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This is all very sloppy and the rules are tentative. Please excuse the dust.


Swordfighting in Arabian Nights is meant to be light hearted and fun. Like in a typical adventure film, heroes in Arabian Nights are not repeatedly hacked away at by their enemies. If a solid blow is ever landed, it generally signals the end of the fight. Heroes don't get sliced in half without warning either. Warriors have a good idea of when a fight is going against them, when they are about to be victorious, and when the battle has reached such a dramatic peak that anything can happen.

This is represented through the accumulation of trivial cosmetic wounds called scratches. They need not be true scratches. Depending on the nature of the fight a bruised jaw, a torn shirt, or a singed piece of armor may all qualify.

The Basics[edit]

A very simple procedure can be used to resolve a sword fight between two adversaries. Both combatants make skill rolls. The winner has momentarily gained the upper hand and has an opportunity to scratch his opponent. Both combatants make then strength rolls. If the character that won the contest of skill also wins the contest of strength, then his opponent has been scratched. If not, then the first round has not given either party any advantage.

The procedure continues, round by round, until the same character becomes scratched twice in the same battle. At this point he has lost and his adversary must roll on the defeat table.

Note that each round is about ten seconds in length. This provides ample time for a character to yield if he fears for his safety. However, impious opponents will not necessarily show mercy. Also note that scratches are only temporary. If a scratched character is not attacked directly for six full rounds he is fully recovered. Note that even unsuccessful attacks will prevent this recovery.

So if a fight is going against you, pause for some dialogue or zip away on a rope and then come back swinging!


When a character is defeated in battle his foe must roll on the defeat table. Roll two dice (taking the lowest number) add your Skill and consult the table.

Defeat Table

Roll Result
7+ Spectacularly Defeated
5+ Wounded
2+ Slain

When a character is slain, he is instantaneously and irrevocably dead.

When a character is wounded, he can no longer fight, nor can he perform any physical action without great difficulty.

When a character is spectacularly defeated his adversary may choose whether to slay, wound, or disarm him. No matter which fate is selected, it is always carried out in a most spectacular fashion. A serpent could be gruesomely decapitated, a romantic interest’s shirt could be sliced open, or an enemy’s sword could be knocked from his hand and caught in midair. Wow!

Fighting in Armor[edit]

A character fighting in armor has all of his skill and grace rolls reduced by one, but if scratched twice in a single battle his armor is merely damaged and he can continue fighting.

If armor is damaged in this way it must be repaired before it will be of use again.

Ganging Up[edit]



If a combatant wishes to flee from a fight he must make a grace roll. His foe makes a skill roll as normal. Regardless of the result, escape is automatic (though he may come away with a scratch).

The Myriad Types of Combats[edit]

If every battle was the same, a hero's life would soon grow dull. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Fighting on Horseback[edit]


Bows and Arrows[edit]

Projectiles are quite unromantic, and anyone firing a bow or similar weapon is treated as if his skill is no higher than 3. Also, ranged attacks are always defended against by grace.

Unarmed Combat[edit]

Should you find yourself in dire straights without a weapon, don't panic! Grab a vase, a pole, anything! If you can't find anything at all (or simply can't convince your GM that it's a weapon) you must suffer a -2 penalty on your skill rolls. On the plus side, if you beat someone up using nothing but your bare hands you gain a +2 bonus when you roll on the defeat table.



When Armies Clash[edit]


Stealth and Subterfuge[edit]

Several paragraphs.

The High Seas[edit]

Even more paragraphs.