Anthony Pearce

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A character in the Torchwood : One of Many, Many of One PBP game.


Anthony Pearce is something of a technical wizard. Unremarkable throughout most of his schooling, Tony came to prominance during his post graduate studies, where his engineering abilities were finally given a chance to shine. Said to be able to make anything do anything, Tony's talent and reputation landed him a job with Geocomtex's research and development department.

His main job at the company was reverse engineering technology that Van Statten (the company's owner) had picked up at auction. Progress up the Geocomtex corparate ladder was fast, since employee turnover was high. Life on Van Statten's dollar was good. Tony enjoyed fine food, fine clothes, fast cars and faster women. It couldn't last however. Employees tended to go missing whenever things didn't go Van Statten's way, and with competition for alien artififacts starting to hot up, Anthony feared for his safety. Not wanting to become a drooling husk ditched outside Toronto, Talahasse, Tumbridge Wells, somewhere beginning with T, Tony made a run for it.

He figured his best chance for survival would be to make a deal with Van Statten's direct competition, trading what he knew for safety. All of which lead him to Torchwood.

Anthony still enjoys the finer things in life, always sharply dressed and driving a fancy car. A touch wreckless at times Anthony lives life on the edge, never quite knowing if he's going to wake up and remember........anything.


  • Agility: d6
  • Smarts: d8(+1 Die type from Hinderances)
  • Spirit: d6
  • Strength: d6
  • Vigour: d6

Derived Stats[edit]

  • Pace: 6"/+1d6 running
  • Parry: 4
  • Chr: 0
  • Toughness: 5
  • Bennies: 3


  • Loyal (Minor)
  • Quirk (Minor) - image concious
  • Enemy (Major) - Geocomtex


  • Arcane Background - Wierd Science


  • Fighting d4 (1)
  • Shooting d6 (2)
  • Driving d4 (1)
  • Notice d4 (1)
  • Persuasion d6 (2)
  • Knowledge (electrical engineering) d6 (2)
  • Knowledge (computers) d6 (2 - from hinderences)
  • Repair d8 (3)
  • Wierd Science d8 (3)

Wierd Science Power: Speak Language