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The Rangers of Arden. Technically First Legion, Second Cohort-Arden Rangers Commanded by Prince Julian. This Special Force is arguably as tough as the Elites(First legion, First Cohort-Elites)

The Rangers of Arden are a forces based in the Forest of Arden at Castle Arden. it is one of several hereditary forces, specifically recruiting the children of members. As most Amber forces, the unit is sexually mixed. The Rangers however encourage marriage and relations between members. Children born to members automatically gain thousands of unofficial uncles.

The Rangers have long had a working relationship and friendship with the Amber Fea. Many of the Fea have served in the Rangers and there is a tradition of intermarriage and breeding.

Trained to the highest levels, Rangers are often graduates of Benedict Personal Military Course


Warden of Arden;Lord Duncan of Amber, Son of Julian. Replaced Prince Julian when h left Amber for Adagalask


Armor & Weapons[edit]

  • Ranger Armor
    • Invulnerable 4
    • N/N Forms-Bracer, Silent Chain, Soft light clothes, heavy warm clothes, Dueling Plate,
  • Warden's Blade
    • Deadly Damage 4
    • Alt Form 1-Skinning knife/Throwing knife
    • Call To Hand. 1
  • Fea Bow Yew longbow & Arrows
    • Double Speed 2 (Ease of use, not magic)
    • Extra Hard- Usable as a weapon like a quarterstaff as well as many utilitarian uses
  • Fea Arrows
    • Deadly Damage 4
    • Return to hand 1
  • subtotal 5
    • N/N-(Quiver of 12) 2
  • Total 10


Arden Horse[edit]

Prince Julian has personally developed the Arden Horse and its the pinnacle of his horsemanship skill. While he has developed individual horses of greater prowess the basic breed of Arden horse has a minimum of these skills.

    • Vitality Chaos 2(Hardy-Can go long periods without food and water, Nearly tireless)
    • Movement double 2( race horse speeds for long periods of time
    • Combat mastery 4(Comabt mount)
    • Armor vs Guns 2
    • Speak & Sing 2 (extremely well trained with a high animal intelligence.)
    • Danger Sense 2
    • Resistance 2 (Risistance to the tampering of outside magical elements)
    • Follow Shadow Trail 1( Bonds with its owner well enough to find them nearly anywhere including following them an recent shadowtrails.)
    • Regen 4
    • limited shape change 1(Horse can change the coloring of its fur including creating camoflage pattern or brightly colorful
    • Bonds to Owner
  • Subtotal 22
    • Hordex3(Julian)
  • Total-66(Julian)

Hounds of Arden[edit]

    • Double Vitality [2 points]
    • Engine Speed [4 points]
    • Amber Stamina [2 points]
    • Combat Training [1 Point]
    • Double Damage Teeth [2 points]
    • psyche Sensitive 1
    • Shadow Path [2 Points]
    • Regenerate 2
  • Subtotal-16

Horde Quantity [*3 Points] Total-48

Each Ranger has at least one that will take its direction but all the hounds respond to Ranger commands. Many rangers raise a small pack of their own.

War Birds of Arden[edit]

Most the rangers have a companion bird of some kind. Hawks, Falcons, Eagles, owls are the most common.

  • Double Speed 2
  • Combat Trained 1 Pip.
    • Speak 1
  • Extraordinary Psyche Sense 4 (See through their eyes)
  • Shadow Seek 4

Each of the hawks is capable of communicating with Psyche over a range of many miles, or across Shadow. • Shadow Seek [4 Points] • Named & Numbered [*2 Points]