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Amber Bronkhorst
Then maybe a different plan is more suitable for the day, go to the library, see if Arlo is already in, ask for a book which she can start on and can take with her to loan. Ask for an extra deck, you know to keep handy in a secure place. And go read a book, maybe even go to the sea view.. if there is room ofcourse.

Michael James Watson
Arriving in the library, after a bit of rest, she finds Alro and Vek in the Black Zone section that contains books from near Chaos.
Vek says,"Cynasure would be a reasonable place. Flexible and corrupt as a three handed politician. Cosmologically speaking Azcala is practically in the Black Zone itself. Its only Tonacat's arrogance that kept him from signing the Black Zone Instrument Pact. Regor makes more sense of course since it's connection to Amber is strong. Three Elders and A queen of Amber come of that blood after all. But its likely to be where Borlak stages to assault Adagalasck. Staging in Cynsure to assault Azcala keeps an army out of Borlak's way"
Arlo chuckles,"Three elders may have come from Regor blood but none of them relish dealing with their mother. Brand was clear that he preferred being a prisoner in Amber to being a courtier in Regor. You spoke with Untara, is Cynasure her choice too?'
Vek shrugs and drinks,"Dealing with her is like the execution by being sewn in a bag with hell cats and tossed in a river. Other then that she suggests going directly to Ulliam in Azcala, gaining Quetzal's aide directly and staging there. A dangerous and crazy suggestion but not a bad one."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah walks in the library seeing them there in the area she steps to the side listening to their conversation perhaps not polite but with the name Azcala her interest was peeked.
She pretends to search for books to read not wanting to disturb them. Until they seem done with the conversation then she casually walks over making sure they hear her coming and she holds up her hand.
"Hello uhm sorry to disturb you both. Arlo i had a question i figured to wait till dinner with my plans so i figured to start reading about the sorcery since the beginnings are there. Any suggestions? Oh and is it rude to ask for a backup deck of trumps? "

Michael James Watson
Arlo and Vek look up and both nod greetings.
Vek says, "You aren't interrupting. We're just kicking around some ideas for domination of the multiverse.
Typical stuff. Armies on the move and all. " He lights a cigar, not his typical smoke, and the multicolor urala smoke wafts out.
Arlo motions for her to sit. "I'll be right back. "
Vek asks, "Getting used to the place yet? Apparently I can't get out of attending the private dinner tonight. Surprised me a bit. I was told to let Skadi run around loose and to join you and Arlo. I hear they are shipping you off to Fantalin?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles and then sits.
Turning to Vek she nods
"Yeah a bit. It is not easy but then again what is."
She rolls her eyes.
"Fantalin is apparently something i can not escape so figure that i just have to work with them. "
Alvah chuckles
"Can't escape the dinner. Eh well just one dinner not that bad."
Alvah shifts a bit and pets Cicero
"So your plans of multiverse wide domination coming along? "
She then mutters softly
"Or still need the rock guard?"

Michael James Watson
He laughs, "Oh they aren't MY plans. Multiversal domination is big business back in Chaos but i never had much interest in it. If i conquered the universe, where would I keep it? It just sounds like a lot of bookwork to me. Sort of like being a tax collector with the rights of High, Low, and middle justice as well as being one's own executioner. I'll take a full cabaret room and a good fuck over multiversal war anyday. Ya, I got invited to dinner because I made the mistake of asking Random if he would let me attend the Inner Sanctum courses at Fantalin. Aries Colbresi spoke to me recently under tense circumstances and he suggested that if i was spending so much time in Amber i should get a decent college education. He is pushing me because he wants me as a Professor of Chaos Studies. Till now thats all been fairly academic. But having an actual Chaosian in the job makes it a more relevant department."
Arlo comes back, with a thin book and a stack of card decks. "This book is a discussion on the Presedence of Powers. Worth looking over.
He sets 4 decks near her. "Two King Random Decks, a Bursain Deck, and a deck that isn't public knowledge but you will find interesting, called the Pirate Deck"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to Vek and smiles
"Hah so you are going back to school as well. Ah can't be as bad as my schooltime in shadow.
And yes multiverse domination sounds like a horrible taxing job. That is why i love mone so much. I could plan my own hours my own targets my own ways. "
Alvah grins wide.
"Even now i am planning something but ofcourse plans chance so i might postpone it a bit."
Lookimg up to Arlo she smiles and looks at the book.
"Thank you, i'll get started in that."
She then looks at the decks.
"You sure? Thanks!"
She then stands up.
"Well i'll leave you to your conversation then. "
When she wants to step away shhe turns
"What is the black zone?"

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "The Black Zone? Multiversal cosmology. The Green Zone. The Golden Zone.. Green Sway, Black Sway Amber Sway... Shadow is big, so you break it up to deal with it. The Black Zone are millions upon millions of shadows near Chaos. Realms that have some interaction on some regular basis. Sway Realms are realms that may or may not deal with their primary realm but have frequent influences of them. Billions and billions of shadows. Amber has a blue sky and salt oceans-millions of worlds near it are like that., Then they have green or purple sky and they get farther and influenced less till they have no causal relationship. Mandalay has the Green Zone and the Green Sway. Amber has the Amber Zone and Amber Sway. Chaos has the Black Zone and the Black or Chaos Sway. Any center point in shadow might have these zones and sways they influence. These are not, however, to be confused with Golden Circle Kingdoms, Chaos Client Kingdoms, or Mandalay Concord Kingdoms, all that have a signed deal with their principal kingdom; Amber, Chaos, or Mandalay..
Arlo Says, "Zone worlds generally know about each other. Sway world don't always. Not all worlds understand the cosmology they are living in. Besides, many of the zone and sway world are variations of each other. A thousand sway worlds all identical except they have different time ratios, water tastes,different, sky slightly different colors. All variations in infinity. It used to be a big argument if the shadow all existed in infinite variety or if an Amber its shadow walking someplace created it? After Patternfall, when Dworkin was revealed as the progenitor of the Batman line he stated plainly that they all exist; ending the argument.
He laughs.."Then you have Shade World and the priority of Shade Realms! ".

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah now fully turns while she hears the explanation and puts the book and decks down again she remains standing. She lets Cicero slither over the back of the chair as she boops his nose now and then.
"so to recap. Zones, make identiying the position of the shadows and worlds easier there are zones and sways.. very well. It is something different then the golden cirlce but yeah that is something to do with a trade treaty and all that political shit. And it all already excisted next to eachother.
So.... how are squiggles made? or how do they pop in excistance then? for they do not have just been there all along as i undersstand it.
But as i understand so far is that shadows cannot directrly hold patterns but something like a squiggle can actually be made into something more tangible like. When ofcourse a sigil or pattern like something is created. "
Alvah is not even looking at any of them anymore but more finally giving, the info she had been given from all sides, a place in her mind.
"So given that a squiggle is a construct and later created by what form or another does that hold a higher or lower priority then the shadows? And what does it do with the balance regarding the zones the way. The other worlds that cast shadows and therefor the shadows themselves..."
her ramblings trail off and she looks up getting a slight color in her face.
"usually i say that in my head and not out loud... and now i hear why... damn i ramble."
Alvah lets Cicero slither on her hand again
"I geuss the biggest question that just popped up. what if a squiggle became real-er. Because they realize their sigil, what does that do to the rest?"

Michael James Watson
Arlo walks over and fixes a sandwich, "Vek, will you get this one?"
"Sure.. Siggles are high order constructs and most have been created by using the Jewel of Judgement. They are all parts of possible patterns.
Vek continues, "We don't know who created all the squiggle nor how they did it. We know some. Alamond was created by Oberon. It was a test of certain internal concepts on creation using the Jewel. Pócaí was created by Dworkin and predates the Pattern of Amber. It was a dweling place in boundless chaos near a place called Kolvir. When dworkin created Amber, Pócaí
was nearby and was gathered into the shadow lands. It is a tiny realm. Atlantis is a small squiggle created by Orsolla, a daughter of Oberon. Its watery place. Talwas is a strong squiggle created by Oberon. Subterra was created by Dworkin. Adagalasck, we think was created by Oberon to inprison his daughters Nina and Emilie. Nina is Julian's wife and he is now king of Adagalsck. Regor is believed to have been created by Dworkin. We think he also created Azcala. Last, Bursain, was created by Finndo.”
Arlo says, “Look, its not a secret but it pisses off the elders, I am attuned to the Jewel of Judgment and have a mastery of it, as does Random now. I taught my father Eric how to attune and use it. Imagine a plate of spegethi.. You pull out a long strand, drop it on the table. The design it makes is a full construct;Mark, Pattern. But imagine you pull a piece out and its only half a full strand? Pieces of primal works not of a full length are Squiggles.. They are vastly powerful, even the little ones like Pócaí . They have various internal effects and will have a Sway. However, Bursain, was created by Finndo in an emergency, like Avalon was. But he failed. Slipped, was blasted by the powers.. It created a realm, but a fractered one and one vastly troubled in its internal shadows. The sword Rock Guard is connecter to the flawed squiggle and if it is driven into a squiggle like Pócaí or Acala or Regor, it would raise them to equal in power to Amber and Avalon and Mandalay. “
Arlo says, "As for how they effect the balance, they create center places, they are surrounded by places influenced by them, their sway. They are 'Real" in the sense Amber is but no where near as powerful. "
"But.. there are billions of powerful artifacts.. That brings us to Shade Realms. Amber casts zillions of shadows. Some of the shadows are very close, being lesser versions of itself. Some, have their own patterns; Shade Patterns. THese Shade realms can be very like Amber. Have the same people, different people, different kings. Different wars.. These shades are spoken of as having a percentage of correspondence. The shade pattern would be said to be a 70% Shade, or a 50% shade, depending on its power level compared to our pattern.. and, the people in those realms, usually can't walk to realms of a higher percentage. So a Gerard in a 50% Shade could walk all shadow at the 50% level his native pattern gave him.. I know that wierd but it is how it works. :"
Vek laughs, sips, says, "And on occasion, by various reasons, people of lower shades break the barrier above them. But its rare. We can talk of three of them."
Arlo says, "You prick.....Your going to tell her about the.."
Vek laughs again, "I am!!"
"Three shade realms are examples of how Shades can differ from Amber. Ambir, was a realm where the kingdom never started. It is a 85% of Amber Shade. But somewhere around the time Oberon and Cymnea came to the realm of Amber, had Osric, Finndo, Benedict, and Borlak, something catastrophic happened that devastated the realm, killing Oberon and Cymnea. In that shade there never was a kingdom of Amber. "
"Now the one Arlo hates.. The Kingdom of Agolith, a Shade of Amber. This is a 15% of Amber powered pattern., But somehow, it had a king random, had fought patternfall, all the family are in it and almost identical. And because of a extraordinary event, they were able to come to Amber and present themselves in court. They had exact duplicates of all the royal family up to that time. Exact! But..they were half the height of our Amberites. 3'3 Benedict, a 3' Julian. a 2'10" King Random of Agolith. They had all the arrogance of Amberites but half the height and half the power. To this day the connection between Amber and the Agolith continues. The Agolith do busiess with Amber. Not a lot, but some..There are people who hate them bitterly. Such as Arlo here, so much so they created the Non-Partisan Anti-Agolith League. "
Arlo says, "Please, number three.."
Vek nods. "The third i'll mention is important because of the Tosa/Yorkists. They were in a Shade Realm of Amber that was 99.9999999% of Amber. Nearly as powerful. It bred great and powerful wizards. It had a massive connection the a nearby collection of realms generally called the Tosa Realms. A might wizard of that realm, Tolknor, created a lesser patter in that universe. They had no Avalon. The war they fought, their Black Road war, destroyed the Shade Amber. It was destroyed till only the pattern chamber existed. Tolknor destroyed Amber in order to get the High Lord of Chaos, Koob, to return to his Chaos and leave York, Plymouth, and the Tosa worlds alone. Which he did. When Random hired CHAD, and brought it to Amber he gave permission for Tosa/Yorkists to come to Amber. Thats Fortunadus, Alexandir, and a lot more"
Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah hangs on their every word shifting her intense gaze to Arlo and Vek, back an forth.
Her fingers move as she listens. Now and then flipping a coin, a spoon. A biscuit... which she takes a bite out of without looking away.
She then nods and asks
"Okey, hypothetical, if for example a squiggle destroys another by performing the act of power to become real. Another squiggle of which the item of power is used is destroyed. With that the shadows that the destroyed squiggle cast along with it. If shadows can be adopted and are adjacent to other centers of reality. Can those shadows then also be saved?"
Alvah sits back in the chair and snuggles with her legs up ready for more information.

Michael James Watson
"Saved? Changed. Effected by the change of status of their realms. Billions die, billions are created. Rains of water, rains of fire, rains of molten candy.. Anything might happen. Squiggles wouldn't destroy each other, their people might. But, Bursain is different. It was a failed squiggle. Its powers, realms, peoples can be joined to another making it as powerful as a pattern. What happens to the people inside? No idea but I suspect it would be quite visual."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright then back to the squiggles i heard that all of them have a certain item like the stone guard sword. Does every squiggle have them, and... how do you recognize them?"
Alvah tries to smile an innocent smile so she can keep asking the questions.

Michael James Watson
Arlo goes on,"Well all the squiggles can make artifacts like our pattern but you are talking about Bursain. For some reason when the squiggle of Bursain was created part of it was shadowed on to a blade. Only in Bursain. Its called the Red Sword or the Rock Guard or the Rosguara. Ownership of the sword gives one the power of the whole Squiggle.. Recently the owner was assassinated by an Azcalan we believe. So the realm of Bursain has no ruler until the blade is found. We believe if the blade was driven into a squiggle, the unfinished bursain symbol would merge making it a full pattern. to further complicate things there are other beliefs what might happen. It might be able to elevate a Shade pattern. It might make a broken pattern into a functioning shadow of a pattern. It might make the Mal at Reiss a challanger to the patterns. We don't know. But the sword is missing and there is evidence it is in Azcala. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly.
"So do you think that Azcala would use the sword? Or well the people. To make their place real? And is that the only thing that is needed? Why wouldn't they have done it then already? "
Alvah tries to not sound to eager.
"And where is the zones would Azcala be? Would that have any ramifications for others?"
Alvah still looks Arlo and Vek straight in the eyes.

Michael James Watson
Vek says, "Here are a couple of examples of dealing with Shades. Caine once killed a shade of his, left the body where it would be found, and played dead while people thought him murdered. Bleys is friends with 3 of his shadows and has had them in his plays. Benedict has a dozen of his shadows on his general staff. he proved tpo them he came from a high Amber and they jkoined in, each bringing the Amber they rulled along as troops for our Amber."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods intrigued hearing about the shadow versions.

Michael James Watson
Why hasn't Azcala done it? Azcala is not unified under its king. ITs contentious, has internal wars, and most importantly, they don't know where the blade is. In fact they are missing a couple of their powerful ones as well. If the Red Sword ever ended up in Tonacat's hand, he would elivate Azcala to a full pattern in minutes."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods slowly
"i see, most interesting, thank you both for all t he information. "
She slowly stands grabs the books and decks and nods gratefully
"I"m sure i have taken up enough of both of your time. So Lord Vek will see you at dinner i guess. Arlo thank you for the book decks."
Alvah smiles sweetly

Michael James Watson
Arlo nods. Vek says, Don't get eaten by monsters. Unless that's your thing, of course"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs and shakes her head
"I won't.. wasn't planning on meeting any monsters soon."
She holsd up her hand in a wave as she walks off with her book and decks.
Continuing with her plan to just go have a relaxed cup of tea, hopefully there is room at the sea view gardens.. as Cicero was promised a fat mouse there.