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Nicholas, Son of Llewella

Trump description[edit]

The man on the card wears a blue and gray suit. He smiles broadly, the light reaching all the way to his green eyes and matching hair. Tall and welcoming this is Llewella's son Nicholas.

Nick as he prefers to be called as the typical Rebman complexion matching his green hair and eyes. Dressed in blue and gray he enjoys the feel of Shadow Earth style formal wear. He normally is a quit and observant young man who prefers the use of words as weapons since they work in even the strictest of shadows. He is a tall man who tries not to overwhelm people with his stature and strives to always put people at ease.

His time spent in Amber, before walking the pattern, mostly involved listening to stories the sailors, merchants and other visitors would tell of their experiences in shadow especially of the societies and cultures to be found among its infinity. He also visited the Chaos Embassy in order to learn more about the ancestral home. In Rebma he spent time learning of law, court proceedings and diplomacy while his shadow travels appear to be random to outside observers.

Category:Known Incidents:[edit]

Nick observed Bax and Midna arm wrestle when Midna suddenly loses because of a sprain.

Nick and Ambrose play a game of chess. Ambrose checkmates him in only a few moves. Nick never stood a chance.

Adam and Bax have a drinking contest, Adam pulls ahead in the end as Bax knocks out first.

Ryan shrugged off a trump contact from Nick while hellriding in shadow

Nick tries to catch Cara in lie but she resists his questioning

Nick watches Bax as he battles hordes of goblins far longer than would be expected


What is your character's favourite game that's from Amber (the city or the broader world according to those in the city)?

Nicholas's favorite game from Amber is a variation of Nomic, where only 'royals' can change the immutable rules to mutable.

What elder member of the family would you want training from right away if offered? What price do you fear paying for that training?

Nicholas would gladly take any training that an elder would offer. He fears the price would make him violate what morals he has.

What was your character's worst hellride accident? What were they seeking when it happened?

Nicholas's worst Hellride accident was when he was first learning to travel shadow and he wished to see how far he could go. He ended up caught up in an air strike in some shadow war or other.

If your character was in a band, what instrument would they play?

Nicholas has never been in a band but he would probably prefer bass or some unobtrusive other role.