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Baxter's Trump[edit]

The man on the card may have been caught unaware exiting the cafe behind him on the card. He handles it with a wide smile, amusement showing in his blue eyes. He wears an expensive grey suit with an electric blue pocket square in a reverse puff fold. Whatever clings to movie stars remembered past the high of their career clings to him and seeps out of the card.

Baxter, son of Florimel, loyal and dutiful to Amber and his mother.

Known Incidents[edit]

Nick watches Bax as he battles hordes of goblins far longer than would be expected.

Back when they were best of friends, Bax and Ryan could often be found fencing in the strangest parts of the castle, leaping onto tables and sliding down banisters as their blades clashed, more for the joy of it than seriously trying to score touches. Bax always eventually conceded with a handshake and a grin. When their friendship was beginning to sour, though, they fenced once in earnest. It went on for hours, until Bax finally conceded…with a handshake and a grin, of course.

There was that blowout party in Gheresh, which may or may not have been the old home of the Moonriders - could have been a Shadow for all we know. All the women, all the drugs, all the food and booze. Ryan was still going strong after the brothers clocked out.

Through subtle manipulation, Ambrose had Bax performing little missions for him, while unaware of his cousin’s true goals. However, when Ambrose tried to get Flora’s son to “borrow” the Jewel of Judgment, Bax displayed more wisdom than usual and refused politely, adding some annoying advice about Ambrose future “goals”.

A short time after Bax managed to beat Midna in an arm wrestling contest she challenged him to a rematch. Adam naturally bet on his brother due to both family loyalty and past performance and ended up having to buy their table a round when Midna pulled an upset.

Thinking back on Midna's victory over his brother, it occured to Adam that she managed to recover from the sprain she suffered in their first match quicker than he thought it would take.