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Michael James Watson
In the hours before morning Vek quietly gathers up Alvah and Spatchi. Slipping down to the launch deck leads them into the yacht's ferry boat.
At the controls is woman in tough street attire, black hair, black leather coat with one shoulder in a green slightly armored leather pauldrens added to the black jacket, jeans, and a short sword on her hip. Alva recognizes her as the Drummer, Dana, from Vek's jazz trio
Driving fast away, to get a good 20 miles away from the port of Rentar he pulls a Trump out.
"Come across"
As he tells the contact to come through he sheds his light shirt and his body enlarges quickly to his blue leathery skinned chaosian form, a tight ridged pair of horns and lathery wings folded hard against his back.
Through the trump steps a large human formed man with a heavy red leather jacket and a large double sided axe.
He looks at vek, "Uncle, i thought we would be in human form if we were killing in a human world. But i can change quickly enough."
Veks says, "No. No changing, no killing. This is a social favor, not a bloodbath."
Spatchi stands, two drawn daggers in hand an d a hard look on her face.
"Are you sure, Vek? Look at this piece of candy?! All teeth and knives. I can't tell if i should fight her or fuck her first. Or is she your property?"
Vek puts a hand on the man's shoulder. "Shaz Far, Dial it down now. The woman with the knives is Spatchi of Amber. She is an Elite. The woman sitting is Lady Alvah, daughter of Delwin. The driver is Dana, who you already know."
He looks Alvah over, "Pity...Well, Dana will take care of me, won't you?"
Vek, "She is busy. I am going to Azcala in my chaos form. You will mind me. Alvah is opening the passage, she is of the blood of Azcala. Jurt will be here in a moment to mind her when she joins me"
He looks at Alvah, smiles, 'Well buttercup.. Blood of Amber, blood of Azcala.. I may get my bloodbath as it is. I can kill all the azcalan's you want."
"Alvah, my nephew Shaz Far. A lord of Chaos and a graduate of Rasak."
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Amber Bronkhorst
Kind of excited Alvah looks at the man stepping through. Then as he opens his mouth to Spatchi her eyebrow raises in a bow and her eyes travel to Spatchi.
At the point Alvah is introduced she inclines her head.
Wants to say something, but that buttercup remark clearly made her twitch.
A smaller
"Hey, nice to meet you i guess"
Comes from her lips it is clear she bites her lip partially.
She then explicitly turns to Vek.
With a clearer voice.
"So let me know when you are ready. I have the location trump."
She smiles
And when you are there i'll call Jurt."
Her eyes travel to Shaz Far again looking slightly angry. But keeping her mouth as he is willing to help.

Michael James Watson
"Call Jurt."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and first takes the trump of Jurt she had laying ready. Focusing on the image to make a connection.

Michael James Watson
Moments later she hear, "Who? " THe sense of sharks
reaching to jump from the trump, a brief image, followed by, "Oh....Alvah...I was wondering when i would hear form you? How go the wars?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah raises an eyebrow
"The wars? What wars... uhm well i have a favor to ask of you, could you come over?"

Michael James Watson
"Ya, Sure. let me just jump across into whatever sunflower festival you are buried in and find myself unable to leave. Context, before heroics. Where are you? Who is with you? Do I come in ripping of foeman's heads? Do I need to hang some spells? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Alright yeah, answers.
Vek is here, Spatchi, Dana a friend of Vek and Shaz Far.
The plan is as following Vek goes in Chaos form to Azcala to contact my mother to set up a meeting. Shaz Far keeps contact with Vek in case shit hits the fan. And i want to ask you to keep contact with me when i meeg with my mother. In case shit hits the fan for me and i need to get to safety quick. We figured a lifeline per person is better. "
She nods
"So just that. You can also do it from where you are."

Michael James Watson
"I better do it from there since you just told me everything over the trump. Shaz Far is with Vek and you? Well, thats a party of t purge. Pull me through"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah holds out her hand to Jurt and pulls him through. Making sure she has enougb space to not have him trip over stuff or people.

Michael James Watson
Jurt smiles at Shaz, shakes hands with Vek. "Alvah, Vek, its a pleasure.. OH! What has got Spatchi's quills bristling? Could it possibly be the romantic attention of the legendarily sensitive Lord oF WaxtFigil?"
Shaz Far says, "Vek may have saved me a trip to hunt you down. You know there is an unofficial bounty on your head with the Black Guild? Powers and portents and a ducal title. Perhaps I should claim it?"
Jurt nods.,"I know..Take your best shot. I've been betting through a proxy for my continued existence. You failing to take my head will really pay off for me. But I am willing to bet that this probably Vek's shadow he might extend his protection over poor helpless me"
He smiles and produces a Urala cigar.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Spatchi then at Jurt she nods
"Yes romantic gestures equal to those of a cavemen without manners."
She looks at Shaz Far and shrugs
"Even a caveman would have brought a gift before saying, wanna fuck."
Hearing about a bounty and the talk between the two she smiles letting them talk on. She stands next tk Spatchi.
When the two are done she looks at Vek.
"So, did we need any other preparations before doing this?"

Michael James Watson
Vek and Shaz and Jurt laugh.
JUrt says, "Wait.....We aren't on Vulsara but i can feel its pattern.. Here or in a nearby shadow..Where are we?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Randal. A bit away on the water. Arlo and Elayne have a ship closeby. "
She looks at Jurt
"So closeby enough."

Michael James Watson
Jurt nods, "Well Shaz, I would consider myself under Vance's protection. " He extends his hand to Shaz Far who accepts it, "Its good to see you. Its been agees."
Shaz nods, "It has. And don't think the leash Benedict has on me will stop me if i chose to claim that bounty. But, as you say, Party or Purge and the party is eitheer Vek's or Alvahs.. How do we proceed?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vek.
"Well plan is that you first make contact right? Lay out the invitation and see if she is even willing."

Michael James Watson
"Vek says, "Yes, but no one is contacting her by her trump. She is certainly able to crag people over trump./ No, Zunala, one of the great realms in Zictla. It supposed to be where her home is. And the Path of Blood goes through it. As a Lord of Chaos i'll be escorted to her immediately. Alvah, you and Jurt should go to Big Tree. I'll trump Jurt once i have an arrangement with Cihalas Shaz, keep an open trump on me incase i need escape. The goal is to get her to go to Big Tree for a conference with Alvah."
Jurt nods, "Big Tree? No magic unless you are holding the Jewel of Judgement? Tricky. Alright"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright so i'll open a way for you first. Then me and Jurt go to the big tree. " she has the trumps ready before her. She then nods to Jurt
"Well yes Vek figured that was the safest spot to meet with her. Since she can't pull of to much then. "
She nods to Vek

Michael James Watson
Vek nods.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah stands up holds up the location trump for Vek and focuses on it. She was warned this would feel different so she is ready for most anything. Seeing the image and seeing through it she tries to open a way for Vek.

Michael James Watson
The trump opens suddenly.. The pain is terrible. Searing fire separating skin from bon and drying the skin to jerk. She screams and starts going to black.
As she fades she hears Vek say, "Fangs of the Serpent.. Looka t that"

Michael James Watson
As alvah starts waking she feels no pain. She feels heat like boiling coffee and feels it as if it was running through her blood. She hears spatchi yell, "SHE"S WAKING UP!!!"
She sees Vek come and sit next to her, picking up her hand., Turning she sees Jurt, Shaz far and Sptchi.
Turning further, she sees Arloxedra and Fiona. With them is Dwynan.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah groans as she hears Spatchi yell, feeling the heat she moves uncomfortable.
Her eyes going over her arm to Vek holding her hand.
"What, happened?"

Michael James Watson
Fiona sits, raising the sign of the pattern. Alvah feels a tiny insulted by its presence. "Try opening this trump again"
She hands over the Trump to Zunala

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns looking at the sign of the pattern. She then looks at the trump. To Fiona and nods.
Focusing on it trying to open it.

Michael James Watson
This time there is a warm sense about as it opens. The smell of roasting cinnamon..
Arlo says, "Damn.. Ive been around her a lot and nothing."
Fiona says, "She walked the pattern! Hiding this from the Pattern is tough. Double tough."
Vek says, "Unless the pattern allowed it."
Shaz says, "Im no wizard but how could she even have it?"
Vek says, "Its like Doria, Desri, Maylon, and a few others in the Benedict program. The babes were artificially placed in the bodies of Lady's of Chaos and they assayed the Logrus.."
Fiona shakes her head. "Its not that complicated. I would guess she walked the Sigil of Azcala while pregnant. Emma, my daughter, was 8 months along when i walked the pattern. Flora did the same thing with Elayne though i think with her it was an accident. The flibertygibbet...There is rumor that Cymnea was pregnant with Finndo when she walked it. Afterwards Cihalas suppressed the existence of the sigil. Calling powers of the Sigil to open a trump set them off. Bet it hurt like hell.Whatever surprise you hopped to gain coming to Cihalas in state is gone.

Amber Bronkhorst
As Alvah opens the location she looks through it. Inhaling the air coming from it smelling the cinnamon scent.
She hears the people talking in the background somewhere registering what they are saying.
Slowly she tries to stand up as she doesn't feel like burning to a crisp this time.
Hearing what Fiona says she nods and softly says
"Figured, might as well say hello now."
When Alvah stands she wants to step forward through the trump.

Michael James Watson
Arlo looks to Fiona, "Do you think Delwin knows?"
From the door someone yells "Hey!!, lords, I am about to be tossed off the boat. Can he come down?"
Fiona and Arlo look at each other, he turns, "COME DOWN!!"
Vance steps in looking pissed purple. Blades on his side glowing, a pattern of amber glowing on his hand. He scowls at Fiona.."THIS IS MY SHADOW!!! IF YOU PULL THAT AGAIN I'LL SEE YOU TOSSED INTO SPACE!!"
Fiona laughs, "I just said let Arlo and I look at her first.. YOur imprint of Vuldsar is Wild still and who know..
Vance says, "Bullshit. Move aside"
As she does Vance sits and grabs Alvah's hand...."Are you feeling better?" He says softly
Alvah feels a shudder as her trump closes. Arlo stares at her..

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks feeling her trumpconatct being closed. Fiery eyes staring at Arlo for a moment. Angry.
But she calms as her rationality takes over knowing full well Arlo is right. For now.
When Vance takes her hand her eyes move to him. She smiles soft and nods. A disarming smile she uses more often.
"I am feeling fine. " she speaks soft to Vance.
"I just... "
She shakes her head then lifts her chin up as if nothing ever went wrong turning to Arlo and Fiona she speaks in a neutral flat tone.
"No, dad does not know, and yes Fiona is right a big chance the imprint happened during my mother carrying me. According to Nur."
She takes her hand back from Vance.
Alvah looks to Cicero checking if he is okey and didn't get hurt during all of this.

Michael James Watson
Fiona says,"Nur? Nur al Din? Really.......? far into shadow was he? Past Mandalay? "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns and shrugs
"Who cares he goes wherever i suppose"
Alvah looks around feeling awfully crowded she starts her way to the stairs.
"Getting some air."
All the while she only looks over Cicero not wanting to make eye contact with others.

Michael James Watson
Arlo reaches over and takes the Azczla deck. "Yes, get some air"
Fiona says, "Arlo, you knows he isn't allowed past Mandalay."
Arlo says,"He's a Tosian. Take it up with his father Tolknor. The ban was pre-patternfall. The jeweled road sort of cuts that up. Besides, Azcala does a huge amount of business with the Dufirosim. amber does almost none. "
Vance walks out with Alvah..."Are you alright?"

Amber Bronkhorst
When Arlo takes her deck she looks slightly insulted to him but she doesn't make a point out of it and lays the location trump of Zunala with the rest.
Moving up she is silent for a moment and looks at Vance.
"Yeah i am fine. Why wouldn't i be fine? "

Michael James Watson
He puts his Arm around her shoulder..."I'm sorry thing get so complicated. I'm afraid there is a good chance Delwin knew full well. It would explain his paranoia. Look, those people are going to be arguing for hours. I signaled Vek. Why don't we get out of here? Vek says you were going to Big Tree. Great choice. Its not widely known but whereever you come from to big tree, the time rate stays with the person. lets you me and Vek go there. Ill pull in a favor. You can call her from there.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks back at the people talking then she looks surprised up to her brother.
"Wait really? You mean that? And well The Big Tree was Vek his idea. After he explained i could only agree."
She then nods
"Thank you."
She lays her head against his shoulder feeling a bit less in need of being defensive and cold now.

Michael James Watson
"Big Tree is a great place. Lets move before Fiona and Arlo and third in coming guests pack the boat.
He opens his deck and pulls big tree out. Opening it quickly he lets Alvah step through. Vek follows in a second before Dance with .
Vek says, " Arlo has my deck..."
Vance says, " it the only one . "
He walks off motioning to wait. He pulls a trump and starts talking.
Vek says "Jurt and Fiona are arguing. Arlo and Fiona are arguing. Unless it wasn't clear, you awoke a sigil of Azcala."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks up to Vek and nods
"I figured as much by the feeling of being burned alive and such. And the slight disagreeing feeling i have to the pattern now..."
Alvah lets out a sigh.
"Well, didn't think that would happen and if Delwin did.... he lied straight to my face.... again..."
Crossing her arms she stares off into the distance.
"Thank you though for still helping out."

Michael James Watson
He shrugs," the experience is fun. Oh damnnnn.."
Turning she sees Vance and Random approaching. Random is shaking his head.
"Are you sure about this, Vance?". He nods
Random hands him a deck. " title does not pass".
Vance says," of course"
The two stare at each other. Communicating.
Random removes a red stone on a heavy gold chain
"And that REALLY doesn't change ownership. Ill be over by that incredibly long drop off, contemplating jumping...

Amber Bronkhorst
"Hmm yes i can see how it is fun to experience this all not from another point of view. " She grins a wicked grin to Vek.
At Vek his oh dammn she looks up seeing her brother and Random. She adds her own
"ooohhh daamn"
She looks with a questioning look to Vance.
When Random moves to his spot of suicidal contemplation she says softly to Vance
"What is your plan now? And what does he"
she gestures her head towards Random
"Know what is going on? Did you tell him?"

Michael James Watson
"Of course I told him. It was the only way to get the deck and the jewel. I didn't tell him about the sigil. Let Arlo and Fiona argue with him. I'll tell you something about Random. He has a lot on his plate. He delegates anything he can. Benedict is ready for open war with Azcala. With Borlak. With me. With the Agolith King of Amber. He has war plans against all the Golden Circle kingdoms.. Random lets people make the call on things relating to themselves. Then is prepared for the fall out. Chaos could have come raging across shadow after what i did in the Abyss. And he was ready. He is ready for anything that happens today. "
Looking over at Random,"He just doesn't want to be here to0 tell you what to do. Its your call. He is ready for what comes next."
He summons chairs, table and a light lunch meats, cheeses and candied habaneros.
"Trumps work here. So call, my stepmother. I'll back up your psyche. Vek will handle physical attacks. Random will come over if you call him. If she manages to try anything when she gets here, ill stop it. A conversation is what you wanted? So Call. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks over to Random, she smiles
"guess i had a wrong opinion about him. I should thank him for at least letting me choose for myself. It is something only a few will do. "
Looking back at Vance she nods
"Like Benedict, yeah he has a plan. And i don't know if i agree. But that is a long way from happening anyway."
She looks more serious
"you know that whatever i do, i won't go against Amber right? Not willingly, knowingly, or conciously. "
She then bumps her shoulder against Vance his shoulder.
"And else i trust you keep your promise." She winks.
Then looking at the trump deck she starts to look for the trump of her mother. Sitting down comfortably and letting Cicero on her shoulder and neck so her hands are free, she starts to focus on the image of her mother.

Michael James Watson
The contact comes quickly. Feels somehow warm and spicy on the senses. A probing comes, reaching to softly grasp the psyche of the contact, and meets Vance's defense and recoils. A sense of fear and anger.
The image comes, the woman doesn't speak. She looks curiously at Alvah, reaching up to twirl a strand of hair in her fingers.
"Avaxala? Ah... my sunflower.. Look at you. Grown. I had hoped..and you call me after all this time with..him..."
Random shapeshifts to a Coyote and curls up at the edge of the floating land.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah actually a little bit nervous bites her lip seeing her mother in front of her.
Hearing the name Xozla had called her she nods shortly
"Hello, yes, i wanted to talk to you. Learned not to long ago about you. "
Pausing a moment Alvah lays a hand on Cicero petting him.
"Are you willing to come and talk to me? I have heard of you but i want to form my own opinion about you, i think as mother and daughter we deserve to form our own opinions right? Obviously i have questions. And my brother is here to make sure i don't get hurt."

Michael James Watson
"The Star Warrior? Yes, i felt his anger and his rage, restrained. Speaking would serve us well. I would be a good adversary for the Star Warrior but this would be a poor way to start a war. DO I have security where you wait for me?"

Amber Bronkhorst
She chuckles
"Star warrior. I like that, but no we should not start a war. We are at a place where magic does not work. except for trumps. I have my brother here and a friend. but if you feel the need you can bring someone as well. As long as we keep things civil. "
Alvah regaining her playful smile slightly back.
"Hands and knives we keep to ourselves and lets postpone the family hugs till we are certain no knife will end up in either of our backs. "

Michael James Watson
She miles, nods to someone near her. "I see my Delxi has taught you some caution. Let us see how well that sustains us. I am coming. Let us not grasp hands yet either for the fear a snake will slither to bite."
She steps across. Behind her a youn man steps over as well, stepping away, looking ready for a fight. Silent...
SHe says, "Look at us. Daughter. Mother. Stepson.. and son. This is Aztilios, your brother..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah makes sure there is room for her to move through. Standing.
She inclines her head to Aztilios.
"Hello, welcome."
She gestures to Vance.
"Vance you know, "
She then gestures to Vek
"And this is Vek a friend helping out. "
She then nods to the table.
"Thank you for accepting the invitation to meet, i must admit that i have become quite curious about you by now. Shall we sit?"

Michael James Watson
"yes. I see a table with care, but I prefer the ground. Azil, gather yon provender."
Sits on the ground. Then lays back, grasping the thick grass.
"A powerful place. I am blind of most of my senses leaving me just the touch of my fingers. The air pure. I can feel the breeze coming cool from wherever it does in this place. I can feel the tree. Huge.. Big Tree. Ah yes.. Big Tree from the King Random deck!"
She sits up, crosses her legs, looking at Alvah as Azil brings the trays Vance had provided. He sits cross legged beside her.
She gestures across from her. Looking to Vance, gestures..
"Star step son..I see you are in charge here though i not the attendance of a Coyote of the ways. I assume he holds the jewel? Will you tell the Coyote to allow me the magic of this pouch? It has food and drink. I promise."
Vance looks at the Coyote and nods. Moments later she pulls out a ornate crystal decanter filled with blue liquid. She brings out several ornate brass plates.
She taps the plates. looks to Vance. "And these. " Then tapping them to produce meat skewers. She pulls a bottle of green sauce and pours them over.
"Vance, if I am allowed to use your name, stepson, you provide fine cheese and crackers. and the candied habenaros is a nice touch. Please share the skewers .I assure you they are not made from sentient life forms!" She laughs as if its a joke.
"Now, Avaxala, what wieghs so heavy on your mind that you seek me out in this manner?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah still standing a bit awkwardly as she can be.
As her mother uses the platters and talks with Vance.
When Cihalas speaks to Alvah she sits down across from her all the while looking at Cihalas.
When Alvah speaks she looks Cihalas in the eyes for the first time.
Choosing her words carefully.
"In what other manner should i have sought you out then? I did not know of the trumps until a night ago. And just walking to Azcala seems..... suicidal. From the stories i've heard."
She stares her mother in the eyes hoping to find that hint of recognition with herself.
"I have not been known in Amber for long, dad kept me safe. And i see his reasons. Because of that i am finding myself again. Figuring out who i am other then the Alvah from shadow. Who's life was way less complicated."
She smiles slightly but genuinely.
"I have clearly things from dad. But i also wonder what i have from you. And what is truly myself."
Alvah chuckles
"Alot of things have been going on and i decided if i want to keep on going i need to form my opinions about key people in my life for myself. So in this case you, you are my mother even if you only have been very short in my life. And i can go by dad his opinion sure... or fully believe Xozla... but they both are biased in their own ways."
Leaning her arms on her knees she smiles
"So basically i want to get to know you and your side of the story. Well your side of my story."

Michael James Watson
"Xozla....Delxi..complicated. From time to time, to clear my mind and open myself to new glories, i allow myself to become something else. Such was when i met Del. I was living the life of a noble woman in a fair peaceful land when i met and fell in love with this exotic scholar. I listened to him talk with wizards and priests for hours and hours. I was obsessed... and Del... he could be quite...engaging... when he wanted to be. Runs in the family i see. "
Looking at Vance with a flirtatious smile as she takes meat from the skewer.
"When i regained my mind he was less then pleased. But i could teach him for a change. Whatever Del might tell you of his lusty bloody wife know this in your heart. It was a love match. We were partners in power and pleasure. But there was a line he wouldn't cross. He wouldn't learn the rituals of sacrifice. He didn't understand that if the heart turns to stone, that is a person of renown. The spell begins the healing immediately. but only 1 of every 10,000 does it. THe ones that don't, " She shrugs, " Are cattle."
"When he left i was wroth. But, love is eternal. And not limited. Xozla knows that well.. I look forward to seeing Del some day"

Amber Bronkhorst
ALvah listens intently to Cihalas, when she looks like that to Vance she rolls her eyes.
"Well that dad didn't learn the rituals of sacrifice i understand. That you two really loved eachother i do believe as well. Heard that when he left that there was a big fight first between the two of you. "
A soft chuckle
"Don't know how dad would feel to seeing you again. He will probably not be to pleased i am talking with you now, he worked hard to keep me away from everything Azcalan. "
Shifting on the ground she let her fingers play in the grass letting Cicero slither about a bit.
"So there are alot of gaps i my memory. i remember a few things. with you, dad, a Jagri. This might sound ridiculous but, did you even wanted a child with Delwin? or did you see it as a nice form of power?"
She looks down knowing this could maybe impact wrong
"I just need to know there are so many theories going on. ANd you did do that heart ripping out ritual thing... "

Michael James Watson
"I should be clearer. Del learned the rituals. He simply refused to perform them. He could feel the power, reach into it, but he refused contribute to it."
She takes a candied habenaro with delight. "Vance, a compliment to your replicator on these."
She look up long lash as raising her head to look at Alvah. "Was there a fight when he left. Yes. He refused to perform the rituals that were needed to insure your powers. He discovered i had performed the ritual several times and was terribly angry.. And in like manner i got angry. I tend to not back down from a fight. Of course most of or fights end with fucking that ruined furniture. Not that time. He took you to a part of the castle not allowed to women, even me, his cult lodge. The Agave Cult. They have a women's Lodge too. and of course the grand lodge. We all have a weakness for the blue. Speaking of which."
She pours from the decanter into crystal glasses.
"Tlalocan Blue Tequila...the finest in Azcala. The brand served at Tonacat's table. Even I can not drink this daily but this seemed like a good time to unseal a bottle of the best"
"Since we don't know each other, i will show you an azcalan custom. I poured 4 glasses" She looks out to the coyote and yells, "AND I HAVE ANOTHER INCASE SOMEONE JOINS US." She chuckles. Since i poured from my bottle, I take the last glass. Then i take the first sip. after a minute, if i don't die from poisoning, we toast. so.." She waves to the glasses

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the version of her mother a slight smile on her face. "well figured the stories would have different details. as it si remembered differently and the important parts are per person different. "
She rubs her arm not wanting to press it but then she figures why the hell not
"Were you upset because he was angry and such... or also that he took me away? "
She looks at the glasses being poured.
"look i'm just trying to figure out where i stand with you and how you view me. Whatever it is it's fine... but i just need to know. "
She then falls silent for a moment looking at her hands that she had seen being scorched by the first trump attemtp she did or well felt being burned to the bone. A moment lost in thought realizing she actually felt the sigil of Azcala..
Shakeing the thoughs of she looks at her mother again trying to look neutral and nods to the glasses, taking not the last one as she explained and waits..

Michael James Watson
"Was I angry he was going to let you be defenseless in a very brutal multiverse. Our family is a violent one in a universe of violent families.. I was preparing you to be safe and he just saw a temporary ordeal as the end of the worlds. There are thousands of heart stones of mine. When battle comes a sorcorer will be holding each one, channeling energy into my spells. They will defeat all rivals. I was only able to make 12 of yours. 12!! If you have to defend yourself against Anzaka, or Xoxotl, or Tezcatlipoca, will you survive? You are woefully unprotected.. "
Vance sighs.."Metaconcert...The stones create an artificial metaconcert.. How could I not have seen that? We were so focus on how the stones can control you...we ignored what the stones could give you..."
Cihalas turns her head, her brown silky hair flowing, "I don't know this term; Metaconcert. But from the sound i think you right. A gathering of power, focused and guided by one wielder.
"It was a week before I even suspected he had fled. It didn't occur to me he would. His legend was a great Azcalan scholar and sorcerer. His identity as an Amberite was retrospect, it was foolish of me. I thought he might have been from Chaos. Their wizards are powerful. Amber, is not known for its mages."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at her mother when she explains. Looking intently into her eyes as she can. Trying to see if she actually sees genuine worry about her daughter or just a failed project.
Shaking her head to stop focusing on silly things she then softly adds.
"But the chances i have to go against those is... so small. And if i am honest, i am not strong enough to go against anyone. " she smiles
"so i am not trying that. I've been studying my ass off since i, well how do you say it, woke up from the barriers dad has placed. But i am not as foolish to try and go against Amberites, Chaosians or any from the royal family of Azcala. "
Alvah scoffs soflty while giving Cicero something to eat.
She turns to Vance and smiles
"Well there you go, a new angle to look into. I'm sure Celakat would love to look into that angle further as well. "
She looks at her mother and then smiles a half smile
"well that answer also one quesiton how many hearts there are made of me, people kind of freaked out because Xozla found me via one of those. "

Michael James Watson
Cihalas stands, suddenly, taking the bottle and chugging, take a few steps.
"YOU Aren't ready? YOU aren't? Do you think you had a choice? What did Delwin teach you? " She speaks loudly, firey, not angrily. "Did he teach you to read books and hope to talk people out of it? I DON"T KNOW which one will attack you! I don't know WHEN! They might do it for no reason just to bleed you for ritual blood! Aztilios was taken by Xoxotl and kept in prison for almost a hundred years till I could break him out! Xoxtl is my Nephew and he took my son and tormented him for a hundred years! When I fought to release him Xoxotl said he needed a power source and a few hundred hearts. And Tonocat couldn't give me justice because he and the Puma were chained up in Chaos. " She storms off yelling..
Walking back, speaking loudly.."You HAVE NO IDEA who will chose to attack you!!!! You might be rolling cigars one moment and in a battle for your life another!!! When that happens you need a few hundred devoted sorcerers waiting in shadow to funnel power to you!!!! You can have drinks with Xoxotl one day and discover he's had your son under torment for a CENTURY!!! YOU DON"T KNOW!!! YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED AND DELWIN MADE SURE YOU ARE VULNERABLE!!!!"
She walks off screaming.
Azi pours more tequila, "She gets like this sometimes..I blame it on father teasing her"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at her mother screaming and storming off she then takes her glass again looking at Azi she nods
"Well i see where i got my temper from... "
Turning to Vance she raises an eyebrow
"Do i look like that when angry? "
She asks half jokingly. Tossing the drink back she then sighs and stands up gesturing to Vance and Vek to stay there but keep an eye on her.
Alvah then takes a little sprint to her mother.
Hoping to calm her.
When coming closer to her she calls her softly not to add to the fuel.
"Mom..... i mean.. Cihalas.. i am safe so far. "

Michael James Watson
"Well i see where i got my temper from... "
Vance says, "Ya...tequila."
"Do i look like that when angry? "
Vance, "no. She's taller"

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing Vance is comments she groans.
"Ooohh why did i even ask.."
She then takes her little sprint to Cihalas. Not touching her and staying on a safe enough distance to jumpor run away.
" is okey."

Michael James Watson
Cihalas turns, quickly-supernaturally hasted, grasping Alvah's throat, lifting her from the ground, putting a silver meat skewer to her neck. "ARE YOU SAFE? You are in a place where magic won't save you and a monster can put her hands on you and all you have is reflexes. Stop squirming. Stand up straight! "
Vance and Vex were up as she turned. Aztilios reached for the bottle to pour another drink sighing. "She's like this sometimes. "
They look at him then her. stand waiting.
She drops her, stepping back, stopping, licking the skewer and taking the last piece of meat.
"How could Delxi leave you like this? I'll have words with him...Is it too late now for me to help? Have they all poisoned you against us and our just rulership?"

Amber Bronkhorst
While her mother holds her by her throat Alvah looks at her.
When she has her feet on the ground again she keeps looking at her mother.
"You are just worried about me, aren't you."
She lets her fingers run over her throat keeping her eyes on her mother she smiles a slight smile to her.
Eyes traveling to where Vance and Vek are, then slowly turninh to her mother she speaks soft to only her.
"Delwin won't allow it. Neither would plenty of people i've met now."
A sad look on her face
"They fear me to become like.. well you."
Alvah corrects her stance again straighter stronger even with her shorter length.
"I am not afraid i know who i am more and more. And i see what inhave from you.but plenty of people are... afraid. But to answer you. I am not safe no. I try to keep myself as safe as i can. And at this point that is with Vance. And keep studyinb...i guess"

Michael James Watson
She drops the skewer casually, licks her fingers, reaches slowly, willing to stop if Alvah moves, then slides her hands in her hair.
"They fear you will become like me? If you serve Amber, they would be lucky to have you if you were like me. Yet even now some of Azcala stumble...Untara has been gone since long before the enclosure. Alcona has gone missing and is feared to be fleeing to Amber. Quetzal is raising armies against Tonacat and Xozla intrigues with anyone who will talk to him.. His time outside the enclosure has softened him. And as always, a dozen royal lines that have survived while Tonocat was unable to destroy them are seeking allies. It is we who are the victims, Alvah. The reign is beset by foes from within the Realm and Amber has been goading us to battle for decades. And Chaos...the hateful hypocrites... bleeding us for tribute for our freedom....We are the victims."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah doesn't give any impression that she is frightened or that Cihalas needs to stop. She listens intently to hsr mother.
A soft smile.
"Is victim really the best word for all that you say? Victim means also that nothing can be done to fix it that the intent is to victimize Azcala and its people.
Is that truly haplening? Or are things changinh? Which on itself xan be painful difficult and harsh."
Still standing close to her mother she hopes the show of trust might help things.

Michael James Watson
Vance says, "The dead in Amber, murdered by the Puma an Jaguar cults were victims. No one has sent death squads into Azcala except Azcalans."
She turns on Vance and scowls, "Fanatics. The Jaguar and the Puma have always been crazy. Seekers of conflict, wars unending. If you knew the history of many of the kingdoms in our realms you would find Jaguar and puma and serpent cults are the causes of the failure to end wars. "
Vance says, "And the 150k at the battle of Trudana Felik? "
"Trudana Felik? ah, KIng(have to find his name) and his army.. that was folly, and not ordered by Tonocat. And..None of them returned so the barbarities must be evenly matched"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at Vance as he talks. He does bring up good points considering what had happened in the past.
Taking a step back Alvah watches them talk. Listening to their words.
Then a wide smile appears on her face she steps back to her mother and looks at Vance with that certain look she has sometimes.
"Then teach the history of what really happened. I want to know! What if we can work this. See if some bad blood can be removed. Less distrust. Work our way to a mutual understanding. "
She looks at Vance again.
"You know most fuckups happen due to assumptions and miscommunications. If there is less of a threat on one side for all of us wouldn't that be better? "
She waves her hand
"And i know i sound now like a peaceloving hippie but seriously we can turn it in something like a.. ambassy kind of thing."
Sge looks back at her mother
"Mom, you can teach me. Right, i learn more from the Azcalan part and in the meantime we can see to prevent fighting and wars. And we can put rules in place."

Michael James Watson
"Tonocat would never allow an embassy. Part of the problem lays with him. He has made no orders to make war on Amber. Has said privately that war with Amber would be a tragedy across all shadows, including Azcala. But it is well known that he hates Oberon. Many people believe his statements against war are cover for his real ambitions. And in truth, I can't say for certain that isn't true. He hates Swayvil but has chapels the gods of Chaos. No amount of admissions will convince all the warriors of Azcala that War isn't imminent. THey have spend generations of lives making war for him and the lord of the dead, Mictlantecuhtli, has spent all of time telling warriros their battles were just but they will be called from the dead to the Final Battle against Amber. His cult pushes the conflict closer every day."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Then what are Tonacat his true ambitions? If war is something he does not favor. Wjat is he covering then? "
She shrugs at the name
"No clue who Mictlantecuhtli is... but someone that has to do with fallen warriros if i understand you correctly."
Shaking her head she stares at the grass.
"But if you see that what js going on doesn't work in Azcala and only will call for alot of destruction, why not do something? You can't be the only one seeing this."

Michael James Watson
"Mictlantecuhtli is the Lord of the Dead. Souls that die in Azcala go to his realm; Mictlan, the 9th tier of Azcala. Mictlante hopes to bring ruin to all shadow and a return to boundless Chaos. "
Vance says, "What of Quetzel?"
She turns to scowl at him, then return to Alvah..."We won't solve the troubles of shadow here. It was good enough that we met. I invite you to the realms Xozla and I rule in Zictla. Don't let them turn you against me after you were brave enough to make this happen here.."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Mictlante, boundless Chaos... got it."
Alvah looks at her mother she inclines her head and takes a step back.
"Thank you for the invitation, doubt that i can go soon. Not after what happened today. Think some people might want to talk or... just poke."
She looks sideways to Vance.
"It is thanks to Vance we were able to talk and see eachother."
When turned away from Vance she actually looks a bit sad realising that only more people might watch her now.... and trust her less.
Looking at her hands she balls them in fists straining hard to let the frustration out before she speaks again.
"It was great meeting you. Happy i could see you face to face. And form my own opinion and feeling about you."
She says looking at Cihalas then to Aztilios.
"And nice to meet you to Aztilios."
Alvah then has a half smile or sarcastic look on her face...
"If i see dad, need me to give him a message?"
"Oh and a tiny question, mom. Did dad know you walked the sigil of Azcala when pregnant with me?"

Michael James Watson
Cihal as looks curiously at Alvah,"Of course. Its how its done. Walking it the first time I credibly hard. It kills half the people who walk it the first time. When someone dies on the sigil they are never spoken of again. So since the earliest of days, families who knew children would one day be eligible, have walked the sigil while pregnant. The sigil isn't like the patterns; one need not be of a particular bloodline to walk. As for Delxi...tell him to come home. We may disagree about how you were raised," she runs a hand through Alvah's hair, " but you turned out well. Tell Untara to come home as well. Her... Mental issues..can be solved by proximity to the sigil. Vance, May I open a Trump?"
Vance says"Part of me is inclined to take everyone away from here except you. Leaving you here till someone Trumps in to get you."
She straightens to face Vance. Vek says,"That would be me Vance, if not Alvah"
Vance nods," I know. That's why I'm not going to. The temptation is strong though."
Cihales chuckles, "the coyote over there could simply slay me. Couldn't he? With the jewel? "
Vance smiles, " he doesn't have the jewel. I do. You may open a trump."
She opens a trump, standing by it. "You could come how, Alvah"

Amber Bronkhorst
Hearing that Delwin knew, Alvah her whole body tenses with anger fists clenched her jaw set. As Cihalas runs a hand through her hair she fight back tears of anger. Turning to Vance she says in a snarling voice
"He knew... he lied AGAIN! To my face....not keeping something from me... not being vague... he LIED TO ME ABOUT THINGS CONCERNING MYSELF..... i can't believe him anymore."
She then breaths deep trying to let her anger leave.
Hearing Vance being willing to strand Cihalas she shakes her head.
"Vek is right, and you know it. "
Alvah pauses a moment looking at Cihalas, Aztilios and then Vance and Vek.
Her anger and frustration still very clear towards Delwin.
She then smiles nods and steps towards Cihalas.

Michael James Watson
Aztilios steps through, turns and says, "Say hello to my wife for me. Tell her to come home too"

Amber Bronkhorst
After steppimg towards Cihalas she looks back for a moment to Vance.
She smiles through her anger teared filled eyes. She then turns back to Cihalas and follows her Azcalan brother Aztilios through the trump.