Amber Military Aide Society

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The AMAS is a vast social group for retired members of Amber's military. The AMAS is often involved with the Veterans Affairs Office and its activities to see to the well being of the Veterans. While they are recognized by and often assisted by the Veteran Affairs Office it is not strictly speaking under the control of the government of Amber.

There is a large social element to the AMAS as well. Many of their activities are charitable events. Balls, Dances, parades and festivals. There are committees and groupings of organized efforts in many Amber cities and in Golden Circle kingdoms. Some of these chapters can be quite small but many are very large. The Aide Society Grand Ball is the highlight of the social calendar for the Nobility of Amber.

No member of the Amber royalty is a registered member of the AMAS, though they often attend their functions. Prince Gerard and Prince Bleys are regular attendees of AMAS events.

The current Director of the AMAS is Barn Sir Salvador Kesht-Head of House Kesht. His wife Baroness Elspie Kesht is the deputy director and is for all practical purposes in charge of the day to day activities of the orginization. This powerful position means many a veteran owes his livelihood and even his daily bread to her efforts.

Often the AMAS butts heads with the Military and the upper nobility. Their efforts are most often aimed at better th lives of the lower classes that have served in the military. Many of the Nobility and the Royalty consider this a waste of effort since so many of the foot troops of Amber return to their realms with valuable experience and gain postings in many fields with the record of Amber service as a major reference. But there are often others, injured, traumatized, and otherwise damaged and the AMAS works for their benefit.