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Quotes from the Chancel Amyra Nobilis Game[edit]

This is a selection of interesting (and other) quotes from the game, that the players think are fun enough to share...

Chapter One:
[Theresa] "But I think he'd rather have room to run around. He could get I debating the mental health of a rabbit?"
[DanteE] "Yes. A God-touched cannibalistic potentially dinosaur-sized rabbit."
[Theresa] "Just checking."

From Chapter Two:
[Carrie] (Okay, Lesser Div of the professor's hopes, especially what he hopes to get out of the theory?)
[Hollyhock] (He hopes to be the Most Famous Mathematician Ever, to reshape the field, to be hip-deep in respect and money and loose women, and to answer once and for all the guys who Laughed At Him At The University.)
[Theresa] (Loose women? Math guys get loose women?!?)
[DanteE] (No, Math guys want loose women)
[Hollyhock] (Well, no. Do you want to be the one to break it to him?)

(The group is getting a tree--that will become Red)
There's about a 200' one here, it's the biggest and oldest.
Theresa takes off her shoes in the back of the car and gets out. Digs toes into the dirt with a happy sigh. "This beauty right over here." *heads over, looking Red over.*
Nobody, at the moment, is looking at it. There were some hikers that you passed on your way here, but they're some distance off.
Theresa takes a look around in Mythic.
Mythically, it's a big reddish-brown leafy giant, standing stock straight and fast asleep.
Theresa runs a hand on Red's bark. "Hello?"
The tree snores.
[Theresa] (*sniff* Excuse me?)
[Hollyhock] (Trees are immune to cleavage.)
[Theresa] (I know that. But I'm Plants!)

From Chapter Three:
[Carrie] "I think that in the near future our credibility would be best served by doing as Consequences suggested and building our corps of assistants."

"Wild's Lesson and the Bureau of Monstrosities at your service, sir."
[DanteE] "I'm guessing you're not forming a Punk Rock band."

Red: "May I have several cows, Theresa?"

Chapter Six:
[Theresa] (Well, it's just that we _could_ give him that big of a burger, if we wanted. It might even fall under Urban.)
[Carrie] (Soyburger?)
[Theresa] (Do you want to give a giant werewolf a veggieburger and hope he can't tell the difference?)
[JamesUrban] (In no interpretation of my estate would creating giant hamburgers fall under it. Mayor McCheese maybe.)
[Random Nerd] (Fast food definitely falls under Urbanization, I think.)
[Random Nerd] (Just like the Power of Horses could probably make a saddle with no trouble.)
[Random Nerd] (Or, for that matter, Brian could probably make a calculator, or Carrie make an inspirational book.)
[Brian] (Brian IS a calculator. *raspberry*)
[JamesUrban] (I can see that. I can see making a fast food place, but not just a giant burger.)
[DanteE] (James probably creates Starbucks by accident when he sneezes.

From the Mexican Madness chapter:
Courage: OK, let's review: my fellow Noble--the one being attacked--is cowering in my shirt pocket because of the noisy helicopter we just appropriated which I'll probably wind up flying with no prior experience into a dimensional vortex heading for Mexico to hunt down what may or may not be an excrucian chupacabra.
Plants: And you just had the best cheeseburger possible without magical means.
Courage: ...I'm OK with it. You?

From "Blood Ties":
William: "Each Estate, each Noble and Imperator, is a pillar of the world. A brick in the wall of Heaven. Even the 'bad' ones support existence."
DanteE: (All in all, we're just another brick in the wall?  :)
Theresa: (We don't need no...Excruciation...)

DanteE: "How's Lesson doing, as a boss?"
Random functionary at Bureau of Monstrosities HQ: "He's... he's a freaky demonic monster with a tendency to micromanage. But the hours are good, and we have full dental and medical coverage."

From Weekend at Barakiel's:
Shadows: "Causality pretty much works the same way as on earth, if you're looking at the palace-world. It's a little different in the other world, but not too much."
Shadows: "Now, there's magic here, and things we've changed, but that's only in a few places."
Brian: "So, giant bunnies still make things go squish?"
Shadows: "Pretty much."
Theresa: "Some things are universal."
Carrie: (For everything else, there's MasterCard.)

DanteE: "Doesn't seem to be mutual. Unless this is all a joke... it's not near April Fools day on the cosmic calendar, is it?"
Conseq.: "I try not to study what the jokes of Imperators are like, for fear that I might discover that I am one."

  • Theresa ponders that. "That is...incredibly true and deep."

Conseq.: "Or paranoid."
Theresa: (Noblity!) (in the tone of "Acting!')
Theresa: "That too."

Barakiel: "Ah, yes. Then I must ask you a question. You have only been raised above humanity for a short time, and yet you have still seen some of the War. What do you think of it?"
DanteE: (Uh, we're against it?)
Brian: "I honestly don't know what to think. The Excrucians seem to be acting somewhat randomly."
Theresa: "Warmains hit like a bitch, sir."
Barakiel looks at Theresa with all his eyes, for a moment. "They do, at that."

Chapter 11
Random_Nerd: (It counts as Aspect 3 if, when someone asks you how in the world you can manage it, 'I'm Batman' is a sufficient explanation.)

William: "Ah, let's see. Most of you rely rather heavily on your Estates for power, correct?"
Brian: "Primarily, yes" (Domain 4)
DanteE: "You could say that." (Domain 2)
Theresa: "A wee bit." (Domain 5)

Chapter 12
A visiting Noble who has had a very very Bad Day, meeting the locals of Amyra: "Please tell me that the horse isn't a Noble..."

Chapter 13
Harold: Good to hear you survived the meeting with the Council!
Harold: Did you meet ol' Bloody Hands?
Random_Nerd: They sold Herb to Entropy in exchange for twenty bucks and a six-pack. That's okay, right?
Tam: She hit on DantE like the fist of an angry god, which is more apt than I would care to admit.

Tam: (Of all the times I have to promise not to spill the beans on something, it turns out to be the time when a god from outside known Creation is telling us juicy juicy things.)
Random_Nerd: (He's actually forgotten about you for the moment. It's more Dante he was talking to.)
Tam: (-whistles unobtrusively to himself-)
Theresa: (Swear on Herb's ninja!)
Tam: (Do I have to hold him over my heart or something? Them ninjas can be slippery.)
Herbert: (Don't you do anything to my precious ninja! :p )

Chapter 14
Random_Nerd: You arrive at the library. From Dante's right hand dangles a small and irate demon, squirming around like a midsized rabbit would if the midsized rabbit was also highly caffeinated, from hell, and not a rabbit.

Sam: "I don't mean to get snippy, but I'm pretty sure that's not a pigeon."
Sam: "Pigeons are small birds that live in cities. That's a hole in the fabric of reality. I can tell the difference."

DanteE: "I think Sam can ride in it if he wants..."
Sam: "I'd rather not, at least unless you can show me some peer-reviewed studies that say that magic demon pigeon reality holes do in fact /not/ hungrily devour dionyl."

Random_Nerd: The lobster in the hat is twice that size, and standing up on his rear legs, his claws held across his chest. This is a pose that indicates that either he's a crustacean contortionist, or else he's probably not a baseline lobster.
Random_Nerd: The hat and speech were also tips, to be fair.

Chapter 15
DanteE: "In about (X) days we'll be appearing before the Council, telling them what he told us and what it all means."
DanteE: "Well, one theory of what it all means."
Ftisk: (we try a least)
Hearth Flame: "I am pleased that you have told me this. I will thus be enabled to stand very far away when the inauspicious moment is upon you."

Chapter 16
DanteE: "Well, we have a miniature shadow Ofaniel here with the strength of a Noble and a gift for messing with Ftisk."
Sam: "It's amazing what you can get on ebay."
DanteE: (rimshot)

Chapter 25
He starts turning all the pieces picture-side up.
J: "No, they're pieces of the /same/ image."
J: "How does that work?"
J: "This... this is what Assembly is, isn't it? This is what you are?"
J: "They tried to explain it, but I couldn't get..."
He looks between the puzzle and Kite.
"This is a form it takes. Potentially."

[Kite] "I...mating has nothing to with broccoli!"

[Brian] (I know, it is a surprisingly bad idea, but it would be fun)
[DanteE] (the game's motto, right there.)

Chapter 31
«Random_Nerd» Sam: "We've already surpassed the raccoon."

Chapter ??
Shadows: "Brian, would you mind trying to assassinate Lord Entropy? For science?"

RN: I don't /want/ this to be the kind of game where you can't take a zepplin to Mars.

Chapter 34
Theresa: I am not getting a Noble of Destruction tramp stamp.

Chapter 34
<DanteE> "Uh, it's probably a violation of _something_ to set a living Excrucian-horse on fire."

Chapter 35
<DanteE> "Uh, it's probably a violation of _something_ to set a living Excrucian-horse on fire."

Chapter 37
<Random_Nerd> William: "So... which Fallen do we go with? Or none?"
<Theresa> "I think Bel (Belphegor). We are already inviting Impending Doom."

<Random_Nerd> (Pro Tip: You could be surrounded by Dionyl strippers at this very moment, and you would not know.)

Peace Talks <Ftisk> (We need to rip the wall and presto all is sane again) <Brian> (I can't believe I'm agreeing with Ftisk on this ^_^)