Amanda Riggs

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An NPC in the Star Trek Adventures game Star Trek Eclipse



Bio: Female human
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Executive Officer, USS Eclipse NX-77001


Stress: 13 / 13
Determination: 1 / 3
Phaser Type-2 Attack: 7 Damage Dice (Charge)
Unarmed Attack: 5 Damage Dice (Knockdown, Nonlethal)

Attributes & Disciplines[edit]

Attribute Discipline
Control 8 Command 5
Daring 10 Conn 2
Fitness 9 Security 4
Insight 10 Engineering 1
Presence 11 Science 1
Reason 8 Medicine 3


Advisor: Whenever you assist another character using your Command Discipline, the character being assisted may re-roll one d20.
Cautious: Security: Whenever you attempt a Task with Security, and you buy one or more d20s by spending Momentum, you may re-roll a single d20.
Interrogation: When you succeed at a Task to coerce someone to reveal information in a social conflict, you will gain one bonus Momentum, which may only be spent on the Obtain Information Momentum Spend.
Veteran: Whenever the character spends a point of Determination, roll 1[D]. If an Effect is rolled, immediately regain that spent point of Determination.


Covert Operations


Hard Women Make Ugly Choices
It Takes a Strong Arm to Bend a Rule
Secrets are My Latinum
Suspicion is a Virtue


Amanda Riggs is a hard woman, and she bears that as a badge of honor. Only by remaining strong and vigilant can she protect the safety of the Federation, her ship, and her crew – in that exact order. Riggs grew up on the Mars colony and was groomed by her father to take over the family business. She found she had a keen instinct for negotiation and had an uncanny ability to know when someone was lying to her. Her father also taught her that the world was a cruel place and that only fools trusted easily. Ironically, she turned her father's own advice against him when, instead of taking over the family business, she applied to Starfleet Academy. The two have not spoken in many years.

As an ensign she was assigned to a security detail to protect a diplomat who was negotiating to bring a small independent mining world, Narazi III, which recently discovered warp technology, into the Federation. A faction opposed to this action sent a kill team to assassinate the diplomat, and in the ensuing firefight the assassins were knocked out with phaser fire, and the Starfleet detail were all killed except for Riggs. Traumatized and furious, the young officer interrogated one of the assassins, setting her weapon on maximum power and pointing it at the prisoner's head, threatening to kill him. He gave up the name of the government official who had ordered the assassination, and instead of reporting the information to her commanding officer, she relayed it directly to the planetary government.

The consequences of Riggs' decision was disastrous - the government broadcast the holo of the young ensign describing details of the attack, and the pro- and anti-Federation factions plunged into a costly planetary civil war that cost thousands of lives and led to the planet withdrawing their offer to join when the anti-Federation faction prevailed. Ensign Riggs was court-martialed and spent six months in the brig, and would have been drummed out of Starfleet entirely had she not instead been recruited by Starfleet Intelligence. In Riggs, they saw a woman who was unafraid to get her hands dirty and who was not locked in to conventional Starfleet ethics.

Riggs ascended the ranks as an intelligence operative, and her posting to the USS Eclipse as a newly minted Commander represents both her first role as executive officer and the first shipboard assignment she's had since the ill-fated mission to Narazi III. As XO and the ship's chief intelligence officer, she is in charge of Ensign Nolen Xel, a young Trill who is a brilliant natural codebreaker but who she feels must be... molded into a more flexible instrument if he is to advance in Starfleet Intelligence. He needs a practical mentor - someone like herself.