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Numbers (3rd Edition)


Attribute Value Temporary MPs MPs
Aspect 0 7 10
Domain Numbers: 4
Amyra: 2
7 10
Persona Numbers: 5
Amyra: 1
8 10
Treasure 2 4 10


Immutable, Fast Step (Lesser Motion of Numbers)

Bonds & Afflictions[edit]

  • Affliction: Chancelfolk love and worship Brian [5]
  • Affliction: Spiritually connected to the Chancel [2]
  • Bond: My outlook and personality is constantly in flux [1]
  • Bond: I ask my Anchors for their cooperation [1]
  • Bond: Protect the Chancelfolk [2]
  • Bond: Explore reality: how it all works [1]
  • Bond: Sam the Dionyl [1]
  • Bond: Anchor Jim [1]
  • Bond: Brian's Supercollider [1]

Skills & Passions[edit]

  • Passion for exploring the workings of reality through mathematics [3]
  • Passion for helping people [1]
  • Skill for Physics [2]
  • Skill for Math [2]
  • Skill for Computers [1]
  • Skill for Cool [4]
  • Skill for Shine [5]
  • Skill for Empathizing [-1]


Keys: Oak (H: 3, S: 2) and Mimulus (H: 3, S: 2)

Foundation: Something Cool (+Oak) Estate: From Beautiful (-Oak) Is Something You Can Point To (+Oak) Life: Extraordinary Life (+Mimulus) [Brilliant mathemetician and physicist, made professor far earlier than would otherwise be possible] Legacy: Trouble: None. Humble: Ordinary (+Oak) [Beautiful mathematical formulae] Blessed: Reverence in purpose (+Mimulus) [Explore and enjoy the universe for what it is]


  1. Disciple [Populace] (-Oak)
  2. Noble [Physics] (-Mimulus)
  3. Organization [Physics Department] (-Mimulus)

Affiliation: The Wild (+Mimulus)

About Numbers[edit]

  1. Numbers MUST be representable by a symbol (arabic numerals, roman numerals, etc) [3]
  2. Numbers MUST NOT only be a mathematical construct - they must represent something physical. Pi and e count as numbers for this, i does not. [2]
  3. Numbers TEND TO measure amounts of stuff - have units attached [1] (note: objects count as units)
  4. Numbers MUST be able to be used in mathematics (arithmetic, geometry, and so on) [1]

(In this set, Numbers comprises the Reals, but not the Complex numbers. This has more or less been my concept from the start, including the tendency to measure amounts of things - to quantify.)

About Amyra[edit]


  1. has a varied and interesting geography [1]
  2. has a rich religious history [1]
  3. has Relics [1]
  4. has Paths to places [1]
  5. is sometimes hard to find [1]
  6. is my Chancel, and my home [2]