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Amanda Remmon the Vampire[edit]

Old-fashioned look

Pained eyes

Old by human terms

Hot +2 Cold +1 Volatile -1 Dark -1



You can hypnotize people who have no Strings on you. Roll with Hot. On a 10 up, they do exactly what you wish and have no idea anything is wrong. On a 7-9, the hypnosis works, but choose one:
they realize you hypnotized them,
they fuck up your commands,
their sanity is unhinged.

The Feeding[edit]

You feed on hot blood. If this is the first time they've ever been fed upon, you both mark experience. When you feed, choose two:
you heal 1 harm previously suffered,
you carry 1 forward,
they don't die.

Sex Move[edit]

When you deny someone sexually, gain a String on them. When you have sex with someone, lose all Strings on that person.


Alastor - 1

Brittany - 1

Vanessa - 1

Baron - 1

Miss Particia Wells - 1


Turned sometime in the 1940s and in spite of all the decades since they has never really managed to grow up.

Still effects the style to that time to a greater or lesser extent. She'd good looking enough it is called 'thrift store chic'.

You've heard of those super rich vampires, right? The ones who live in mansions and have lives paid for by several lifetimes worth of investment and or stealing and or hard work. Yeah, that looks nice, with the fast cars and the motorcycles and the hot and cold running pool boys.
Amanda is not one of them (though she wishes she were).
Long term planning and being able to appreciate the long term consequences of her actions have never managed to take up residence in her brain. She blames everyone else, other than herself. Right now it is the 1 percenters that are keeping her down. She'd kill a banker on a dare.
That's why she lives on the wrong side of the tracks, and is at the school on a scholarship. She dresses well though.
She's working a part time kind of job, somewhere, probably rolled living space and work place into one.

Darkest Self[edit]

Everyone is your pawn, your plaything. You hurt them and make them vulnerable for sport, like a cat does with a mouse. You feed to the point of death whenever you're alone with someone, though you take your time. You escape your Darkest Self when you're put in your rightful place by someone more powerful than you.

Character in Dark Times At Aspen Hill