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Son of Caine | Looks Late 20s (played by Fred)

Ambrose came to Amber when he was six and it was clear he harbored resentment toward his father. The boy shirked his responsibilities, offended his tutors, skipped classes, and disregarded social protocols, but seemed to be on top of everything, despite such behavior. As a teenager, Ambrose developed quite a reputation as a cruel individual, playing games with the nobles that "infested" Amber's court. This social manipulation was another aspect of Ambrose's gift for strategy, a talent honed by dedicated study under Benedict.

When he was 18, Ambrose walked the Pattern and went straight to Shadow, the first of many trips. He spends more time there than in Amber and is not known to be especially warm to his family, with rare exceptions. Ambrose dresses in black and seldom smiles; when he does, it's usually laced with sarcasm, his preferred method of interaction. Mostly, though, he prefers to keep quiet and listen, only offering input when he deems appropriate. Rumors say that, despite his caustic and taciturn demeanor, Ambrose is actually a sensitive man, who hides a kind, just and loving soul. This has never been proved, though.

Publicly Known Incidents[edit]

Nick and Ambrose play a game of chess. Ambrose checkmates him in only a few moves. Nick never stood a chance.

Trevian once refereed a wrestling match between Ambrose and Nicholas. It went on for about an hour before he had to call it because both competitors were obviously exhausted. Afterward, he buttonholed Ambrose. "I've seen you practice fencing with Uncle Benedict for hours on end," Trevian said. "Is wrestling really that much more exhausting?" Ambrose raised one eyebrow and said, "Maybe," before walking away.

Ryan took in the sights of Rome, while Ambrose took on all the poisons in the Imperial Borgia arsenal.

Cara was staying with uncle Corwin one year when Ambrose visited. Corwin fenced with him, and Cara watched as Ambrose gave him a battle.

One time during one of Fiona's psychic defense lessons Ambrose and Midna were paired together as sparing partners to demonstrate what they learned. It was not surprising when Midna won the majority of their matches. What Adam thought was noteworthy is the fact it didn't take her as much time and effort as he thought it should.

While riding from the Forest of Arden up Mount Kolvir, Ambrose and Trevian happened upon a massive oak blocking the road. For reasons unknown, Trevian decided it was better to move it out of the way all by himself. He failed. Ambrose gave him a scathing look and jumped over the oak with his horse.

While visiting Shadow Earth, Ambrose witnessed Nicholas cramming up for a trial for 24 hours straight, followed by said trial lasting another 12 hours. All with minimal food intake, except for copious amounts of coffee.

During one of Adam’s “must see” trips to an “adventuring Shadow”, Flora’s son, Ryan an Ambrose had to contend with three giants. While dispatching his foe with a ballista, Ambrose noticed Adam dealt with his giant as easily as Ryan, who, supposedly, was the strongest of the three.

While in a Shadow described by Nicholas as a “cyberpunk Miami on acid and with magic”, Ambrose bumped into Ryan and spent a few days accompanying him to the party scene - to investigate the local customs, of course. He found Ryan had a certain sensitivity to magic-users, as he was able to spot a witch that escaped Ambrose’s notice.

Ambrose and Cara found themselves on opposing sides of a naval battle in one of the Golden Circle Shadows. Although Gerard’s daughter proved herself an accomplished admiral, she was still surprised by Ambrose’s exploitation of 3D warfare by way of sea monsters from the deep.

Through subtle manipulation, Ambrose had Bax performing little missions for him, while unaware of his cousin’s true goals. However, when Ambrose tried to get Flora’s son to “borrow” the Jewel of Judgment, Bax displayed more wisdom than usual and refused politely, adding some annoying advice about Ambrose future “goals”.

Ambrose convinced Midna to guide him to a far away Shadow past Yggdrasil. They set off with a group of hulking porters from a nearby reality, but not even these powerful creatures could bear the long, extenuating trek through the hostile territory. In the end, only the Amberites made it through.

Initial Rankings[edit]


Nicholas >> Midna > Bax, Cara, Ryan > Adam, Ambrose > Trevian > (Amber rank)


Cara >> Adam > Midna > Ryan, Bax, Trevian > Ambrose, Nicholas, (Amber rank)


Adam > Ambrose, Bax > Ryan, Cara, Nicholas > Trevian > Midna > (Amber rank)


Ambrose >> Ryan >> Bax, Cara > Nicholas > Midna > Adam > Trevian > (Amber rank)


What is your character's favourite game that's from Amber (the city or the broader world according to those in the city)?

Broken Circle, a wargame about a fictitious conflict between Golden Circle Shadows he helped develop. It's a highly complex boardgame that can last for months. It has a very small, but highly dedicated fan base in Amber.

What elder member of the family would you want training from right away if offered? What price do you fear paying for that training?

Not disclosed.

What was your character's worst hellride accident? What were they seeking when it happened?

Not disclosed.

If your character was in a band, what instrument would they play?

Not disclosed.