Andre Greaves Hernandez

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Andre joined the political scene some 10 years ago, give or take, with a carefully constructec profile designed to give maximum advantage: Joined the military right out high school, did a tour in Africa, got a commendation, then left to join law school a the Complutense University in Madrid, where he got a double degree in administrative law and political science. And then begain his political career. His father was a British politician, his mother came from the Sunport upper class.

Andre has always presented himself as a "straight" politician - no lies, no corruption, fight for the downtrodden, that sort of thing. In a political climate rife with corruption, debauchery and cronyism, he (and his political party, Citizens) has been slowly and steadily gaining votes and support from the populace.

There are numerous rumours about hidden agendas, vices, dark dealings with the mafia and such, but Andre's deft political maneuvering has left his opponents with nothing solid to back those claims. up to this day, his reputation as an honest politician is maintained.