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Much of this text may have been copied from elsewhere, but it was so long ago (for a FTF game) that I don't remember where - if there are any problems, please get in touch.

Timeline of key events in Naskorion

Reinard de la Faucille, a clergyman from the south, arrives in Marost and is appointed Bishop of the Fourth Pillar, a senior position within the Rokari Church hierarchy, albeit without a diocese.
Bishop Reinard allies himself to the county of Firhals, the oldest family in the ancient country of Naskorion, by marrying the sister of Lord Ontor, Count of Firhals.
Following the death of the elderly Archbishop of Marost, manouevrings begin to decide who will become the new Archbishop. The League of the Seventh Blade, an alliance of minor noble families, support the candidacy of Bishop Reinard and when the decision arrives from the prelate in Galin (?) for his instatement, it is seen as a means of avoiding an imbalance in power from supporting a candidate of one of the major families in Marost.
With the blessing of Duke Aranthan, Bishop Reinard negotiates the Kantara Accord, within which the Argan Argar traders are afforded the same protected status in Marost and its ally Bemelor as are the river-traders from the south. Insect caravans become an increasingly common sight, and are now unmolested, sometimes even travelling in the day.
A land dispute arises between Marost and Firhals. As the potential for conflict arises, Archbishop Reinard revives the notion of a Duchy of Naskorion, comprising Marost, Bemelor and Firhals. This is accepted, as a means not only of resolving the dispute but also of forming a strong alliance. There is then much discussion as to who should take on the mantle of Duke, and efforts to trace lineages back a thousand years. Eventually, Firhals is decided to be the rightful duke but he declines and Reinard is the next in line, by marriage. Reinard reluctantly accepts this position.
Duke Reinard demands fealty from Srowal, which they agree to following negotiation. A petition is lodged to unify the Rokari church in Naskorion as an Archonate. The Church is powerless to prevent this alliance of church and state so falls on theological and diplomatic arguments to avoid taking a step either way. Reinard begins to use the title of Archon.
To the south, the Duke of Sentanos states that Sacred Time will see the Proven Appearance of Arkat. The land descends into chaos when this fails to occur. Naskorion sends troops over the river to Xanost to help maintain order.
The Chamberlain of Naskorion, Pierre Trideines, is posted to Xanost to facilitate coordination of river trade between Naskorion and Sentanos. Because of unrest in most of Sentanos, his recommendation that Naskorion troops be posted in Thurlan and Nurleer is accepted.
In the north, Riagos tribesmen launch bloody raids on the northern county of Bemelor.
Sea Season
Fire Season
Hostilities between Naskorion and Riagos escalate, and many warriors of both sides set camp on the border. One raid from the barbarians leads to a full scale battle which the barbarians lose, after which several villages are razed.
Earth Season
Xanost has become a de facto part of Naskorion, under the governance of the Chamberlain.
Dark Season
Many Uz are seen travelling across Naskorion to a point west of the Duchy’s borders where they settle and begin preparing a massive area of ground for building work. A sage in Xanost points out that this is near the fabled location of one of Arkat’s holy sites, Zorakarkat.
Sacred Time

Sea Season
Fire Season
There are several skirmishes between Naskori troops and Riagi barbarians. Hsunchen tribesmen begin to launch raids into Riagos lands. Rather than steal cattle, they slaughter them and leave, leading many to say that the Orlanthi have offended the worshippers of beasts
Earth Season
North of Naskorion, the campaign against the Orlanthi barbarians finally comes to a head in a massive battle at Lankstpost…

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