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Orphaned at an early, he found himself in an orphanage and the butt of many, many jokes by other children about his weird appearance. He did not make friends he made enemies, he would be beat-up by the older kids almost daily. He learned to fight and soon he could hold his own against any of the kids, it would be something that he would fall back on the rest of his life.

At sixteen he went out and tried to make it on his own, and failed. Upset at not being able to do it he got mad and started punching anything close by. As he got angrier he started to grow larger and sprouted horns like a ram. He went to his room and did not come out for some time. As he was in his room he turned on the TV and saw that in professional wrestling he could be a star. He joined the circuit and soon was competing for the championship belt, but he was unmasked and the crowd and all the viewers saw that the horns was not a prop, but some sort of mutation. His anger spilled over.

After killing several people in the crowd and many more outside the arena, he made his way to the sewer. This was what his life had become. A sewer living monster. Then Taurus showed up and talked to him, he was a "monster" too and the two hit it off, he agreed to join Zodiac as Aries and looks at Taurus as a fatherly figure, the father he never had

Aries PL 11 (165PP)

Init +3; 55ft (Run); Defense 19/16 (6 Base, 3 Dex); BAB +8; +13 Melee (16S Punch), +11 Ranged; SV Dmg +5 (11 Protection), Fort +5, Ref +3, Will +0 (3 Protection); Str 20, Dex 16, Con 20, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 4 (Total 52PP)

Skills: Spot 3/+3, Listen 4/+4, PS: Wrestling 5/+5, Intimidate (Str) 2/+7 (Total 14PP)

Feats: Improved Grapple, Move By Attack, All Out Attack, Durability (Total 8PP)


  • Growth +3 (Source: Mutation; Effect: Immovability, Protection, Super Strength; Extras: Continuous) (Cost 7 / Total 21PP)
  • Density Control +3 (Source: Mutation; Effect: Protection, Immovability, Super Strength; Flaw: No Incorporeal) (Cost 4 / Total 12PP)
  • Super Strength +5 (Source: Mutation; Extra: Protection, Running, Shockwave [11], Thunderclap [11]) (Cost 7 / Total 52PP)
  • Mental Protection +3 (Source: Mutation) (Cost 2 / Total 6PP)