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Iskar the Blighted[edit]

Iskar the Blighted.jpg

Iskar the Blighted has been cast out of his Legion. He has scrubbed the crimson of Colchis for the black of Abaddon's Legion, but even that brotherhood is one he has forsaken. The only compact he holds dear to his heart is his faith in the Dark Gods, and his mission of spreading their message to all the stars in the galaxy. But brighter than that flame of devotion is his need for vengeance, burning high despite the ten thousand years since he knelt in the ashes of Monarchia.


Pride: Devotion

Disgrace: Betrayal

Motivation: Vengeance


Iskar is an Astartes and shares the unnatural physiognomy off all those touched by the God-Emperor's genetech. He has not remained untouched by his millennia spent in the Eye of Terror; his skull is rent by four roughly parallel planes of some blackened, volcanic material, entirely unlike bone. The rents start at his eyebrows and converge roughly at the base of his skull/ The rents heat up when his anger is roused and the skin around them is permanently scorched and blackened. The rest of his skin is parchment-white and covered in minuscule scribing. Though he broke from the Word Bearers long ago he retains his devotion of copying the Book of Lorgar on his skin with henna ink; by the time he has finished the words on his feet his head and shoulders have worn clear and he begins again. His teeth has well have been filed into points and he enjoys using both them and his acidic spit as a weapon in combat.

Iskar's armour is the normal hodge-podge of all marks common to Chaos Space Marines. While nominally sporting the colours of the Black Legion it is chipped and worn and has clearly gone for far too long without touch-ups or repairs. His helmet bears the extended, ribbed tusks normally only seen on members of the Justarian. His chainsword and bolt pistol both bear more devotional markings to Chaos Undivided.


Brutality +1
Finesse +0
Determination +1
Charm +3
Warp -1


Glory to the Chaos Gods
Power Armor (3-armor power chaos)
Profane Charisma


The Dark Faith
An assortment of pilgrims, penitents, missionary-confessors, and propagandists. Their recent successes are notable, as is the fervor they demand of each other.
Size: Medium
Fervor: [+] [+] [+] [] []

  • ...includes many young missionary-confessors, eager to prove themselves to their strange patrons. (+1 fervor)
  • ...includes skilled propagandists and indoctrinators. (+evangelism)


  • ... is judgemental and unyielding, and will not follow you if you do not hold true. (+vulnerable:judgement)


  • Proselytism (acquire converts/threatened by violence)
  • Change (induce mutation/mutants are slaughtered)
  • Education (generate goodwill/awaken Anathema worship)
  • Indulgence (sinners redouble their sins/sinners are chastised)
  • Sabotage (destroy something important/get investigated)
  • Shrine-building (shrine inspires faith/shrine inspires hatred)
  • Plague works (infection is spread/diseases are cured)
  • Bloody conflict (blood and skulls/warriors are slain)


Phoxis is straying from the Primordial Truth. I must save them.
Evannar has aided my flock in the past, and I will aid them in turn.
I have seen the darkest secrets of Mikhail, and they are many.

Harm, Infamy, Corruption, and Experience[edit]

Harm: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Infamy: 9

Corruption: [] [] [] [] []

Experience: [+] [] [] [] []


Book of the Black Testament
Legion bolter (3-harm close/far loud bolt)
Legion chainsword (2-harm hand chain)
The Tome Inmemorabilis
Various religious paraphernalia