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This one was of a youth with wavy brown hair and light slate gray eyes. Unlike the images of many of my family, his was in a nice suit. But there was a distracted look in his eyes. Not so much a sense of alienation like in Brand's Trump, more wanting to be elsewhere.
- Corwin


Ryan | Son of Corwin | Looks Mid-Late 20s

Ryan's wavy brown hair and light slate-gray eyes fit his movie-star good looks. His outfits are casual to formal depending on the time and place, but nobody says he isn't well-dressed, capping it off with a gold ring on his right hand. Tall like his father Corwin, he also shares some of his father's vitality, manifesting as a perceptible zest for life. Charming and exciting, it's no surprise that he and Baxter are old friends.

Well, they were partners in crime, until Bax became responsible (at least as the aunts and uncles would see it). Whether out of independence or shallowness (and most lean towards the latter), Ryan is almost never in Amber, instead constantly moving through the Shadows indulging in streaks of hedonism and thrill-seeking. Certainly Ryan evinces no pretense or shame about his activities, offering any inquiring family the chance to join in without jealousy.

Publicly Known Incidents[edit]

While in a Shadow described by Nicholas as a “cyberpunk Miami on acid and with magic”, Ambrose bumped into Ryan and spent a few days accompanying him to the party scene - to investigate the local customs, of course. He found Ryan had a certain sensitivity to magic-users, as he was able to spot a witch that escaped Ambrose’s notice.

There was this one time when the cousins were having some sort of informal after-party following a family gathering called for some special occasion and after a few drinks Adam managed to talk the others into having a squirt gun war in Castle Amber. Ambrose of course was the last man standing but Ryan and Cara made him work harder for his victory than everyone was expecting...

Ryan shrugged off a Trump contact from Nicholas while hellriding in Shadow.

Trevian once, from a safe distance, watched Ryan sit in a crowded bar and match all comers shot-for-shot. Naturally he was the last man standing. The next morning, though. he wasn't exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed—until after Trevian caught him quaffing a small crystal vial's worth of something pink. Whatever was in that bottle, it banished Ryan's hangover with all haste. Maybe some of that famous stamina depends on outside assistance?

At a college kegger, Cara watched as Ryan out drank even the frat boys of that Shadow. An impressive feat.

At the camping ground on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius where Ryan and Trevian crossed paths, they were ambushed during the night by a pack of Chaos creatures. Ryan saw Trevian strike down the initial attackers with enough strength to kill them outright.

Ryan took in the sights of Rome, while Ambrose took on all the poisons in the Imperial Borgia arsenal.

Nicholas once pushed through a Trump call at a very inopportune time for Ryan (trying to push a deal with the Luciano crime family) - it was only the next morning that Ryan realized his drunkenness had hindered his mental resistance.

Ryan only enrolled in one of St. Hadrian's Mystick Academy's courses for the hot witch coeds. Cara did so for study, and far better at mastering its curriculum.

When the Queen's Own Amazonian Lancers charged the Brood of Tiamat at the height of the battle of Grenwich, Ryan an observer of the battle, saw Midna leading them superbly with inspiration and blade against the monstrous horde..

There was that blowout party in Gheresh, which may or may not have been the old home of the Moonriders - could have been a Shadow for all we know. All the women, all the drugs, all the food and booze. Ryan was still going strong after the brothers Adam and Bax clocked out.

Back when they were best of friends, Bax and Ryan could often be found fencing in the strangest parts of the castle, leaping onto tables and sliding down banisters as their blades clashed, more for the joy of it than seriously trying to score touches. Bax always eventually conceded with a handshake and a grin. When their friendship was beginning to sour, though, they fenced once in earnest. It went on for hours, until Bax finally conceded…with a handshake and a grin, of course.


What is your character's favorite game that's from Amber (the city or the broader world according to those in the city)?
Taroka, a card game that is like poker, but uses entirely different card combinations based on the Arcana.

What elder member of the family would you want training from right away if offered? What price do you fear paying for that training?
Benedict or Gerard, because they would be least likely to demand the price Ryan fears.

What was your character's worst hellride accident? What were they seeking when it happened?
Winding up on a Shadow packed with kaiju, dazed enough to be unable to Shadow-walk properly. Ryan was less seeking, more running away from an angry clan whose heiress he deflowered.

If your character was in a band, what instrument would they play?