Anasagal Towers

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Anasagal Towers[edit]


The Anasagal Towers is an example of a typical apartment structure in any segment of the Dramaturge. The Venue is designed for comfort and convenience.

It is a 20 level building designed in a circular style that surrounds a large open area.

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Gasita's Boutique[edit]

Dame Alita Gasita is a potter. She was famous for her work in her home shadow of Drisala before coming to the Dramaturge by the Jeweled Road.

She opens a Venue near the Jeweled Road that crosses the Dramaturge from the Hub of Mandalay into shadow. A prime location in a center near a park. It is surrounded by other creative artists venues.

She negotiates a Small Venue on the ground floor of a residential building. She also secures a single bedroom apartment in the same building. Originally she secured a studio apartment but over time the popularity of her work made her decide to upgrade in the same building to a one bedroom apartment facing the Jeweled road. She negotiates a 10% deal with the Venue Manager of the Apartment building for the street level boutique in a prime location. After a time she ups that to 12% to include the better apartment.

The boutique is a 4 room affair with a large front display area which she split to include a working studio for visitors to watch her work. A back room includes several kilns and storage shelves. There is a replicator in this back room The last two rooms are a small office and a bathroom, including a shower. The Apartment has a living room and a balcony, a galley kitchen with replicator and refrigerator, a bedroom, a large closet and a bathroom with spa amenities. Having brought with her from her home world the type of pottery clay she likes, and many of the powders and paints she uses for glazes, she puts them in the boutique's replicator and logs the materials. She may from time to time import clay from home but in general does not need to. At any given time she may have 500 pieces of various sizes on display. Since her work is not replicated, even if the cay and glazes are, the custom is to always pay in Obs. A small item like a small pot for a house plant might return 5 Obs. Large works, like custom dish sets might bring 100 Obs. Fine detailed sculpted pieces of artistic value might bring 1000 Obs.

She is known for making Clay pipes, both plain and elaborate. Plain ones fetch 20 Obs. Elaborate ones run 100 Obs. These are suggested prices of course and the actual returns may vary.

In a month she might clear 5000 Obs, mostly in sets and small items and pipes. A detailed piece will sell at least once a month. She pays 600 Obs to the venue Manager for her boutique and Apartment. She frequently will make a deal with a Cabri Cart Venue Manager to set up his cart in front of her store. For this she pays on average 100 Obs a month, depending on who she likes and what they sell. These carts mean walk-in trade. It also means she does not need to eat from the replicator and she might spend 30 Obs a month on lunches. She spends her evening crafting but also likes to take in a play a few times a month. She particular enjoyed "The Red Hatted Fox" for which she left a 100 Ob contribution. She has hired a Sword Dancer her to fencing. he world was peaceful but although the dramaturge is a peaceful place also, there is a current crazy for non-lethal rapier combat and she enjoys the exercise. she pays him 25 Obs a session usually, trying to get 5 sessions in a month. She visits other boutiques in her park to acquire unreplicated goods such as clothes, artwork. She spends close to 500 month on such things. Like many small places her business has a corner for resale of others works she has tired of, in her case usually clothes.

Lagal Jall-Gardener[edit]

Lagal Jall is a gardener. He serves in the park that Gasita' boutique and Quilia Theater both open onto. He is an incredible tender of plants and is knowledgeable in design and construction. he knows many artistic plant styles and seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of plant and animal life.

Jall is also a Non-Born of Mandalay. He came into being at the time of the creation of Mandalay fully adult with his originally vast store of knowledge. He has no parents or siblings. He is fairly single minded and does not like talking about being a duplicate of a person in shadow. He has the memories of having had a family growing up but knows he personally was not the person who experienced those memories. This is typical of Non-Borns. The Block Manager For the park and the various buildings in the area, including both the above businesses, gives Jall 250 Obs a week to work his park. He has a gardener's area and shed out of site where he grows plants for future planting in the park. His area includes 3 greenhouses. He has a small resting area in one with a restroom and a replicator and he usually sleeps there. The block manager arranged for him to get a studio apartment where he keeps his personal possessions, such as they are. The 250 Obs a month is small for a talented non-born gardener but the location is good for him and he has been given a reasonably generous amount of space for greenhouses and breeding. He raises tulips and marijuana.

Jall is talkative about plants but is only mildly interested in anything else. He buys a new clay pipe each week because he seems to loose them. He rarely attends the theater. He eats at the Cabri Cart in front of Gasita's daily. He travels frequently to othergardens on his time off but can almot always be found in the park somewhere every day.

While the general maintence of open spaces could easily be managed automatically, and in many places it is, most block residents want persoanlized care for their area to giove it a uniaue and attractive appearance. Since people who manage open spaces, like Jall, are also drawn to the Dramaturge in the way Artists and performers are, the people who are drawn to this work, or in Jall's case, born to it, are usually of a high caliber and skilled in their craft.