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Cara | Daughter of Gerard | Looks Early to Mid 20s

Cara walked the Pattern as soon as Random allowed it, but stayed around in Amber with her father, often spending time on his ships, or on her own, fishing. After a few years of that, she did go into Shadow, being seen often in and around the Shadow Earth that Corwin liked so much.

Her hair is black like her father's, but her eyes are a startling green, and unlike Gerard, she never seems to tan. At 6' tall, give or take, she's often (though not in her hearing) likened to a feminized version of her father. Many people assume that she has his Strength - or some measure thereof - and she has done things that are beyond 'ordinary' Amber strength.

She currently spends most of her time in Shadow, attending colleges and universities, though she's never given anyone a straight answer as to what courses she takes.

One quirk she has is that she travels almost everywhere either by foot, by ship or by bicycle.

Cara a revelation of particular ability (+5) in Psyche; Nick tries to catch Cara in lie but she resists his questioning

Watching Cara run out of things to arm-curl was pretty impressive. (no change)

Ryan only enrolled in one of St. Hadrian's Mystick Academy's courses for the hot witch coeds. Cara did so for study, and far better at mastering its curriculum.

Ambrose and Cara found themselves on opposing sides of a naval battle in one of the Golden Circle Shadows. Although Gerard’s daughter proved herself an accomplished admiral, she was still surprised by Ambrose’s exploitation of 3D warfare by way of sea monsters from the deep.