Amber Bolo Attack Force

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Bolos or Ogres are massive armored vehicles usually controlled remotely or by an artificial intelligence. They typically have a number of GEV support vehicles with infantry and artillery crew.

Bolos are generally deployed by being dropped from space, then the massive vehicles drive out of the hole they create on landing and cause havoc.

The Mark 1 Bolos of the Hard Fall Brigade are 50 meters from front plate to back plate. Most Hard Fall Brigades are groups of 100.

The Mark 3 Bolos are a Command, Material transport, and Medical unit, typically 100 meters. They have atypical internal spaces for troops, equipment, Medical facilities, Communication and repair

The Mark 5 Bolos of the Primus Brigade are 150 meters from plate to plate. Primus Brigades drop in grounds of 20.

The mark 7 Bolos of the War Rain Brigade are 450 meters long. War Rain brigades Consist of 1 Mark 7, 10 Mark 5, and 50 Mark 1.

Shown below is a Primus Brigade and the Personal Vehicle of Vance of Amber.

Amber bolo1 Primus-sm2.jpg Amber bolo10 HardFall-sm2.jpg

_--------------------- Bolo Force Commands vary depending on their deployment. A typical deployment of a single Bolo Mark 1 will consist of the Bolo, 20 Gevs