white, rose, green, burgundy, merlot, pino, Tazhi, bayles yellow and mixing them in a blender. So one never knows what the quality is going to be. Or the taste. SHe cooks with the stuff but many of us grew up with the taste of Margot's kitchen wine.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah remembers the warning king Random gave her and tries to have as neutral expression as possible. She holds up her hand
"That is fine. I did not immediately introduce myself. And thank you for the compliment."
Alvah sits down and continues
"Well this is my first day in Amber. And first day away from my home shadow. First day knowing about. Well... this " she gestures all around her
"King Random told me to go talk to you. And if i am not mistaken my father was here earlier to, no?"
Michael James Watson
"Delween? Yes, he was here recently. For a mighty sorcerer he is quite the thick brick, isn't he? Valued style over substance. Elegance rather then efficiency. He riddles. He assumes his assumptions are infallible. Vance has the right of him. I met him in shadow of course. When he complains how badly he was treated, how unkind we all were to his beloved saint of a mother, remember something please. He and Sand had left Amber with her, taken her to Far Isles, then Talgwir before Bleys, Fiona, Llewella, Flora, Giovanni, Random, Mirelle, Dalt, Pierre, and Coral were born. So when he paints the House Bariman as cruel to him and his sister it was none of us. It was Julian, Caine, Gerard, Corwin, and that great prick Eric who treated her badly. Benedict was in shadow her whole reign. Deirdre was a lady in waiting to her. Arloxedra, the huge spud, was born before Delwin and Sand though none of us knew it. Gerard wasn't exactly cruel but he was clear, i am told, that he didn't consider her the true queen as long as his mother lived. So its the sons of Fiellla and Rilga that chased poor frail Harla out of Amber. Frankly the sons of Rilga were the biggest culprits. Eric and Corwin spent too much time fighting each other to notice a new queen of Amber. So don't blame us all. I am certain Harla would tell you the same"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Brand as he goes on about her father.
She just watches and listens
"Well if my father is a thick brick i woukd not know, it seems you would be the expert with thick bricks." She looks at the prison wall and just smiles softly."
Alvah then sits back
"Well and the whole deal what happened in the past, it happened and my fathee is back ssrving the crown so." Alvah shrugs.
"But do not let me stop you. Are there more issues you want to adress?"
Michael James Watson
"Issues? With you? I didn't know you existed till a minute ago. But considering what Delwin asked me I can guess a few things. My deal with Random is that I will be helpful to the crown. I have a death sentence hanging on my head only held off by my utility. So let me give you a piece of advice that can't
possibly mean a damn thing to you till the matter pops up. Bleys, Fiona, and I sat the Oracle of Night and it gave us delusions of grandeur. Those delusions led us to folly, treason, and attempted fratricide and attempted regicide. Bleys and Fiona flipped sides and i saw the issue out. For my steadfastness i paid great prices by living an age in the abyss. Seeing my sister split into two different people, one of which was rescued and the other remained in the abyss. In time i crawled out to find i didn't have all of my mind anymore. I've gotten better. If I sit here for a thousand years its a drop in the bucket compared to my time in the Abyss. So my advice is never sit the Oracle of Night. "
Looking to Darcy, "You'll attest that when asked i gave her good advice?" Darcy chuckles and nods.
"Anything else?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks serious and nods.
"I did not so much mean issues with me. As you said. I am the new one here. More issues like with my grandmother from my fathers side. It seems to still bother you, that my dad blamed all of his siblings. "
Alvah then stands up
"But no nothing else, and i do thank you for the advice, i will m remember it for when it comes up. " she gives a warm smile
Michael James Watson
"Well, when you see Harla, say hello for me. She likes chocolate covered bacon. Find a way to conjure it before you see her. Good luck walking the pattern. If you want to talk sorcery, come on back..I'm always here""
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah turns back to Brand and nods.
"If i see her sure i will pass it on.
And i think just getting it somewhere from shadow would be easier then conjuring. But sure. And yeah you will be here so perhaps if i want to talk about sorcery."
She nods at Darcy.
Michael James Watson
"Maybe, but doing so will be extraordinarily difficult at the time. The likelihood you have it on you when you go to see her is tiny. And when the time comes, going somewhere else to find it is going to be very time consuming.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah sighs and turns.
"What does it mattet. So in the very unlikely chance that i will see her i will have to make sure to have a way to get chocolate covered bacon. Great. I wasn't planning on visiting her. Especially if she eats chocolate covered bacon. " Alvah shudders " who eats that?"
Alvah is getting slightly restless and just paces a bit.
Michael James Watson
"Who indeed. See you soon Darcy. "
He nods, and moves to the stairs for Alvah.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks back for a moment and then follows Darcy up the stairs.
"Well that is another thing done on the list. "
Alvah keeps a bit of pace to just keep herself moving and work a bit more muscles to get the frustration out.
"So think that i should go back to Dame Margot. "
Michael James Watson
Darcy takes off running up the stairs.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stops looks for a moment
then starts a sprint as well after Darcy. Trying to keep up as best as she can.
Michael James Watson
He has a jump on her, is running on familiar ground, and is, frankly of greater str and Endurance then her..but not by much.. But a 30 minute downward walk is a quick 10 minute upstairs run. At the end she seems surprised how good she feels compared to stair running in the past. And she sees Darcy has brought her back to the kitchens. He points in,
"The elites run every morning. 10 mile obstacle run. We meet at the Lower Ward at about 5th hour. "
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide.
"Thank you i guess i needed that. And damn yeah you are fast." She walks towards the kitchen again and gives Darcy another smile
"That was fun. And no clue where that is but i can figure that out. "
Alvah then turns back to the kitchen trying not to stand in anyone their way.
Michael James Watson
Entering the kitchen Margot waves to her corner and heads that way, tasting , smelling, adding picking up coffee on the way
"How was Brand today?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah bobs and weaves through the kitchen trying to get the hang of the rythm. Clearly in a better mood after the run up the stairs.
She then answers when near Dame Margot. "I do not know how he normally is, so if he is doing well or not i could not answer. He was vague. And he did give me advice, so i think it was okey."
She smiles.
"Well i am back as promised. And about the choice i had to make i think omelette that sounds least dangerous."
Michael James Watson
"danger is my business.." She laughs," Then lets cook. I like to know everyone in the castle knows how to cook something so they don't starve."
She talks about food, places, and gently guides your hand to crack eggs, mix with salt and pepper. As she talks Alvah realizes shes singing a little song. An easy to remember little sea shanty about cooking an omlete. Cheese and mushroom and bacon. Its amusing and catchy.
"And done." Alvah looks down as she slides the omlete onto a waiting silver plate. It looks perfect. Margot slices it in two, and slides the halves onto small ceramic plates.
She takes plates to the table. Sitting she tases it and smiles. Waits for Alvah to try it.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah having difficulty at first to lef her be guided. Though she eventually manages with Dame Margot feeling more at ease with her.
When done and sitting Alvah just tries she did make this under sulervision so the chances of poisoning yourself would be slim.
Alvah looks up surprised
"Oh wow, that is actually good."
She smiles at Dame Margot
"Thank you. Really this is the first thing i ever cooked successfully."
She takes another bite.
Michael James Watson
The small silver plate glows momentarily and is clean. Margot pushes it over.
"Keep that. It will produce two of those a day. Now don't starve. Its been a delight meeting you. Come back and time. Oh.. eggs are good for Cicero too. "
"Now.. Take this too. Its a key to apartment 3, 5th family level. Darcy will know the way.. Look it over.. We can get it decorated for you or you can arrange it yourself"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah takes the plate, the key and smiles
"Thank you again for your time and lesson. And yes perhaps i can learn more."
Alvah smiles gives a polite nod and sways through the kitchen again to the exit.
Standing in the hallway she looks to Darcy and shows the key,
"Dame Margot said apartment 3, 5th family level. And that you would know where it is."

Michael James Watson
"I should. Its in the same group of 8 that includes Jurt, Elayne, Arlo and Donovan..I've been there a lot of time up there. This way. He leads the way to a seperate buildiing and up several floors to the room the key opens. Its empty save a bed in one room and a table and chairs in another.
He says, "Jurt sold most of his to Elayne years ago. Arlo took over one next to his when he first came to Amber. The others have mostly been vacant. One was recently assigned to Donovan."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks around then looks in the hallway again trying to remember who is where.
"Alright well i will make sure no late night parties then."
She stels back in the room and places her silver plate down on the table.
Alvah then walks around a bit letting Cicero smell around as well.
Then turning to Darcy
"So is there an adressbook or something of who lives where? As would i need to let my father know or can he easily find out?"
Michael James Watson
"There are staff that know all the details. When a family dinner is heald the place gets pretty active. Though parties are common too. This floor is pretty quiet. Elayne rarely stays in Amber. Donovan hasn't spent time here. I doubt he knows he has an apartment. Jurt lives in town at Thin Whip's Place. Arlo almost never stays here. He mainly sleeps in the Library.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Nice so pretty quiet floor then. "
She then nods "alright so i think i have doemne mostly what i should have done safe for walking the pattern. But i guess that can wait a bit like Arlo said. "
Alvah looks around a bit
'So would it be okey if i just wander around a bit? And do you have to follow me everywhere? Cause i am sure you have better things to do then babysitting the new kid."
Alvah smiles wide
Michael James Watson
"I'm off duty. Have been all day. Wander as you like. I suspect the King didn't intend you to walk the pattern today.. Wander by the kitchens, mention to Dart to have your apartment furnished. Then visit town for awhile, wander down to Caine;s dive. In a few hours return her and the palace will have basic stuff. I suspect your father is around here someplace. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Thank you. And that sucks off duty and following me around."
She steps out of her room locks it up.
"Well then i will just go wander about a bit. Thank you for your time and help."
Alvah just starts walking back to downstairs looking for the exit. Looking around and trying to keep her hands to herself remembering what King Random had said about stealing from royals.
Ahe doesn't walk fast. So she can remember routes and to give Cicero the chance to orientate a bit.
Michael James Watson
The castle is massive and dwarfs ever mansion, palace or castle she ever saw. It feels like a mix of Mall, massive 5 star hotels military base, ivy League college, and Royal palace. Yet somehow it seems homey. The staff move about effortlessly. There seem to be sitting nooks, alcoves, archers slits everywhere. Her warfare reading makes her think its a fortress and a trap for invaders. As if invaders might appear magically inside and she thinks they just might.
Cats are a frequent sight. Birds and bats are in rafters and groin vaults.
Entering along room she sees portraits of thousands of people. Some are clearly marked as Royal. Some are nobles. Down the way she sees Delwin sitting in a high backed padded chair, looking up at a painting.
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah just lets her eyes wander and take in all the impressions.
Seeing her father she silently moves towards. Holding up her hand to see if he noticed her.
Alvah just doesn't know if she should make a sound or not.
Michael James Watson
He looks upway. sensing her approach.
"You have always been smarter, stronger, faster, quicker, then nearly everyone you knew. Here, everyone is that. Archetypes, great at almost everything. So good at everything that its hard to believe they are bad at anything."
He stands and walk part way across the hall. Still staring.
"Benedict does terrible at golf.. Bleys once had a raging ego. Flora is great at starting relationships but terrible at keeping them....I never had the knack of fatherhood. You know that now. I will be returning home once you walk the pattern. Soon you will know why I was so distracted and let something so important slip from me. Random told me he suggested you talk to Brand. Did you?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit worried to her father. She then looks up to the painting her father is looking at.
"Well no parent is perfect, and i came out okey enough."
She smiles slightly
"Yes i have talked to Brand. Or well tried to. Didn't quite grasp all that he said but maybe later i'll understand."
Alvah sighs
"Can't you just tell me what is going on? Maybe i can help. After i walkes the pattern we can both go home. "
Alvah looks him in the eye
"You don't have to keep this from me anymore."
Michael James Watson
He looks to her, " I didn't keep it from Vance. sword fighting, surgery, martial arts. Assassination techniques. Gunnery. History. Family lore. Sorcery.Trump artistry He walked the pattern at 12. I have one of my own, a shadow, hidden on Talgwir. I prepared him even minute of every day for hundreds of years, to make him a match if Caine came to kill him. Gerard came to drown him. Julian hunted him. I forced hatred of the sons of Rilga down his throat. Hatred of Amber. Sand says I was cruel. "
He points to a portrait. "My mother, Queen Harla...Lora...she was so sweet..kind. Gentle..she made me swear not to attack amber. I swore. Then I trained my son to do it. What happened to him? He met Benedict and decided to serve Amber because I taught him to hate it.. So with you, I let you make your own path.. Love as you would. Hate as you would. In a fast time shadow..Speak with Vance. Speak to Sand. My mother is dead currently. Yet she summons people across time to her. Not me. Not Sand. Random. Gerard. Carissa. Vek..and The wretched Queen Rilga dares live in Harla's tower today and call my mother friend." He puts a hand on her portrait. "Maybe its a legacy of our origins in Chaos...but we are bad at being a family."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles warmly to her father.
"I will make my own path don't worry. Since when did i ever fully do what you asked ms to? "
Alvah then laughs
"Well yes i will see Vance. King Random told me he was to train me. "
She softle pokes her father with her elbow
"And i don't hate, i annoy. Ryba taught me that."
She says with a wider grin. Then the smile fades and she sighs.
"But you are not going to tell me what is going on right?"
Alvah leta Cicero alither a bit before frowning and speaking up again.
"Are there things i should know? For example my mother? You never talk about her. Today also to Fiona you said that it would be to complicated. "
Alvah stops before the frustration reaches her voice.
Michael James Watson
"What's going on....many things great and small. On our world a sorceress is summoning Dufiro for personal vengance. In Amber they have a two front war coming and they need everyone. On one side is Azcala. They have been fighting a cold war for 3 decades. It's about to get hot. A son of Dworkin, Hagalta tried to start that war. On the other, Julian and Caine have fled Amber,reunited with thier wives, my sisters Nina and Emilie. Julian was claimed Kingship of a primal realm, a minor one, named Adagalasck. And my brother Borlak is attacking it. And in Adagalsck There is a war for rulership. So...a lot going on. Maybe we should go home for a few hundred years
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens nods and smiles.
"Sure we can do that. Just pick up life as it were. Drop your loyalty or service or agreement, whatever it is, at the way out."
Alvah crosses her arms and looks her father in the eyes.
"And then? You can't return here. Or not that easy, neither can i. And sure you will be able to keep me safe, sure you will be able to control more things in our lives."
Alvah walks closer to her father and lays her hands on his arms.
"Or we can use my tactic. Be where you should be and keep moving, run jump dodge, just keep moving. Running you do on instinct. Trust yours and, dad, trust mine." She squeezes his arms before letting go.
"I won't walk the pattern for a few days. So there is time. What places should i see here? Who should i meet?" She keeps a hold of his hand walks a few steps and turns
"I won't ask about my mother again, but please tell me one day?" She then grins devilish
"Oh i know how you can be an awesomer father and buy me clothes. You know so i don't have to... 'shop' myself."
Michael James Watson
I walked away from Amber twice before. Mother was queen of Amber for 48 years. My sister Sand and I are twins. We were born in 2160 in this very castle.In mother's first year as queen. Mother took us to Talgwir and raised us for for almost 100 years, occasionally going back to Amber. She said the Unicorn need us at the center of things as mature, responsible adults, not babes. "
He withdraws a pipe and tokes omn it briefly, emitting a strong honey cavendish scent.
" Oberon made the time ratio really fast. When Sand and I were 30 he took us to a place called Rasak. The warriors of Amber call it The Nasty Place. 9 years of dedicated warrior training in arms, tactics, discipline, endurance...It was torturous. Then a year on a battle world called Addledros. A world that has a continent 8000 miles across and the forces of Amber and other world groups fight across it against foes drawn from the length of shadow.. Horrors.. hard.. There was no escaping it.. When it was done I hated Oberon. When we returned mother told us to set aside hate. It was our Duty to Amber to be strong, well trained. For the next 70 years of Talgwit time were were given tutors, scholars. A man named Aries Colbriese came and was our chief instructor. He taught us sorcery only to have Oberon forbid its use. Oberon was like arguing with fire. Mother was like resting in feathers."
"When we returned to Amber it was the second year of Harla's reign... We were taken to a secret place, then a secret place, now known as the Primal Pattern. We walked it there. Oberon swore us to secrecy about it. We met our siblings then...If i had only one wish in life its to see Caine burned to death. Julian was nearly as cruel but more cold. Gerard treated mother politely but also politely explained to her that she wasn't the legitimate queen and Sand and I were not legitimate, nor were we really prince and princess. Benedict was gone most of her reign, but even he once told me that Rilga, Fiella, and mother were all not legitimate queens and only Cymnea was. Eric and Corwin were in and out a lot but were pretty awful to each other and a lot of that spilled over on Harla. Oberon never chastised them for anything they did but he was hard on Sand and I. During that time Oberon was never faithful. He fathered 3 children on other women across shadow. Mother just said what happened in shadow was his business and the Unicorn allowed him. "
"Sand and I travelled in shadow some. When we were away they were worse to her.. So we were never away for long. "
Queen Harla.jpg
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah calmly listens to her father.
Nodding in understanding now and then she just squeezes his hand. Softly muttering
"That does suck."
Michael James Watson
"After a particularly vile week with the Admission of Diaga to the Golden Circle Sand and I left. Traveled shadow. We were gone for 5 years Amber time. One day we were in a tavern in a dragon age world and suddenly we were in a tiny room. Mother was in tears. Caine had tore her from the throne and locked her in a closet. The nailed it shut. She had lain there with a food production plate for a month before she gathered the will to summon us. We broke the door. Took her to the throne room. Caine had told everyone that she was on vacation with Oberon. That he had the regency in the mean time. I went and found Caine. He was in the royal chambers arguing with Dame Margot. Margot was mother's Chief Lady in Waiting. She knew Caine had done something but he was just mocking her. I nearly killed him. I got his attention by throwing wrapping him with burning coals.. a handy spell that is. Mother saved Caine's life by stopping the fight.. "
"After that we stayed in Amber.. Oberon did nothing to Caine. Sent him off sailing in a new Ship of the Line."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly thoughtfully letting Cicero slither through her fingers.
"After that have you ever again spoken to Caine?"
Alvah smiles warmly
"Grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman though. "
Michael James Watson
"Spoken too him? I had to serve under him on that damn ship as his first mate for 5 years! Oberon demanded it. Caine had a fit but Oberon told him flatly, 'Make a good sailor of him or by the teats of the Unicorn i'll throw you on the pattern myself. I can make another just like you that behaves..."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks
"Wow your father sounds like a lovely person."
she then thinks
"Although hearing it now it sounds funny."
She grins wider
"But i react better to that anyway as you know ,right dad."
Alvah winks.
"Oh you did speak to king Random after i did right? So what was his impression, did i do a good job lowering his expectations?"
Alvah leans back
"Whatever we will do, i will not hold past things to the family members. How horrible their actions might have been. But they are an lifetime and more away."
Michael James Watson
"DELWIN!!! I heard you were around someplace. "
Down the hall comes a cross between Marylin Monroe and Paige Spiranac. Tall, blond, vibrante, smiling, running up and grasping Delwin in her arms..
Delwin looks from the embrace at Alvah and rolls his eyes..
"Its good to see you to.. now.. now. let me go. Thank you.. Flora, this is my daughter Alvah."
She turns and smiles, "Well, Well.. IT'S SUCH a pleasure to meet you.. Naughty Delly keeping you to himself..Did you at least let Vance help you raise her? oh.. sorry, thats a rhetorical question, isn't it. Vance would have had her here as a babe in his arms. Please tell me that you arn't a thousand year old super wizard are you, Alvah?"
"Yes, I spoke with Random. He said he directed you to speak to Brand and a few other things.. He was annoyed i took so long to bring you here but i was a 10 to 1 world. "
Flora says, "10 to 1? You couldn't lose a couple months and bring her to a family dinner at some point.. I take it you are avoiding Dame Margot for the moment, Del? SHe will scold you for sure."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah her hackles raise as she hears a type of woman she has a slight allergy for. She looks with sympathy to her father and as he rolls his eyes, her smile becomes defiant, devilish that spark returns.
With the driest voice she can muster and the defiant look still there Alvah answers.
"Oh yes pleasure. Have heard absolutely nothing about you.
No i am not a thousant year old super wizard. "
Alvah looks Flora up and down
"I am a whatever year old, super Alvah."
An eyebrow slowly raises finishing her sarcastic defiant look.
Alvah then inhales deeply and makes clear she turns to her father "oh i did not make a bad impression, have to try better then."
Alvah grind
"Dame Margot is such a lovely person. No bullshitting and such i can appreciate that. "
Michael James Watson
Flora says, "Oh how could you make a bad impression? Doria and Desri arrived looking like black goddesses of death and carnage dripping blood and clothes smoking like a firey battlefield and they didn't make a bad impression.. Ben cleaned them up afterwards of course. Pulled the snakes out of their heads.. oh..No offense to your friend... oh...what a sweet creature.." She looks at Cicero as he slithers' his tongue at her.
"Oh! He says he already met Margot! She's the best isn't she? Only person i ever saw tell Oberon the sit the hell down, shut the hell up, and eat that he obeyed. "
She speaks parsletongue to the snake and it curls up, contentedly on Alvah's neck.
Flora laughs, "Yes, yes.. Alvah, i need to teach you parseltongue apparently.. Your friend is annoyed that you don't know it and it wants to tell you how happy it is with you.. The next time you are up at the Gardens let the staff know i have set a nice plump mouse aside for him. Are you already assigned a million duties by that bully Random?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks slightly annoyed she shrugs
"Well the day is not yet done is it."
Hearin Flora talk with Cicero she clicks her tongue
"Yes well that would be usefull."
Alvah then smiles.
"Yes Dame Margot is lovely she taught me to cook something." Turning to her father
" i did not blow up the kitchen this time ."
Alvah shakes her head "oh no not really king Random asked me to do a few things and most are already done. "
Alvah looks at her father
"So what next, dad?"
Michael James Watson
Delwin shrugs, "To be honest, i am at a loss. "
Flora looks aside at Alvah.."You spoke to Random and Margot... I be you were assigned rooms? Unfurnished probably... If you ask them to furnish it they go down to dungeon storage and grab one of everything and put it in the rooms and they look like everything came from swap meets and yard sales... No cohesive look. Del, take her down to Carpenter's street. Gamys' Macy's, The Woood House.. one ofthose and get her appartment outfitted.. You can go about conquering the universe and overthrowing the Azcalans after she has a nice place here to come back to.."
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at her father she grins.
"Told you if you want to win that father of the day award."
Alvah grins wide "we kind of left without packing anything. "
She looks intently to her father
"And i love to look at the local shops. "
She looks at Flora
"Oh that i wouldn't mind. The reason my room looks coherent on shadow home is that i just bought a predesigned set."
Alvah waves her hand a bit dismissive "as long as it is practical just like with clothing."
Turning to Flora she smiles
Michael James Watson
Flora laughs. "Well, 'Practical' can have many meanings? What do you want it to be practical for? Relaxing after a long day of battle training? Then maybe a sturdy bed and a cold water plunge. For practicing minor sorceries, maybe a room with reinforced steel walls? For meetings with co-conspirators in some treachery? a good sized table with lots of chairs and perhaps a secret camera fopr recording them just in case you need to betray them. For secret rendezvous with inappropriate lovers ? A good sturdy bed, a ever full tall hat and a good wine selection.. maybe a camera there too. So what kind of practicality do you want?"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks and then shrug noticing she is not goimg to beat Flora at apparently her own game.
"A bed to sleep in. I have no patience for lovers.
Something for some clothing. "
Alvah throws up her hands in a gesture she just doesn't know anymore.
"Look Flora, i care very very little about interior design. Just like fashion just like anything that has to do with a lot of upkeep and social things. It is a pain.
And i won't be alot in the room anyway probably just to sleep. "
Alvah looks at Flora for a long while keeping her face neutral staring her up and down.
"I am so sorry dad, i think i kind of start to appreciate the family."
She winks at her father.
"You are right, there are si many here with so many skills."
She bumps against Delwin.
"We will talk about home and such later don't worry."
Alvah then starts to pace a bit again.
"So we go shopping?"
Michael James Watson
FLora says, "If you don't care, then tell them to Furnish it. They will bring a few pieces up. If you want solid furnishing without a lot of flair go to the Wood House. Tell them its on Randy's tab. Pretty much everywhere in the city that will send the bill to the palace. The Wood House makes furniture with a traditional Amber style, something of the Begman and Tazilweren. Thick, hard to break, suitably padded. Or you could go down to dungeon storage yourself and find what you like. If its ratty they will send it to the shop for repairs. No stress. Pick what you like and they'll send a few guys to take it all upstairs."