Aram Avaikan

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Aram Avaikan[edit]

Refresh: 3

Fate Points: 3

Character Picture:[edit]



High Concept: Sole Survivor

  • Invoke: Resist Damage, Survive Physical Peril
  • Compel: Nightmare

Trouble: Damn My Luck

  • Invoke: Unusual Circumstance
  • Compel: Bad Luck, Fortune's Toy

Aspect One: I may not be a good man, but somethings I will not abide

  • Invoke: Resist Persuasion/Charm
  • Compel: Fight Evil No Matter Cost

Aspect Two: The Red Right Hand

  • Invoke: Rampage
  • Compel: Fear/Anger from Reputation

Aspect Three: Nothing Left to Lose

  • Invoke: Resist Fear/Intimidation
  • Compel: Depression

Aspect Four: Heaven doesn't Want me, and Hell Can't Hold me

  • Invoke: Invulnerability
  • Compel: Mystical Negative

Aspect Five: Outside of Fate

  • Invoke: Resist Divination/Fate
  • Compel: Future Hidden...other consequences


Superb (+5) Fight, Shoot

Great (+4)

Good (+3) Athletics, Physique, Survival, Will

Fair (+2)

Average (+1) Notice, Empathy, Rapport, Stealth


Physical O O O O O

Mental O O O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _________________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Quick on the Draw: Use Shoot instead of Notice when guns are involved.

Killing Stroke: Once per scene, +1 Consequences

Larger than Life: Superhuman, 24pts rather than Ladder

Physical Specimen: Increase Fight by 2 ranks.

Body of Steel: Once per Scene, 1 Fate Point to remove all consequences & physical stress


Gender: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 187 lbs

Appearance: Tall, Dark, and Passable. His face is largely unmarked by his otherwise scar covered body. Normally clad in military style jacket and pants which lacks any nationality or insignia, his eyes are dark and haunted. His hat seems to cast his face into shadow. He typically wears leather gloves. For some reason any clothing he wears, including the gloves, will slowly redden. The process is gradual enough that it is impossible view, but those who spend a great deal of time will notice the process gradually.

Character History: Last of the 161th Armenian "Volunteers". Born to a poor farming couple, he was compelled to volunteer during the outset of the Great War. They distinguished themselves fighting the Russians along the Eastern Front, where he earned the nickname of the "Red Right Hand". They were used up like so many units in that war. But when the surrender came down and Europe turned to breaking up the Ottoman Empire, the volunteers were part of the rag tag forces opposing the Turkish Nationalist Army.

He and his men held against everything that the Turks could throw at them, buying time for the civilians to evacuate before being wiped out. The last stand of the volunteers allowed enough time for most of the Armenians to evacuate. But they were whipped out to a single man, and when Aram finally crawled out from under the body of both his own and the enemy's dead, the Armenian Republic was under the protection of the Soviet Government. A government who remembered what he had done and made it clear he could never go home again.

So he wander now, wondering why he is alive and looking for something to believe in.

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