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The Amber Elites, First Legion- "Elites"

This is the best of the Amber military. A newly minted Elite is an equal to any world class martial arts experts. Under the organizational directive in Amber a Legion can have many different cohorts with specialized expertise; Artillerist, Avian, Dragonriders, Military Police, Miners, to name a few. The Elites are part of the First Legion as Specialists in Castle and Royal Protection.

  • It is considered the most prestiges group in the Amber Military. A term of service as an Elite is approximately 5 years. However many Elites request longer term service. Considering the lifespan of those in Amber its telling that few Elites look older then 30 and some are ancient. For lod, long term Elites, the usual rank is Sergeant since officers gets more operational duties that take them away from castle service.
  • Elites who enter royal protective service often remain personal bodyguards for royals for decades or centuries. Royals often do not want their guards around them so RPS Elites often have other duties while looking in on their protectees occasionally. These RPS Elites will often appear as casual friends around their protectees.

  • There are many other perks a member of the Elite can expect.
    • While it is not a regulation it is generally understood by those with ambition to high rank in any of the Amber military that a 5 year term as an Elite is a huge advantage.
    • Elites have a lifetime right to a billet in the Legion Chapterhouse, a civilian establishment run by the

Jeweled Amber

Jeweled Amber