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Arlo boat1.jpg
Stepping onto the ample foredeck, Alvah sees the trump is held open by Elayne.
Vek gives her a brief nod as Arlo steps in behind him. Closing the trump. Arlo and Elayne kiss and embrace.
Arlo leans back, "What do you think?"
She says, "It can use some decor work but we have the time. Excellent idea, dear.. I was on hiatus from the show anyway.. I have several weeks on Antheris before the movie starts filming...That should give me at least a year or two on Vulsara.. Hello Alvah. Thank you for looking after Arlo for me. He gets so single-minded in the Library. He wouldn't have had this idea if it were not for you. " She opens her arms for a familial embrace if Alvah allows.

Michael James Watson
"Quite a boat....Should be fun to explore.
Elayne deFlorimel.jpg

Amber Bronkhorst
Stepping through Alvah looks around thinking how many times she has actually been on a boat for pleasure. Not that many times is her conclusion.
Giving Arlo and Elayne a moment she takes a few steps on the deck. When Elayne adresses Alvah she turns and looks surprised.
"Well would be more the other way around he looking after me. But i can take credit for using alot of his time with asking tedious questions. "
Grinning she continues
"Don't know how i would have given the idea but it is a good one. "
she then steps in for the familial embrace.
"Good to see you again Elayne. "
"And should be fun to throw parties on... at least you can't shadowwalk to a fucked up shadow getting lost from here."

Michael James Watson
Elayne says, "At least not as long as you are not on the bridge driving it! "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvha laughs a hint of painful laughter can be heard in it.
"Well as long as i am not drugged up i'm sure we are fine. But just to be sure i'll refrain from driving. "
She then smiles wide.
"Well lots of space here almost like a floating mansion. Anything you really want Elayne? Arlo already made some plans. "
She winks at Elayne

Michael James Watson
Elayne says, "Arlo knows what i want. That's why he called me. Time...Time..."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Heard you talk about your schedule seems quite busy, and you are doing a movie?"

Michael James Watson
She laughs, "A comedy based on the Black Plauge; Rats, we have Rats. Written by Bleys of all people

Amber Bronkhorst
"A comedy based on..... okey sure."
Hearing about Bleys she nods impressed.
"Well haven't seen any of his work so far, but always love to watch movies. So you are an actress in it? Or do you direct or do you do alot more?"

Michael James Watson
"I am an Amberite. We are all performers, aren't we? I act. I write. I produce. But what i really want to do is direct. (also an old cliche). I've a deal with Bleys. A piece of bizarre delusion lets the people in Antheris believe Amber is fictional, despite it having connections to a dozen other worlds and a chunk of the Jeweled Road. So Bleys lets me publish his plays under his name with an understanding with my publisher that 'Prince Bleys of Amber' is a penname. Anyway, his stuff is very popular. I've had 6 movies and 12 stage plays done. Acted in all of them. As it turns out, I am the spitting image of Flora to the directors..Wonder why.. Anyway, its something to do. Mostly i read. For some reason many books based on Amberites and Chaos turn up in Antheris.. Arlo told me Vek was here, so i brought the latest Vex graphic novels.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Wouldn't know if all Amberites are performers. "
Hearing about her resemblance she laughs
"Oh yes so weird. Who would think you look like Flora. But it is good you found something you enjoy spending your time with and keep your creativity going. I believe that would be very important to keep some joy in the day by day." Alvah turns and nods tl where Vek is.
"Yeah plucked him away from his performance. Also someone enjoying performing his own. Hm you might be right alot have something creative going."

Michael James Watson
She whispers, "Benedict does Kibuki theater on one of his worlds.." She heads off with Arlo to look over the main bedroom.
Vek puts an arm around Alvah's shoulder. "Don't worry. They have an arrangement. He said we go VIP rooms. Why don't we find a pair and trash them? I've got a few bottles of Bajas Red Rum. Made in a realm near Chaos and potent as the Whiskey of Amber. And I hear you are conjuring and sneaking Blue Tequila out of the Azcala Sway...Lets stock up and see what breaks lose!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods to Elayne and smiles seeing them leave together.
Looking up at Vek she smiles wide.
"Now THAT sounds like fun! And yeah been trying my hand on getting more Blue Tequilla. Love the stuff. "
She nods to the general direction of where the rooms should be.
She then looks up
"So you are going to see if you can have a piano here as well?"

Michael James Watson
Vek waves his hand and a piano arrives. It took a moment and seemed effortless. Alvah thinks his conjuration must be powerful. As she watches he raises the sign of the logrus and empowers it with mobility. Moments later it shifts from a baby grand to a stand up piano. He turns and starts walking down the hall and it follows him. "Lets find the lounge"
In moments he had summoned it and empowered it magically.
" you think you could find the place you got the bottle of Blue Tequila from? Was it a home? a Bar? a werehouse?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking wide eyed to Vek his conjuring arts she then tries to snap out of it shaking her head awake.
Alvah then thinks she then grins
"First time or where i actually took it from? The first attempt was apparently the distillery in Azcala itself and Arlo pulled me away from there... burned nearly my hands. And the second where we actually took stuff. Yeah i could find it again. But doubt if the person has already restocked he was a collector clearly. But i'm sure to find sethjng similar."
Pointing to the piano conjured.
"Though uhm... you are clearly way better st it... maybe you should do it? I'm sure bottles will just be walking your way."
Alvah chuckles softly
"But it was a bar, do not know if it was in a home or an establishment. "

Michael James Watson
"Sorcery, conjuration, Trump artistry, these are fairly new to Amber. Oberon actively tried to make sure his children were not good at it. So much so that when three of them wanted to learn more they went as far from Amber as the could; to Chaos. Look what it got them. Such skills are second nature to us. In Chaos there are many ways to conjure. The best is through the logrus. Oh most the elders knew magic of shadow. Maybe some power words or cantrips, but full sorcery? Conjuration? Its new. Now Eric wasn't a sorcerer but he saw to it he had a son who was one so he would be prepared as king. My talents at sorcery and conjuration is as good as most of the elders. Arlo and Brand have an advantage of course. A big one. One Fiona and Bleys, Trump and Vance all gained after Patternfall."

Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding she listens
"That Oberon sounds.... as a complicated person. Don't known if i will ever master things like that. Seems i just fuck things up with it... though that might be time and experience as well. And i think dad kind of doesn't want me to be near Chaos. But then again. He also didn't want me to walk the pattern. Get to learn about Amber...."
She waves her hand about as she sums things up.
"But advantage? What kind of advantage after patternfall? "

Michael James Watson
"They became attuned to the Jewel of Judgment. It was Arlo who deciphered the method to attune one's self to the Jewel and did it before teaching Eric how to do it. After Random got possession of it he let a number of people do it, loyal people. It elevates by an order of magnitude any power drawing power from the pattern. For me, the Logrus wants to have people conjur with it. Ah.. VIP"
He walks into one of the VIP rooms. "This will do.. Find one then come back. Lets lay in a stock of the Blue stuff."

Amber Bronkhorst
Listening she walks along
"Ah yes I've seen Arlo use it.
But the Logrus is like the pattern of Amber right? "
She looks at the VIP rooms and picks one.
She then returns to Vek again.
"I am more then willing to conjure again but i will not carry consequences alone if I fuck up... i will say you made me do it.. and I'll use my puppydog eyes."
She grins wide.

Michael James Watson
He laughs, "You don't need to conjure. Just look. Let me see where it came from. I can go from there."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs
"Like i said don't mind doing it... but it might go wrong. But to show you where it came from. Sure. I can do that."
Alvah sits down somewhere and starts to retrace her steps to the place where she got the blue tequilla from.

Michael James Watson
Vek touches her shoulder and she feel his presence in looking. "Ok. Break off."
He lays a trump out, his, "How open my trump. Possibly watch it. Be ready."
Once she does he raises the pattern, reaching in he seeks out the place. Pulling back he quickly scouts the world till he finds a supply. 40 bottles in a warehouse. The bottles are packed 4 to a case. Vek withdraws card stock and pencil and starts drawing. After a few moments he tests it,stepping through.
Looking about for safety, he starts passing 4cases over the open trump.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah majorly impressed by Vek his ways she starts to take over the crates placing them nearly next to her stacking as fast she can.
Through the trump she watches out for Vek his back as well. Though he would probably see it faster himself

Michael James Watson
Vek starts looking over the warehouse, passing crates over on occasion. "Damn....damn....pull me through, I'm stuck"

Amber Bronkhorst
Shocked Alvah looks up, she then reaches out with one hand trying to stand as stable and steady as she can.
"How are you stuck?"
She tries to reach for Vek his arm or hand. Ready to throw her weight in it to pull back.

Michael James Watson
Vek falls back into her.
"Nice..I detected no magic nearby then stepped right into the middle of a glue trap and an alarm. Then I detected magic. I have a trump to the world at least. We can go back. There is a lot of that stuff on that world, a distillery as well so its not an off shadow import. What remains is to find out if the brew is true."
He opens one of the cases and pulls out a bottle. The shape is distinctive and different then she remembers. He sniffs it, takes a sip.."You tell me. It is potent, nearly exactly that of the Whiskey of Amber. Tastes damn good.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles as they fall back
"Well sometimes it is good to do thieving with a partner. "
Scrambling up on her feet she wlaks after Vek to the cases.
She holds one of the bottles sniffs it then takes a long sip. You can never taste well with a small sip. Closing her eyes trying to remember the taste she had of the blue tequilla if this is really it or not.

Michael James Watson
It tastes excellent and the difference might be in the vintage at best. But it will do.
Vek says, "The reason i had you pull me back is that as long as my trump was open i was in this time ratio. If i had you drop the trump, then got my self out of the glue there, I have no idea how much time i would have lost here." Looking down as socks on his feet." Only cost me a pair of shoes."

Amber Bronkhorst
Looking down at his feet she laughs
"Aw darn shame. Well you know where they are."
Taking another sips she nods
"This actually tastes pefect the only difference might just be age."
She looks at the bottle again
"Where was this place? Did you have a sense of the time difference?"

Michael James Watson
he shakes his head, "Azcalan Sway, i could tell that much. I wasn't there long enough to do more then sense the presence of the stuff across the world. There is a trick to doing that.. Then i stepped in the trap. It not a magic heavy world but magic works there. thats something. MY guess is the time ration will be in the 8 to 1 range, there about. So when I'll do a bit of research and figure out how to find bigger supplies now that we know the world has a distilery."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Heh alright well so that is why it is nearby enough with taste."
Alvah grins
"The best stuff is still Azcala itself. But that would be crazy dangerous to get there ofcourse."
Looking at the crates she tries to see if there is anything written on them perhaps there would be more info on the place.
Looking up at Vek she smiles
"So when i am going to Azcala i should try and get some bottles with me. Next to my Jagri, a banner info on a red sword...."
She then adds
"Oh and a heart or two right. For study... i should start making a list."

Michael James Watson
"Well, I do know one way to get a heart to study really fast..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah tilts her head curiosly
"Oh? How? Who did you have in mind?"

Michael James Watson
"Well, according to Arlo we now have three priests of Azcala available. Untara, Alcona, and possibly Xozla.. all we need is someone of Azcalan blood royal. And since we want to find out how working those hearts is going to effect you.....and we want more then one person to study the effects..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns.
"Available is a big word. Untara is not really willing as i understand. Alcona just struck a deal with Vance and Benedict so perhaps. And Xozla.... i don't know what his play is and it just worries me how close he is tk my mother being husband and wife and all."
She takes another big sip as she has the feelimg she might need it.
"So what is your idea then? You know i am no priest right, not even prepared to become one if i can believe Benedict with that... the only thing i have is a heart of my own."

Michael James Watson
"Yes, you have a heart... and the priests...know how to regenerate them quickly..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks slightly worried.
"I am not sure if i start to like the plan Vek.... do you mean they ripping out my heart? Don't think there is enough alcohol on board fo that."

Michael James Watson
"We know where to get more....Just saying....When it comes to quality control its the best way to be sure we have the right heart"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah takes another sip.
"Right is true and, might be an idea." she falls silent for a moment and then looks up at Vek with a serious look though a twinkle of perhaps a horrible bad idea shines in her eyes.
"So you are curious about Azcala and the hearts, the priests and all that stuff right? I want to ask you a favor in which perhaps we can discuss terms that would be useful for your curiosity and study."
Leaning back she continues
"I have been thinking about this for a while, and now you gave me the Azcalan deck i am even more convinced i want to do this. "
A short pause before she continues where she takes a sip and nods to herself that she is certain
" I want to meet my mother, face to face. Preferable not in Azcala but neutral ground. I was thinking of askin Xozla to set it up or ask fi she at least would want that. If that is the case i want to have the terms in place that it will be like i said a neutral ground, both of us can have someone with us to stop the meeting in case of danger. Hands and knives are kept to yourselves. "
SHe looks at Vek for a while
"WOuld you want to help me set this up? and be there on my side? Perhaps you can get something out of it as well. I just want to form my own opinion about my mother, instead that of the loyal husband or that of the dramatic ex husband. "

Michael James Watson
He ponders for a minute, produces a box of Urala cigars, thins,, and picks on up and lights it. Walking to the piano he starts playing, Stopping to look in the case and tune it.
After a bit he stops.. "Ok, the trick is the neutral ground. I'll go to Azcala. As a Lord of Chaos they are unlikely to attack me. I will make a proposal.. I assume you have looked over the decks. There is a card called Big Tree. ITs a nice enough place. Flat thick grass. Hilariously big tree. And except for Trumps, no magic works there unless one has the Jewel of Judgement. That shoudl keep her on good behavior. I would have someone on both our trump. Tell her to have someone on hers. Meet.,. talk.. bloodshed.."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvha nods "i've seen that card in the deck yes. and heard about Bleys his comment about it."
She chuckles but nods firmly
"very well that sounds good, if you can get there without being attacked then it is better if you set it up. But about people being on our trump. There is a reason i am asking you Vek. I can't ask dad he will throw a fit or...
perhaps finally explode. Vance will not agree he will say i have to get stronger first bad influence yadahyadah. Arlo probably the same. The one who might be on my side can't use trumps which is Candle. "
She thinks for a moment.
"Who would you choose for that then? but the tree idea i like. No magic means no heavy manipulation other then verbal. "
Alvah walks over to the piano and looks what Vek is doing.

Michael James Watson
He ponders..."Thin Whip"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"yeah true, he might be willing, and is strong enough to pull at least one of us out if shit hits the fan. "

Michael James Watson
"And....Untara on your trump....."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah clicks her tongue
"Ah well what better test of trust for my sister right?"
She nods to Vek
"So when do you think we can do this?
What do you need to get there?
To ask Thin Whip and Untara is easy enough. I'm sure they are willing to do a favor. "
Alvah shakes her head.
"Okey, one thing though, i want to do this fast. Because if others get wind of it, it might become harder. Or sanity forbid, they want to add their addendums to the plan or stop it all together."
She starts to pace a bit back and forth.
"Look it might be insane. I see my fathers point not wanting me near anything Azcalan, he still feels guilty i guess that i am born. Vance made it loud and clear i should not stray from the side of Amber, but i do not plan on doing that. Benedict made it clear had i reacted different to the whole bloodwine thing i might not have survived Rasak..."
She turns to look at Vek.
"Others are weary about my actions and my ways as well. And i get it. What all is hereditary and what is my own choice... that is exactly what i am trying to find out."
She starts pacing again and grabs the open bottle while walking passed it taking a sip.
She then snaps her eyes up to Vek.
"You must get it right? People have opinions and worries about you before knowing you."
Taking another swig from the bottle she then starts moving again. Almost as if scorched in her brain she does little hops in her steps as if remembering a ballet sequence. Her turns pirouettes.
"So... if i am honest. The bloodwine it self did not really freak me out, what i did find disturbing that someone was clearly testing or manipulating me already. Then i talked with Uta about it. She said she knew how i felt about it... the blood... that i had it calling to me.... at that point i had no clue what she meant. "
A short pause to take a quick drink she then starts pacing again. Moving to her toes as if she needs the extra focus of walking on pointe to ramble her thoughts out
"Then i saw the sigil Xozla held before me. It actualy did call. It drew me in.... before that the small memories of my past with my mother and Yeni. "
She stops lowers herself on the flats of her feet and sits on a chairs armsrest facing Vek.
"And then the fight. As if it was nothing.. it was gorey and bloody."
Alvah looks down.
"And i wanted it to be that way. I enjoyed it. It felt natural."
Letting out a deep sigh looking up again
"And there is what i need to find out. What is inevitable due to hereditary factors. What are my own choices.... and what does that make me? It sounds so stupid but i hope seeing and talking to my mother i might get a better idea of myself. "
Alvah laughs awkwardly
"Well there you know my motivations. It is so funny. The more and more others keep me away the more curious i get and actually feel the pull. "

Michael James Watson
A knock on the door reveals Elayne., She hands Alvah a brown paper bag.
"I found this at the Newsstand in Antheris.. a Card for it is in the deck. I live in a Garret upstairs and I check it daily. ah,....don't quite know what to say..but, thought you should see it. If you want to talk, ill be on the top deck"
She leaves quickly.

Amber Bronkhorst
Watching Elayne leave again she frowns.
Opens the bag and pulls the graphic novel out of it.
She blinks looking at the cover holding it up to show Vek.
"The fuck??? I heard of books being written about certain shadows or well almost all of them. Not so much personal stories. "
She shrugs and holds her bottle of young blue tequilla close.
Alvah looks up before reading.
"So what is your guess what would be in here? You know it won't change my plans right? Its probably like Arlo says, there are so many versions of our story due to the infinite amount of shadows."
Taking a big swig from the bottle she starts flicking through it.

Michael James Watson
SHe leans against the door's frame, not quite coming in, "I don't have to imagine.. i read it of course. There is something about Antheris that connects experience in shadow by people like us to writers and artists in the 10 spheres. Some mental denial makes them refuse to believe in worlds beyond the 10 spheres even though they can count more then that in their own religious stories. Anyway, i keep track of the family on them and they are more often right then wrong. There is some vaiety but in general the stories ae a few weeks or months behind they hero. Yours here starts with Delwin raising you in a Dresdenverse earth world. Then your coming to age, alludes to criminal behavior and a failed military career. Paints you kinda dark.. It ends with your discovery that your mother is a Princess of Azcala. Has some elements speaking of your heart being harvested.. Doesn't paint too good a portrait of Cihalas.. Nor Xozla..."
"In Antheris I'm known as an Amberite professional golfer turned actress/producer. My book focuses on my athletic abilities and exploits. It glosses over my time in Amber, Rasak, and many other worlds. Denial..But there is a huge Amber/Chaos fan base and because of it i'm thought to be a bit of a nutter who believes she is the daughter of a Fictional character. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks at it and nods
"Well thank you for bringing this. It is quite interesting. And figured my persona would be darker... doesn't matter how you dress it right."
She smiles but a painful hint is seen through the smile.
"Well i'm curious if there will be a continuation of the graphic novel. But at least people can read the start now. If they would be interested."
Alvah looks down giving certain things a thought she then turns to Vek.
"Plan still stands for me. Hope for you as well?"
She then nods to Elayne.
"There are a few things i got to do. Thank you again and well if you have questions." Holding up the comic.
"I might clarify some stuff."

Michael James Watson
"I always have questions. I don't often ask them. No percentage. See ya on deck. I'm going to go get some sun."
Vek looks at the comic, "Those things give people the shakes. Bleys and Caine in particular. Caine once said he was tempted to lead a war to Antheris and burn the place to the ground just to make sure no one published more of those things. Random said that was psychotic. Hard to say. Worlds have been destroyed for less out in the Black Zone""

Amber Bronkhorst
Watching Elayne leave she nods to Vek.
"It is a bit unsettling, but who cares it is just my past. More people know it. And now they can read it. And Caine is just acting out, he doesn't want secrets to lay bare."
Alvah lays the graphic novel down and walks over to Vek with bottle in hand.
"When do you think you can contact Cihalas? Or who ever you want to ask it via?"
Alvah stretches her arms and legs as if preparing for activity, but then again she never stands still.
"When you contact that side i'll ask Uta and Jurt to help out. They don't have to be here to do that. Just need our trumps right?"

Michael James Watson
"I was joking about Untara.. I thini the last thing you want is that bag of crazy cats as your lifeline when talking to Cihalas. Jurt should be your lifeline. i'll make other arrangements; my nephew Shaz Far"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah blinks.
"She is not that crazy. She is troubled, and clear issues that won't resolve itself quick. But i don't find her that crazy."
She then nods
"But fine. I'll ask Jurt you ask....Shaz Far?"
She nods
"So what is your plan to arrange the meeting with Cihalas? Just walk up to her or ask via another?"

Michael James Watson
Veks pours a tall drink from a new bottle..
"Well, Azcala just barely avoided being a client state to Chaos and too a degree they are afraid of Chaos still. Swayvil could seal Azcala again for a few thousand years. So i'll go in wearing my chaos form, backed by Shaz Far. You have a trump to Zictlas in that deck. Zitlas; a volcano laden world of blackened forests and ruined landscapes dotted with civilizations living under the oppression of heart harvesting priests trying to survive the constant destructions of their lands? Sounds like Chaos to me.. Besides, i've seen vast swaths of the Abyss thanks to Vance. I should be fine. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles she takes her Azcala deck and looks through it nodding.
"Well you would know, you gave me the deck. "
Looking up at Vek she takes another drink.
"Thank you, for helping me out with this. So what do you need me do in the meantime? Except for asking Jurt to keep in contact with me when the meeting is happening. And are you sure Shaz Far wants to help out?"

Michael James Watson
"Shaz Far and I have an arrangement. He came to Amber once, back when Vander was still new to Amber. For unclear reasons Benedict saw to it he attended Rasak. Since then Shaz has a dubious reputation in Chaos. There are only a few Rasak graduates in the service of Chaos; Jurt and I, Shaz Far, a couple ofhendrake hellmaids in dubious service to Doria. He needs to show service to Chaos to lessen the taint. My own allegence to Chaos is currently historic. I was released from fealty by Hendrake and Chaos, told i was in good standing but they wanted me free to make other choices before returning to my true home. Pricks. Anyway, I take my chaos form, summon Shaz Far here. He'll cooperate."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Uhm alright if you say so. I believe you, my dealings with Chaos are...." she starts counting on her fingers
"An open invitation from Maylon Hendrake for lunch. Jurt, you..... i think that was it."
Alvah laughs.
"So you need me open a way to Zictla? When you and Shaz Far are ready for it?"
"Oh wait i forgot Despil. "
Alvah chuckles
"I am so curious how my mother will react."
Alvah grins looking up
"can i watch, via trump? Or do you think that might be to dangerous?"