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Associated with the Cosa Nostra organization. However, recent reports indicate that they also have ties to Latin American Drug Cartels. This is believed to be indicative of the growing reports of ties between these two groups. They have a high variable membership and seem more interested in low level crimes than


One of the most fear Anarch teams, this group has alternated between effective leadership with calculated planning and brutal unplanned assaults. Ravage is known for drawing the most dangerous and high powered super-villains in the country. Their various attacks have been unbelievable in their audacity, notably their destruction of the Denver Mint in 1999.


An anarch team with a decidedly mystical bent. The group has ten members, each associated with an aspect of the Sephiroth, a kabbalistic pattern. Their activities have been bizarre, ranging from money grabs to complex mind-control operations, to simple assaults on super hero teams. It is believed that the leader of the team, Kether, is a deranged Sorrentino Bloodliner.


A more recent group, known to be affiliated with a number of criminal and terrorist organizations. Believed to be apolitical, instead focusing on high-profit robbery and extortion. Apparently has a sophisticated support staff, judging by their ability to evade the authorities. They primarily operated out of Europe until the year 2002, at which they apparently moved operations to the US . They take their names from Greco-Roman mythology inconsistently. (Note, many of these names have been used before, but current classification assigns them to these members). It is uncertain how the team was recruited, but their leader, Augustus, is likely to be the mastermind. Four former members are dead or in custody (Apollo I (dec.), Mercury I (dec.), Pluto I (incar.) and Hercules I (incar.). Two other members have been replaced; the whereabouts of their originals is unknown.

Pantheon tends to concentrate on fast and brutal force in their operations. It is believed that both Augustus and Zeus operate as commanders in the field. They have killed before, but seem to be more interested in concluding their operations. Not afraid to cut loose members if they are captured, and have taken hostages before. It is believed that the group will likely trip themselves up in their extreme lack of subtlety. Members: Augustus, Apollo II, Athena, Hercules II, Zeus, Mars, Mercury II, Neptune, Pluto II and Vulcan.


Little is known about this group. It is believed that a number of Bloodliners make up its membership. However, as of yet, only one is confirmed, Nathaniel Jensen (of the Edige bloodline). It operates internationally with a focus on corporate targets. It operates through long-term, subtle infiltration projects. Information regarding the exact nature and method of this is closely held by the various law-enforcement agencies involved.

It is commonly believed that they use their resources and powers to place their agents inside corporations. Thus far, they have not targeted governmental or public institutions. Strong Hacker access is suspected as well given their likely ability to manufacture false information and identities. It is also suspected that they have access to mental powers and precognitives. Unfortunately, the censored nature of reports on this group makes it difficult to evaluate them. It is uncertain if their motives are ideological, materialist or other. Approach with caution. Members: Nathaniel Jensen (only confirmed).


A classic villain organization that has operated over the years in various guise across the globe. They have a mixed record of success, with many of their members having been captured at one time of another. However, their leader, The Rook, has managed to evade jail and has always reformed the group within a few months with a new roster.

The Word

A gathering of distinctly anti-religious anarchs. While they carry out very few operations, those they do are particularly noted for their viciousness. They attack any and all religious authorities and icons. Even when planning robberies or other typical criminal operations, they make sure to target the faithful. Members: Lilith, Belial, Kali, Heretic, and others.


Said to be a mercenary for hire superteam.


Known to operate out of Chicago.

The Shadow Margin

Uncertain if this is a single figure or a group.


Said to be devoted to organizing resistance of Bloodliners to any form of control by normal humans

The Foundry

Bloodliners who seem to supplement their powers with mechanical means

Black Dawn

Anti-Bloodliner assassination group.

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