Amyra:Chapter 3

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[Carrie] "I think that in the near future our credibility would be best served by doing as Consequences suggested and building our corps of assistants."

"Wild's Lesson and the Bureau of Monstrosities at your service, sir."
[DanteE] "I'm guessing you're not forming a Punk Rock band."

Red: "May I have several cows, Theresa?"

Brian is absent this session.

[BethL] So I guess I'll be spending the 'episode' weeding? [G]
[Etheric] I wouldn't know, Beth. We don't have anything specific planned.
[BethL] Well, I thought I'd get some Harvesting done, maybe.
[Knockwood] That and maybe tie up loose ends
[Etheric] What loose ends are you thinking of?
[Knockwood] Well, we never did decide whether to tell the populace what happened... I still owe the Cams a miracle...
[Etheric] I just assumed we would let them work it out. But, YMMV.
[BethL] Might want to explain about Lesson...and the walking necromonstrancity...
[Knockwood] I was thinking of just calling him 'Ick'. *smile*
[BethL] It would be...appropriate.
[BethL] Darn it, I just realized I have to weed Monty's room. *facepalm*
[Knockwood] I could make you a ghost-mower. *smile*

[Random_Nerd] Now, for this current game, we're starting a new story-arc. There are, pretty much, two main possibilities. I can have Kudzu or some other NPC hit you with the plot stick to get things moving.
[BethL] And the other possibility?
[Random_Nerd] Or, one or all of you can have their PC start on some agenda and rope the other PCs in. Basically, I'd like it better if it were more PC-directed, but I can bring in external stimuli if you guys prefer.
[Etheric] Well, this could really be either, but...I'd like to get more connected to the "society of flowers." That is, of Nobles.
[Random_Nerd] *nod* If the stimulus is external, that was the idea I was going to use, that of getting you more involved in Noble society.
[Knockwood] Could say Amyra's cleaned up enough that we can throw a Chancel-warming party. *smile*
[Knockwood] "Hello, fellow Noble. I bring gifts of purified and enhanced nectar of the gods, as drawn through the fountains at the heart of Creation." "It's what?" "Really bitchin' beer."
[BethL] Knock - you are wonderful. [G]
[Knockwood] Aw, shucks, Beth. *smile*
[BethL] Would you like it better if I say I have already done the weeding for the Harvest? Or should I take some time out of the episode for it?
[Random_Nerd] Spending at least some on-screen time to establish that it is occurring would be nice, so it's not just completely backstory. The actual weeding doesn't need to take place on-screen, so long as its presence is alluded and referred to, if that makes sense.
[Etheric] Has the Harvest been decided on then?
[Random_Nerd] Beth and Knock had ideas for their sides of it, right?
[Knockwood] Anyway, I had as an example, spooking the Courage out of, say, a street gang and harvesting that.
[Random_Nerd] That would work.
[Knockwood] Which reminds me, if I'm going to be the muscle of the group, I might bump up Blades. *smile*
[Etheric] So, to clarify, there doesn't need to be a single them for the Harvest; we can each pick our own themes for our Estates?
[Random_Nerd] Yeah, each of you can pick things from your estate to prune and remove, as long as they fit within the broad category of harvesting, and there's enough regular harvesting.
[Etheric] Okay. I misunderstood last time, then. Thought it had to be one defined activity.
[BethL] I need to decide on whether to weed up crabgrass or bindweed. I like dandelions.
[Random_Nerd] Ah, you want to globally eliminate a species today?
[BethL] Is it globally or just the Chancel? I thought I got the option of either. If I have to do it manually, I want it to be the Chancel.
[Random_Nerd] The location isn't specified. But if you're doing it just in-chancel, you'll have more visible effects.
[Random_Nerd] The stuff being removed, after all, will occur in a much smaller pool of stuff.
[BethL] In Chancel, this time at least. I thought Theresa would wake up in a bad mood and go weed all of the *plant* out of the Chancel. By hand. While wearing a straw hat and those rubber knee protectors. And good shoes, of course.
[Knockwood] Wanna borrow a machete? *smile*
[BethL] Hmm... *thinks* Nah...I'm Plants. If I have plants that don't obey me just as I am, these plants will be removed with more...force than a mere machete. *evil grin*
[Knockwood] Ah yes. *smile* Then again... you're planning to kill 'em, ne?
[BethL] Yeah, but there's something satisfying about ripping a plant screaming from the earth as its death cries echo in my Noble ears...
[Random_Nerd] So, which do people prefer, to provide the starting impulse yourselves, or for me to make one?
[Etheric] I would prefer to be roped into a web of intrigue, if that's in line with the thinking of the rest of you.
[BethL] I can go either way. If it's Family, we can yell at them more later. If it's outside, then we have to at least be kinda polite until we know where we are rank-wise.
[BethL] Do we have one of us that is willing to be the scapegoat?
[Random_Nerd] It doesn't have to be /bad/ or /unpleasant/ intrigue... For instance, you still haven't gone to see your primary suspect in the coppery pigeonicide...
[Knockwood] Forgot about that!
[Random_Nerd] The Power of Electricity and Copper, an apparently synthetic creation of the True God Indra...
[Etheric] If you have an idea for what kind of plot you want to spin for us, Knock, I wouldn't object to a PC-driven plot. Likewise for Beth.
[Etheric] But, I do want there to be a plot and not a dangling mass of threads. Unfortunately, I am not going to be the weaver tonight. Haven't got the stamina.
[Knockwood] Actually, I had an idea for a plot... but was considering writing it up more and then running it.
[BethL] Not It. *smile*
[Knockwood] Aw, crap... *smile*
[BethL] *bows* Your dodge-fu is low...
[Hollyhock] (We'll just work under the assumption that Brian and James are "guarding the horses," okay?)
[DanteE] (Hm... should I put that term in the Lexicon? *smile*
[Carrie] (Works for me. We have horses?)
[Hollyhock] (No. Unless you want them!)
[Hollyhock] (But somewhere out there, there are horses. And they must be protected.)
[Theresa] (Better than being turned into a rock. *smile*)

[DanteE] OK. 'tis Brillig, and the slithy toves... whoops, wrong story. 'Tis morning, and you come upon Dante sitting at the conference table, studying the copper sculpture recovered from the pigeon. Fortunately, it's in a bell jar so it isn't stinking up the place.
[DanteE] "Morning."

  • Theresa is tanned from her day of weeding the Chancel. She's currently digging some dirt from under a fingernail with a thin thorn she changed a different fingernail into.

[Theresa] "Is it talking yet?"
[DanteE] "No, but it's still better than the cafeteria food. How much of Amyra did you weed?"

  • Carrie strides in in an immaculate white dress, and nods to Dante formally, her bearing looking somewhat out of place on her youthful frame.

[Carrie] "Good morning, both of you."
[Theresa] *looks thoughtful* "Everything except Monty's room. Until we have a boundary on that, I can't really do it very well. Not a bindweed to be found within the Chancel borders." *stretch*
[DanteE] "Don't have to be that formal, you know. Supposedly we're brothers & sisters now.
[DanteE] "I could call you fart-face if I wanted. *smile*"

  • Theresa rolls her eyes. Children. *wink*
  • Carrie breaks out in a grin. "And nobility as well. Don't spoil my fun."

[Theresa] "You should get outside some, Dante. Breathing copper pigeon fumes can't be good for you."
[DanteE] "Oh... I almost forgot. I wanted to head out to the Library... Ask the winds about Kudzu's Cult."
[Theresa] "I wonder if we have cults too. For the Nobles that were before or some weird time warp..."
[DanteE] "That ... I wonder about. There are some signs that I'm a 'reincarnation'... maybe.”
[Carrie] "Did Kudzu have Nobles before us? Might be worth asking."

  • Carrie frowns. "I confess it didn't occur to me."

[Theresa] "I don't have enough room in my head for me, much less previous me-s."
[DanteE] "Guess we all have questions, then...”
[Hollyhock] (I feel like Kudzu should come in the door now, in suit and tie, carrying a briefcase, and give you each a big hug.)
[Hollyhock] (And Lesson should be vaccuming in pearls.)
[Theresa] (Who are you and what have you done with our Hollyhock God?)
[Carrie] (The image that came to mind when you said that was of our gangling demon, with a vacuum, knee deep in pearls.)
[Hollyhock] (That works too!)
[Theresa] (Better than the pink taffeta dress I had him in..)
[Theresa] "So, field trip?"
[DanteE] "Ayep."
[DanteE] "Let's head out there now while we're thinking about it."

  • Carrie smiles, and follows. "Indeed."
  • Theresa will go too..

[Hollyhock] (Well, people came up with the idea of Prester John's kingdom in the middle ages, and pearls were considered gemstones at least at the time.)
[Hollyhock] (So, yeah, you all probably have some kickass oysters. Or, heck, pearl mines.)
[Hollyhock] (Both! Nocturnal mine-dwelling land oysters!)
[Theresa] (I like the imagery and they will come in handy for fertilizer. We might have them instead of gophers.)

No changes at the Library other than the presence of the Giant, overshadowing everything like a big overshadowing thing.

  • Theresa waves at Red and Maple. *big smile*

The Giant's about thirty yards from the Grove, and towers far above everything nearby. He appears to be napping.
[DanteE] "Hiya Red. How do you like Amyra so far?”
He stretches his upper branches. "Hmm. Probably the space. Not having to compete much for soil and sun with other giant trees."
"What do you like about it here, I wonder?"

  • Theresa thinks. "It's home."

[DanteE] "That's it."
The Maple's branches shake slightly in the air.
[DanteE] "So, have you been talking to the Maple?"

  • Theresa looks over at Mythic Maple.

"Talking to him? He's a tree. And not an animate one like me."
"I feel sure that if trees generally talked to one another, I would have known about it. Right?"
[DanteE] "Well... communicating."
[Carrie] "I suppose, though, that our friend the Maple has never been quite the talkative type."
"Communicating how?"
[DanteE] "However plants communicate. That's her department, not mine... *smile*"
[Hollyhock] (Hmm. Are you guys going to try to push the Green Giant over the edge into full-fledged Delerium Animus?)
"We don't, at least, not that I recall." He looks at Theresa. "Right?"

  • DanteE abandons this line and heads for the Library itself.

[Theresa] "Well, all plants talk to me. Kinda goes with the gig. It might just be a language barrier, an intelligence barrier or just the fact that Maple is under a geas and thus can't talk right now." *points Maple out to Red* "Maple, I don't know if you two have been introduced but this is a friend that we have invited to stay in the Chancel. Red, this is Maple." *said in the 'yes, I talk to trees' voice*
Red: "I can't really bend down there and look at him, because my trunk's still not that flexible. By the way, I was trying to figure out, how can I see? Did you give me eyes or something? You're the one who woke me up and let me walk and talk and see... so how am I doing it?"

  • DanteE waits, suddenly interested in how Theresa handles this...

[Theresa] "If I said magic, it wouldn't help, would it?" *thinks some* "I honestly don't know. To be scientific, I possibly created a system for your body that handles sensory input like our nervous system does. From my point of view, I...wanted you to be a sentient person, capable of...everything." *thinks some more*
"So you don't understand how it works fully either? Your capabilities transcend the limits of your own understanding?"

  • Theresa shakes her head. "Nope, not a clue. Just that it was tiring, that it took part of me to do it." *small grin* "Yeah, that scares me too."

[DanteE] "Maybe Red here could get some more human qualities..."
[Theresa] "Then again, everyone grows up not knowing what all they can do until they try."
"That's interesting. I'm going to have to figure out how my association with you will affect me, and this is going to make things more interesting."
[DanteE] "Yeah, I know how you feel..."

  • Theresa nods. "Just let us know if we're pushing you too much or doing something you think is wrong, huh?"

He nods some of his top branches. "Anyway, is there something I can do for you?"

  • DanteE heads into the Library.
  • Theresa waves. "We're off to do some research. Talk to you later?"

"Very well, tiny Domina."
[DanteE] (o/~ Hold me closer tiny dooooo-mina... o/~ *smile*

  • Carrie nods to the giant and follows the others into the Library.

The library is still the same, a complex of tunnels with the wind whispering through them, looking vaguely similar to a giant wasp nest.
[Theresa] "So, who wants what topic?"
[DanteE] "Might as well start with the somewhat important one...
[DanteE] to the Library: "Tell us about Kudzu's Cult."
None of the voices seem to be talking about that, specifically. It's almost as if Kudzu chose not to include that information.
[DanteE] "A-ha."
[Theresa] "Sometimes no news is news?"
[DanteE] "...can an Imperator be embarrassed?"

  • Carrie looks slightly troubled by this.

[Theresa] "Well they're only...okay, not human, but I think there are very few beings that cannot be embarrassed by something."
In fact, there's no discussion at all of mystery cults, corrupt or not. That's a rather major omission.
[DanteE] "That is odd."
[Carrie] "Did our Lord have Nobles who served him before our Commencement?"
Nothing about other Nobles of Kudzu is heard.
[Carrie] "What was the purpose of this enChancelment for our Lord?"
[DanteE] "Hm... if he hasn't had other Nobles, but still has a Cult ...?
[Hollyhock] (If you go by the Library, he has neither.)
"Enchancelment is a process by which a Ymera embeds his soul in a world, creating Nobles and a Chancel. Enchancelment, in contemporary days, is mainly done in order to protect oneself and to aid in the Valde Bellum."
[Theresa] "What has been Kudzu's progress in the Valde Bellum?"
"The Nobles of Ymera Kudzu have recently repelled an attack on the estate of Numbers."
[Theresa] "Previous to that?"
[DanteE] "Ah yeah... next time we're out in the world, remind me to pick up a copy of that Journal."
"Ymera Kudzu has enchancelled himself on Entropy's Earth."
[Theresa] "Hmm, looks like we've hit an information wall. Want to try something else?"
[DanteE] "So, apparently, we are his battles."
[Theresa] "Makes sense."
[Hollyhock] (With respect to information lacks, please work under the assumption that they're present for a reason, and not just arbitrary plot-limiters.)
[Carrie] ( I never doubted that. *smile* )
[DanteE] "How can we contact Consequences?"
"The sigil of the Power of Consequences is the Larchblossom."
[Theresa] (says the PoP, huh now?)
[Hollyhock] (Flowers in Nobilis aren't always the same as real-world plants, I have decided.)
[Hollyhock] (This is, in part, due to the work of the Angels, and of the Cleave of Botanists.)
"Nobles may be prayed to by those who hold their sigil in mind."

  • Theresa creates a Larchblossom out of thin air, if possible...

[DanteE] "We don't want to summon him, just talk to him...”
It looks almost like a cross between a flower and a pinecone, with many overlapping white petals. The tips of the petals are tinged with light blue.
[Theresa] "Pretty. And this might help with the talking. Not really a summoning thing. More like a cell phone speed dial."
[Hollyhock] (Hmm. Should we have the Cleave show up soon, or not? They seem an obvious plot element, given Theresa's Estate, but I'm curious as to your preferences.)
[Theresa] (Sounds good to me. Whenever you are ready with them?)
[DanteE] "Don't we ... we should probably put together our sigils, shouldn't we.”
[i][DanteE] (I was thinking we could contact him via the screen I created along with the conference room. *smile*
[DanteE] (That way we could show it to him.)
[DanteE] (Presumably it has a camera included for videoconferencing. *smile*
[Hollyhock] (Does the screen have any particular ability to contact Nobles that I'm forgetting?)
[DanteE] (It's miracle-created, it ought to be able to magically use any nearby screen. *smile*
[DanteE] (Clarke's Law in full force. )
[DanteE] (Oh... and don't forget Conseq uses a cell phone)
[Hollyhock] (It'd have to be able to perform Divinations, and also beat Consequences' Auctoritas. Spying on Nobles isn't always easy.)
[Hollyhock] (The most obvious way to contact him is prayer. Alternatively, you could find out where he is, and, like, make his plant start talking or something.)
[Theresa] (Prayer first, then bugging in person?)
[DanteE] (OK...It wouldn't summon him, right?)
[Theresa] (No, it's just talking.)
[Hollyhock] (Not unless he chooses to magically appear through some weird Gift.)
[Hollyhock] (Which is not impossible, but would be unlikely and odd.)

  • DanteE goes to the Diplomacy Grove to get comfortable
  • Carrie follows.
  • Theresa goes along too, munching on a few grapes along the way.

[DanteE] "So, who has the Anytime-minutes to spare? *smile*"

  • Theresa gets comfy with her back against the Maple. "You try it...I may want to switch carriers."
  • Carrie doesn't follow what Dante is asking.
  • DanteE takes the flower...

[DanteE] "Let's see how this works....
[DanteE] "Consequences. I hold your sigil and ask to speak with you, as a fellow Noble."
[DanteE] ("ssssshhhk Breaker 6-6-6, I've got a Smokey on my tail..." *smile*)
A brief pause.
"Who is this that I'm speaking to, and why have you disturbed me?"
[DanteE] "Oops... please forgive me, Consequences, we're new and still adjusting to proper communication etiquette. It's Courage, here with Plants and Hope, the Nobles of Kudzu."
The voice in your head sounds like the Noble you met before.
"Are you the ones who needed the feather a while ago?"
[DanteE] "Yes indeed.”

  • DanteE sets the flower down in between us.

[DanteE] "And that's related to what we wished to ask about...”
[DanteE] "There was an incident when we retrieved the feather.”
"My Ymera is not in the habit of giving out parts of his body to strangers very frequently, Dominus."
[DanteE] "We were spied upon...”
"Spied upon?"
[DanteE] "Another Noble enchanted a pigeon who was watching us, then killed it when we probed further.”
[DanteE] "It looks like the Power of Electricity and Copper."
[Hollyhock] (Quick, what's your Aspect?)
[DanteE] (2)
[Carrie] (Everyone or just Dante?)
[Hollyhock] (Just Dante.)
[Carrie] (Whew.)
[DanteE] (Uhoh...)
"The *almost imperceptible pause* Power of Electricity and Copper? I'm *pause* not familiar with him."
[DanteE] "Hm. Anyone in your Familia know him?"
"Not to the best of my knowledge."
[Hollyhock] (Consequences sounds a bit off his game. This indicates that either he's low-Aspect enough not to cover it, or he's higher than you and wants you to think he's being evasive.)
[DanteE] "Hm... just letting you know.”
[DanteE] "By the way, that demon has essentially joined us to watch over Kaerkoven.”
"Who is its Imperator? Wait, you hired the demon? I thought you were going to kill it. Demons aren't trustworthy associates."
[DanteE] "He's running around rounding up gang members. Even got a fedora and suit...”
"You... you said you were of the Wild, didn't you?"
[DanteE] "Kudzu is.”
"So, you prayed to me to tell me about this pigeon?"
[DanteE] "Oh, his Imperator is .... ah ... Indra."
"Indra. True god, very old?"
[DanteE] "That's him."
"Interesting. Will there be anything else? I have a project to attend to that I was just in the middle of."
[DanteE] "Well, just in case this means more than it seems at first glance.”
"I will *pause* take the matter under consideration."
[DanteE] "And it's not like we have your email. *smile* But hey, call us anytime."
"I may do that. Could you please have your herald bring me copies of your coats of arms, soon?"
[DanteE] "You know, we haven't actually created arms yet... that may be our next project...”
[DanteE] "In fact, I don't think we even have a herald, unless you count the demon."
[Carrie] ( Did I mention that I'm rueing Dante's Honesty? )
[Theresa] (Well, maybe they'll think we're all like that. We just shouldn't let him on the Phone. [G])
[DanteE] (Did I mention I've got a wheelbarrow here to haul away the MPs I should be getting? *smile*)
“You really should get yourself a good staff. If you can't afford proper Aides, at least find or make some people who know the proper formalities and courtesies."
"Some Nobles are very obsessed with formality, and might take offense at being called without a proper establishment of diplomatic relations, for example."
[DanteE] "You recommend anyplace in particular to get them?"
"Luc's organization is reliable and competent, but if anything, they cost more in favors than Entropy's dogs. The Cammorae can provide people with the right training, but they're sneaky bastards. Alternatively, any competent Noble should be able to whip up a few servitors of his own."
[DanteE] "Oh, those kind.”
[DanteE] "I didn't realize that's all that was necessary.”
"Anyone can find and hire regular people. But it's generally worthwhile to invest in some humans that know and understand enough of Noble society not to get in the way."
"Or non-humans, of course. That's just a matter of taste, although humans are more convenient if you plan to do business mainly on Earth."
[Carrie] (To Dante through the Realm's Heart) "I believe that we've spent enough of our gracious benefactor's time... True?"
[DanteE] "Of course. We'll let you go back to your own business. Amyra's almost cleaned up, which means we may have you over soon."
"Very well. I look forward to receiving your invitation."
[DanteE] "Good day, Consequences."

[DanteE] (once sure disconnected...) "Did you two catch those pauses?"
[Carrie] "I don't know what you mean."
[Theresa] "I did, but I'm not sure what they meant. Except that he was uneasy and that we need to get Noble-approved secretaries."
[DanteE] "True. Let's see, you could put together a little tree sprite, right? *smile*"
[Carrie] "I want to find out more about this Luc and his... Aides, was it?"
[Hollyhock] (Hmm. Shall we say that Dante was broadcasting the conversation to others with ghost miracles of Realm, or what?)
[Carrie] (Oh, were we not supposed to see that? I assumed it was sound coming from the flower, from Dante's reactions.)
[DanteE] (So did I... :/ )
[Hollyhock] (Well, normally it's not audible to others. But it's entirely possible for Dante to make it so you can hear it, at least while in the Chancel.)

[Theresa] "I could possibly, some sort of dryad or such, but how would they have knowledge of Nobles?"
[DanteE] "Could be a go-fer"
[Theresa] *sniff* "We don't have gophers in Amyra, we have perfectly reasonable mutated ground mollusks."
[Carrie] (Greater Divination with included Lesser Creation to give the dryad all the knowledge possessed about Nobles, by any plant, anywhere?)
[Theresa] (Or, if we could hook up the secretary to the Library...)
[DanteE] "So... we need arms, and staffs."
[Theresa] "I wonder if there is a way that we can create a person or being to interact with the library, drawing on its knowledge of Nobles..."
[Hollyhock] (Of course! Probably seventeen different ways, at least.)

  • Theresa meanders over to the Library. "I would like information on Aides, please?"

[DanteE] "Heh... in theory we could get the library itself to follow us around. *smile*"
[DanteE] "Might have trouble with elevators, though."

  • Carrie walks over with Theresa, who asked the question she was planning to.
  • DanteE follows the others.
  • DanteE retrieves the flower before doing so...

"Aides. An organization created fifty years ago by Luc Guinneas, supplying skilled mortal assistants to Nobles. Similar in some ways to the Cammorae, but newer, less devious, and without the capacity to be used as a loophole in Entropy's Law."
[Theresa] "Huh. Any other information and a price list?"
"The Aides currently have offices on seventeen Ash worlds, with their primary presence split between Dionyl and Entropy's Earth. Payments tend to be in terms of favors, rather than strict monetary compensation."
[Carrie] "What is this Dionyl, and why are the Aides attracted to it?"
"Dionyl is a world that served in certain respects as a prototype for Entropy's Earth. Native to it are a race similar in most major respects to humanity, and the powers of Splintering and Domination."
"As the Aides are mainly beings in the human psycho-spiritual mold, due largely to the influence of their founder, the majority come from worlds occupied by at least semi-human beings."
[Carrie] "What can you tell us about this founder, Luc Guinneas."
[Theresa] ("He is so very cool. He is line to become Power of Cool, if need be.")
[DanteE] (Like hell, that's MY turf. *smile*)
"He is human, native to Entropy's Earth. He is 113 years of age, and has served as Anchor to at least eight Nobles. He is the founder of the Aides. He is often mentioned by those who favor Hell conspiracy theories for his account of having witnessed Lucifer outside of his Hell."
"A minority position among those interested in the issue claims that Luc is either himself the First Fallen, or the avatar or proxy of him."
[Theresa] "8 Nobles?!? How can that be?"
"Sequentially, not concurrently."
[Theresa] "Even still, wouldn't that mean that 7 Nobles have died while he was their Anchor?"
"Correct. The Power of Hounds was slain by the Excrucians. The Power of Shadows died in a duel with the Power of the Arts. The Power of the Arts (first) was executed by the Locust Court. The Power of the Arts (second) fell in battle while defending a key point of the Spirit World."
"The fates of the Powers of Silver, Dance, and the Ocean are currently unknown."
[DanteE] "They obviously weren't excruciated..."
"Luc Guinneas is currently Anchor to the Power of Bone."
[Theresa] "But how could he survive all of that? Don't Anchors die when their Noble dies?"
"Anchors die when renounced by Nobles, but tend not to die due to the mere deaths of Nobles. Roughly 40% of current Nobles were formerly Anchors to their predecessors.”
[Theresa] "Oh."
[DanteE] "Hm... hey, can I share an idea with you?" (Carrie & Theresa, not the Library.)

  • Theresa nods.

[DanteE] "I wonder if, maybe, we go and look for those 3 missing powers...
[DanteE] "If we find them, we could get ’street cred' with both Noble society and this Luc character."
[Hollyhock] (The possibility exists that Luc knows what happened to them, and has refrained from mentioning it.)
[Hollyhock] (Of course, that could be an interesting plotline, researching their deaths. Noble murder mystery?)
[DanteE] "Just a possibility. What do you think?
[Theresa] "Sounds like at least something to do. Would we be able to find any investigation reports of their disappearances? Surely their Family cared."
[Carrie] "I think that in the near future our credibility would be best served by doing as Consequences suggested and building our corps of assistants."
[DanteE] "True... though talking to them would require someone more diplomatic than me. *smile* " (looks at Carrie)
[DanteE] "Well, maybe that could help there, one way or another...
[DanteE] "Remember, the Aides were the first thing Consequences mentioned when I asked about assistants."
[Theresa] "Also the Cams."
[DanteE] "Good point...”
[DanteE] "Oh, but hey... we should also put some coats of arms together."
[Hollyhock] (I'm sure that there're places that just sell discount hordes of eunuchs or something, too.)
[Theresa] (*stretches* But Theresa can create her grapes peeled if she wants.)
[DanteE] (Maybe we can hire a dragon, just for the entertainment value. *smile* )

[Hollyhock] (There was one more interesting but brief element in that conversation (with Consequ.), by the way.)
[Hollyhock] Consequences, while saying that he didn't know about Lightning/Copper, referred to that Power as "it," a rather odd pronoun to apply to someone you don't know about.

[Theresa] I think it's interesting that Red doesn't think other plants are worth talking to.
[Carrie] I like the Aides and Luc specifically. Lots of potential for intrigue there.
[DanteE] Could be that you boosted his intelligence above talking to plants?
[Theresa] *nod* That's what I figured.
[Hollyhock] Remember, mythic spirits aren't generally very bright. They're practically autistic, really, with respect to most things, most of the time. Unusual ones exist, but they're the exception.
[DanteE] ...then what's the point of the maple keeping a secret?
[Hollyhock] Unusual ones exist.
[Hollyhock] The Maple's clearly been highly manipulated and changed by at least one miraculous being, based on the research Theresa's done on him.

  • Theresa pouts. My tree.

[Hollyhock] Also, most spirits are moderately talkative, even if they don't have much to say.