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Aspect - 0 (5/5 left)
Domain - 4 (5/5 left)
Realm - 3 (4/5 left)
Spirit - 0 (3/5 left)


Shapeshifting - 1 One character point.

Adorable - 1 Lesser Creation (4), Simple Miracle (-1), Local Things Only (-1), Limited Applications (-2), Uncommon (+1), no penetration. One character point.

Aspect 6 (Swallow Things) | Penetration 2 | Normal Miracle -2 | One Person -2 | One Trick (Swallow something) -3 | Uncommon +1. Three character points.

Flower: Harebell

Affiliation: Code of the Wild

Freedom is the highest principle. Sanity and mundanity are shackles. Give in kind with a gift recieved.


Coyote: A long-legged coyote, just into her second year. She has a pale tan coat, thicker around the shoulders and neck, and a bushy tail. Her paws are larger and furrier than the common coyote's, owing to her being from northern Canada.

Girl: Snow stands a gangly 5'6" tall, and looks to be about 19 years old. Long limbed and seemingly awkward, she usually sports a light summer dress. She has large brown eyes, an easy grin, and long, straight brown hair that is permanently festooned with ribbons of all colours and lengths. All in all, she looks like a young woman who's escaped from a low-security mental institution.

Flaws: Honest; Irreverent; Easily distracted


Her Estate: 4
Her Familia: 3
Amyra and its inhabitants: 2
Kudzu: 2
Wekweeti (her village in the NWT): 2
Her burrow: 2
Her hair ribbons: 1
Horse: 3

2 points unassigned


Caprice is part the pursuit of happiness, part forgetting one's responsibilities or role, and part changeableness. Snow pursues life vigorously, doing what she wants, when she wants, and figuring that everyone else should be free to do the same at any given time.

Original residence: Lake of the Long Dark Pack Full Name: Smell of Sun Hiding In Snow (the smell of snow melting in the spring sun)