Annabelle Ward (the Ghost)

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Alxexix Bledel as Annabelle Ward.jpg
  • Skin: the Ghost
  • Name: Annabelle Ward
  • Look: forlorn, sorrowful eyes
  • Origin: left to die
  • Stats: Hot -1, Cold 1, Volatile 0, Dark 1


Annabelle is a newcomer to the area. She moved to Silver Rock with her dad last spring, toward the end of the school year. Annabelle's mom died a couple years ago, and they're both still getting over it. Her dad is an electrician, an old Boston union man. They're comfortably middle class, in a blue-collar sort of way, but poor by THIS town's standards.

Transferring in with only a couple months left in the school year, Annabelle was anxious to find a place in the school's social hierarchy. So when Kyle from Amanda's clique asked her out she said yes, even though big brawny guys aren't really her type. For the same reason, she also looked the other way when the gang picked on unpopular kids like Chloe.

She became friends with Kenzie, another girl on the fringe of Amanda's clique who, like her, isn't part of the yacht club set. They hung out some over the summer, and Annabelle admires her blunt, unsubtle attitude, but finds her temper a little scary.

Annabelle died last week. She was out with Kyle on a night drive, and he was showing off, driving recklessly along the twisty coastal roads. He lost control on a tight turn, sending the car over the bluff into the ocean. He was able to escape the flooding cabin and swim to the surface, but Annabelle was trapped by her warped seatbelt. She tried to call out to Kyle, but in his panic he was only thinking of his own survival; he never looked back. Her last thought before drowning was he left me!

Annabelle doesn't know she's a ghost. She and Kyle, along with most everyone else who knows about the accident, all assume she got free after Kyle did and made it to the surface. But if she's specifically asked, Annabelle will realize that she doesn't actually remember that.


  • Unresolved Trauma: Annabelle is hypersensitive about being left behind by the others; her Unresolved Trauma comes up whenever she thinks she's being left out, excluded, ignored, forgotten. She also won't go swimming and has a freakout if she finds herself in any body of water deeper than a bathtub.
  • Hungry Ghost: In life, Annabelle was the supportive friend who everyone went to with their problems. Now she feeds on sadness.
  • Vengeful



  • Kyle: 0


  • Chloe:
  • Robin:
  • Kenzie: 2
  • Joshua: 2
  • Thessaly: