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Anardil Willow [Willow to his friends]

  • Grey Elf Male
  • Magic user/Thief [6th/6th level]


A grey Elf who grew up amongst high Elves, Anardil is a foundling. His small family was wiped out when he was a babe [by whom he does not know and it happened over 180 years ago] and he grew up as the adopted son of the adventuring couple that found him. From them and their companions, he grew up in a world of tales and legends of the world outside the High Elf lands. When he finally achieved the status of adult in his families eyes, he chose the path of Magician, but unlike the many high elves [especially the wellborn] that train in the warriors arts, he followed the takers path like his adopted mother. Takers were the elves that learned the skills of thieves, ostensibly to guard elven lands, but were considered somewhat shady in Elven society. His incredible speed and grace made him a natural for the profession.

Anardil's initial venture into human lands were a disaster - the group he travelled with were attacked by well organised slave raiders and he was captured, then sold into slavery. His mocking mouth and attempts to escape landed him in the fighting pits as a 'Special event' - which he wouldn't have survived without a gladiator rebellion breaking out that eve. He managed his own escape that very night...


Silver hair, Amber Eyed. Dresses in subdued colours unless out to impress. Comes across as lazy and sarcastic. Fussy with his stuff.




STR:10 Hit: none Damage:none Weight Allowance:none Open Doors: 1 Bend Bars: 2%
INT: 16 Add'l Languages: 1 Spell Chance: 65% Min Spells: 7 Max Spells: 11
WIS:10 Mental Attack Adj:0
DEX:19(20) Reaction Adj: +3 Def Adj: -4
CON:14 HP Adj: none System Shock: 88% Resurection Survival: 92%
CHA:14 Max Hench: 9 Loyalty: +05% Reaction Adj: +10%


Age: 188
Alignment: Chaotic Good (Neutral)
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 5'2"

Elf Abilities[edit]

  • 90% resistance to sleep/charm.
  • +1 with bow, Short or longsword.
  • Speak: Elven, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll, Common, Thieves Cant. One more [untaken].
  • See 60' in dark [infravision]
  • Detect Secret Doors 1 on d6 [1-2 secret/1-3 concealed if searching]
  • If alone [90' from group] or with other elves/halflings - will surprise 1-4 on d6 [thru portal 1-2 on d6]


HP: 23
AC: 1 [5]
THAC0:19 Base

  • Longsword: +1/+4 to Hit [+7 vs fire]
  • Short comp Bow: +3 To hit
  • Dagger: +0/+2 to hit, +3 vs large. [-1 off hand?]

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Paralysis, Poison, Death Magic: 12 [11]
  • Petrification, Polymorph: 11 [10]
  • Rod, Staff, or Wand: 9 [8]
  • Breath Weapon: 13 [12]
  • Spell: 10 [9]


  • 90% resistance, sleep/charm.
  • +4 to saving throws that allow dodge [Area Effect, etc].
  • +1 st's [ring of protection]


Class: Thief

  • Level: 6th
  • Exp: 41,250xp [42,501 to 7th]

Class: Magic User

  • Level: 6th
  • Exp: 41,250xp [60,001 to 7th]



  • Longsword
  • Dagger
  • Short Comp Bow

Thief Skills[edit]

Backstab +4 to Hit, Triple Damage.
Pick Pockets: 95% 80% [+5](+10)
Open Locks:77% 67% (+10)
Find/Remove Traps: 60%
Move Silently: 77% 67% [+10]
Hide in Shadows: 67% 62% [+5]
Hear Noise 25%
Climb Walls 102% 92% [+10]
Read Languages 30%

  • Base is level 6 Elf Thief with Dex 20.
  • Bonuses for gauntlets of Dexerity ( ) and wearing no armour [ ] included.


  • 1st [4]
    • Learned: Read Magic, Charm Person, Affect Normal fires, Erase, Detect Magic, Feather fall.
    • Failed: Run, Shield, Magic missile.
  • 2nd [2]
    • Learned: Knock, Forget, Wizard Lock.
    • Failed: Invisibility
  • 3rd [2]
    • Learned: Haste, Dispel Magic, Fireball.
    • Failed: Melf’s Minute Meteors.

Secondary Skills[edit]


Magic Items


  • The sword Gloaming: +3 Frost Brand, +6 vs fire using/dwelling creatures Int 12 Ego 10 Semi-empathy AL:LG Detect precious metals, kind and amount, 2" radius
  • 16 +1 arrows
  • +1 Ring of Protection
  • Potion of Sweet Water
  • Potion of Longevity
  • Scroll of Protection from Undead
  • Wand of Illusion, 66 charges
  • Gauntlets of Dexterity
  • Bracers of Defense AC 6
  • Dagger+2/+3 vs larger than man sized creatures.
  • Ring of Truth


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