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Midna's Trump[edit]

The young woman on the card looks to be just passing through it, caught in a pose of leaping or landing. Dressed for the open road she is pictured traveling on, only the complex braid of her long red hair and the silver choker she wears suggest a more refined upbringing. Her gaze meets the viewers, her right eye a piercing blue and her left an emerald green.

Midna, daughter of Bleys, seeker of the first roads through Shadow

Known Incidents[edit]

Nick observed Bax and Midna arm wrestle when Midna suddenly loses because of a sprain.

Trevian and Midna once competed in a biathlon with crossbows, just the two of them (settling a stupid bet, don't ask). Midna's accuracy was better than Trevian's, but she faded before the end of the course; Trevian won by a hair.

When the Queen's Own Amazonian Lancers charged the Brood of Tiamat at the height of the battle of Grenwich, Ryan an observer of the battle, saw Midna leading them superbly with inspiration and blade against the monstrous horde.

Ambrose convinced Midna to guide him to a far away Shadow past Yggdrasil. They set off with a group of hulking porters from a nearby reality, but not even these powerful creatures could bear the long, extenuating trek through the hostile territory. In the end, only the Amberites made it through.

Cara once - and only once - accepted a challenge to wrestle. Both Bax and Midna fought her. She's not told anyone, but Midna showed more power than Bax did.

A short time after Bax managed to beat Midna in an arm wrestling contest she challenged him to a rematch. Adam naturally bet on his brother due to both family loyalty and past performance and ended up having to buy their table a round when Midna pulled an upset.

Thinking back on Midna's victory over his brother, it occured to Adam that she managed to recover from the sprain she suffered in their first match quicker than he thought it would take.