Arlo and Alvah talk

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Michael James Watson
Vek takes her downstairs and plays for a few hours. The crowd loves the trio but especially when Vek is there to play.
After a couple hours Arlo comes in and weaves through the crowd to settle at Alvah's table. He waves and makes a hand gesture to the bartender who fills his order and comes over.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah looks a bit guilty as she sees Arlo sitting down she nods
"Welcome back. They released you then. Good to see."
Alvah looks at her hands laying on the table.
"I didn't expect this to happen. Just figured to go dancing and talk to you the next day again. "

Michael James Watson
"Its alright. Jail is as good a place to read as any. and if I am going to spend time here a reputation for prison fights can't hurt. Its not like anyone on this planet could lay a hand on me without my consent

Amber Bronkhorst
She nods silently.
"So did you have a chance on working on your reputation? "
Looking up to Arlo she smiles faintly
"I got to work on shadowwalking, well driving, fighting and finding some people and my stuff."
Laying her head in her hands she sighs
"So happy they are okey."

Michael James Watson
"I heard. Vek has a way about things. As for reputation, I'm known as a wizard in this magic poor world, so few people in their lockup really wanted to pick a fight. I spent a couple years in the dungeon of a dark knight once in a world that no magic worked on. I did a Count of Monte Cristo on the guy eventually. "
He sips a few sips then sets the glass down. " In the mean time i've seen to the official side after they found the kids.. Spoke to the girl, Lacy? She cut herselff a sweet deal."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles
"Yes Vek has a way. It is quite interesting. And pretty entertaining. "
Looking at Arlo she nods
"Happy then that they thought better and didn't fight you."
Sipping her drink she sighs
"Well at least she got that then. What kind of deal did she make? Hadn't heard those details yet. Had to get clean after fighting a few guys off. And when i was done they were already asleep."

Michael James Watson
"She is a Techmix. A fan of technology beyond Randal's norm. Its part of the youth culture here. Music from other worlds, garb from other worlds. Star Fleet is picking up her type by the ship load. Her father does business with Star Fleet. He has been pushing her to go to the Academy. She has the brains for it but her father couldn't get her preferential entrance or classes. She would have ended up in research. Vek is going to be her advocate to Star Fleet. She will get priority classes, first rankings, and other perks. She has to keep her grades up of course. One of the things that Star Fleet cadets don't get is sleep learning. She will get sleep learning at the beginning of each quarter for each class. Then when she takes the class the sleep learning will transfer to longterm memory. She can take twice as many classes or finish the acadamy in half the time. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles wide she nods
"that is indeed a very good deal for Lacy. Smart of her. I know she and Vek thought something up to shift blame so to say. "
Looking at Vek performing with his group she smiles leaning back she then continues softly
"Just hope that Vek mad some memories dissapear of what happened to those kids. Wasn't a nice trip. "
Shivering she remembers the fight. Though she does not know if it is from the enjoyement she eventually felt in the fight or that she is repulsed by it.
Taking a long drink she moves in her chair to the music.
"You know i didn't mean to be so rude right. At the end of the lesson. I just get frustrated quickly and can be a total ass. "

Michael James Watson
"YEs, they shifted the blame. Apparently there is a crime cartel making a type of psilocybin that effects Amberites. Hallucinogens have a strange reaction with amber physiology anyway, ITs not like alcohol. In a way hallucinogens are one of the most Effective drugs against us. Even shadow ones effect us. There have been a number of attempts to weaponize it. Vek thinks Lacy's jungle juice might be the stuff. So Vek is taking over the cartel.. ITs previous leaders are suddenly having horrible remorse over the whole affair and turning themselves in. Funny, they all tell the same story as if someone rehearsed it and planted in it their brains..Clever...."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah chuckles
"Well there you go Vek has another business opertunity then. good for him. But that is quite the stuff then that it works on us. "
looking down she clicks her tongue
"Maybe i should have been more careful but when it hit it did hit quick. And must say i came up with a pretty weird place to go to. Or well not that i made it up probably but we moved there. Did lose the other three on the way and my stuff so had to back track. "
A pained grin on her face.
"Guess as good as training as any to figure that out. "
Enjoying her drink she turns to Arlo
"So Vek is quite good at that mind manipulation thing no? Sounds dangerous. Even if he helped me big time with this. Because i would not know if it would have been a good idea if i would try to bust you out. "
A soft laugh follows
"We also had a good talk, Vek and i. I don't think he is a bad guy. "

Michael James Watson
"He's not a bad guy. But remember he isn't a good one either. He was born in Chaos and grew up in horrors. That he fled from them rather then embrace them is to his credit. He was a bonewarrior of Hendrake at the battle of patternfall. He saw the unicorn anoint Random. That makes him one of two holders of the Order of the Anointed Witnesses that came from Chaos. He was at the time a prisoner of war that happened to be within sight of the event. Lucky for him. HE has...something....about him...that makes things just work out.....:"

Amber Bronkhorst
Listening to Arlo she looks at Vek and nods slowly
"i see well honestly if it works for him it works. I like his style. So graceful, a little touch of flamboyancy, great music sense, creative. an artist. "
She sips her drink slowly while looking still at Vek.
"And still he knows he is constantly on thin ice. Knows to play nice and play along so people don't turn against him. "
Turning to Arlo she shrugs
"possible he is just veyr lucky. blessed... or give it a certain name. "

Michael James Watson
He nods, "Yes, He has Good Stuff and Bad Stuff. Thats the case. Anyway... what is your plan now that the Red Shadow has been pardoned?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Red shadow... seriously... couldn't you have found another name? it is so.... suggestive."
She winks and takes a long drink.
"Well i am not done studying that is one, I have promised someone to do a good word to Nur so have to do that soon. But i also have to do something small. Before i want to go back to studying. It is itching and i need to scratch it else i keep being distracted. "
She looks at Arlo
"Will only take a short time. Will you stay here for a bit on Randal? If you still want to teach me ofcourse. "

Michael James Watson
"A year here is 6 days in Amber. That give Cipy a chance to clean out my nooks, put back all the books i pulled out. Clean the carpets. Polish the tables. ya know...Chief Librarian stuff. I give him a couple weeks out of every 3 or 4 months. So I have time. I am tempted to travel a bit too. See Adagalasck. Maybe go to Cynosure. I have a friend there who knows a lot about Chaos and Azcala but he won't come further then Mandalay for personal reasons. The time ratio there is, lets say, bizarre, but it favors us heavily. I might stay there a year too. ".
"A year here would be enough time to race for a season. Explore the night life. You wanted to learn some languages. But if we work on conjuration, i am going to have to insist you take me seriously. I'll teach you how to do what you want to do. But it takes longer then a day"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods and looks Arlo straight in the eyes.
"i take you very seriously, and your lessons. that i am rude and impulsive doesn't mean i do not listen or not take you seriously. And the languages as well right? you told me that those languages are not to be used spoken and such if you are not really certain and capable of using them. "
Drinking a few sips she looks sideways to Arlo again.
"how long do you estimate that the lessons will take? jsut for planning purposes. "

Michael James Watson
Arlo says, "You want to learn elements of the Dufiro languages, yes?

Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding "Yes i would love to learn those. I think it could only help me. "
She smiles slightly
"and my friends in the long run when they grow up a bit. "

Michael James Watson
"There are 7 Dufirosm languages; Vomos or Common, Gorbash, Releck, Nethak, Halta, Nona, and Kolbashic. Even Vomos is a magical language. Most dufiro speak chaosian Thari as a conversational language and there native languages. Different races speak different languages. Obviously. In the order i gave you is the levels of usage and power. The more magical the language the is, the less it used conversationally. I'll teach you Vomos first because it is a good language to master to bargain. As i start teaching you Vomos certain things will happen. You will notice that almost all cantrips with a spoken dynamic are in Vomos or Gorbashic. Vomos is what you need to be the best at. All the dufiro will appreciate, and be at ease, when you speak to them in their common tongue. Gorbashic gets taught right along with Vomos. THey are practically one language except i understand most of the spirits who speak gorbash consider it rude to suggest they are one language but both Vomos and Gorbashic are the cantrip languages. As you get better at them, you will get better at cantrips."
"Now, you know power words. While their are many languages that are magical enough to be able to funnel a pattern's power you'll find that logrus users usually use a dialect of Releck, Nethak, and HAlta for power words. As you master those languages, your power words will be more effective. "
"Lastly, Nona and Kolbashic. THese are languages many chosian sided sorcerers use in their spells. THe languages have direct concordances with the forces they are trying to channel. Brand does high order spells in Nona. Its very dangerous.. Kolbashic.... damn dangerous. All dufiro speak all the languages but its best to work with them in languages they are attached to. Kolbashic is extremely powerful. I won;t teach you Halta, Nona, or Kolbashic. Partly because you can be a danger to yourself. And partly because I don;t know it well enough to teach it. You'll have to talk to others for those"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah listens to the explanation and nods slowly
"i get it and that actually sounds great. dangerous but great. "
she frowns
"yeah those last languages lets not do that... i wouldn't feel even comfortable at this point. Maybe later when i have learned more and are stronger on my own. Having a stable base to work from. "
Pausing a moment she then continues
"so how long do you estimate that learneing such languages would take? oh and do Dufiro know it when born, or do they have to elarn it to? because i have four baby elementals who might need to study to."
Alvah chuckles softly

Michael James Watson
"7, 8 centuries.. "
"But in a year, Vomos, a good chunk of Gorbash"

Amber Bronkhorst
Almost spitting out her drink the still manages to keep it in. She then chuckles
"Alright well starting with the basics is the best way to go. A year sounds good. When do you want to start? Did you first want to go to Adagalasck or first a year here?"

Michael James Watson
"Lets take some time here. Get our race legs going. Read, listen to music. Star Fleet may be in orbit but it is only just getting a foothold here. Its a shore leave port now but only in the big cities like Tentar. I spent a number of years here after the magical parts scandal. Its in the Vulsara shadow so not a lot wants to come here to pick a fight. I'm thinking of buying a boat here. I mean here in Ralst. . Vek likes boats too. A nice yacht. I was looking it over this morning. Made an offer. Care to take a look? " He passes over a brochure.

Amber Bronkhorst
Nodding she looks at the brochure
"That looks good. A yacht how.... well sounds fun. Why not really."
Alvah conciders a bit then smiles
"Yes first some lessons and training. It is time i became more self sufficient and not so dependent on being saved. "
She laughs a bit awkwardly.

Michael James Watson
"At some point people will stop saving you. that's when you'll have to decide if you want to owe favors for rescues. There are a couple rooms on the yachts i don't need. Massage room, Buety sallon. Make one a magic room for study. Another a library. Change the office into a Trump room....You can have one of the VIP cabins..."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"Yeah exactly because of that. I can't keep running on the... oh but i'm new thing. Just doesn't apply anymore. "
Looking over the brochure she smiles.
"That is one big boat. Guess safer place to practice magic and such. And thank you. "

Michael James Watson
"The owner has had it in dry dock. Have to hire a staff. I'm going to cheat. I'm going to hire from Star fleet services. Less chance of new people freaking them!!"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah laughs
"Smart. Less things to explain. You don't have to raise their payment everytime something weird happens. "
Alvah grins
"While there i promise to behave. At least to the best of my ability. "

Michael James Watson
"They train for weird. I wasn't sure about Vance when he showed up in Amber. He showed up right at the rush of Cousin after the Call to Kin. Doria, Desri, Geryon, Marke, Stryker, Houk, Nadine, Visally, Nicholas. A bit earlier Rene, Dalt, Coral, and Rinaldo had shown up. Elyane had I only been in kingdom for a little over 20 years but a lot of that we spent travelling in shadow. All the cousins came in with their own passions. But the adventuring group of Vance, Doria, Desri, Geryon, and Stryker was fierce. And Benedict loved Vance loudly and vocally. The two were thick as thieves, pardon the aspersion. They brought Star Fleet in and for months he and Benedict wandered around saying 'Resistance is Futile! Resistance is Futile! Creepy as hell. Watching the shows in shadow didn't make me feel any better about it. Even Random had to send Benedict on a protracted military mission far from Amber just to stop fearing for his throne. Star Fleet is a manifestation of Vance. Glad he turned out loyal to Amber because if he and Benedict had decoded to make Amber a fully modern nation-state with Benedict as el Presidente for Life, i doubt we could have stopped him.. Hell, Bleys went around screaming, drunkenly, 'Viva' la resistance!!!!' Wrote a play called that. Could have been bad."
He looks up, raises a hand, "Hey! Yes. I am at Vek's. Great. Great. I'll be there. a bit"
"I can take possession of the boat. Care to come? I'm picking up Vek too"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles listening to Arlo recalling those times she nods slowly.
"Well sounds. Interesting, i mean love the tv series but they are not that much of a passion. Weren't you afraid when you contacted me with the bird of desire, that i would be such a trekkie to?"
A short nod she answers
"Yes i'll come along nothing better to do. And i'm no longer wanted."
Chuckling she says in an omnious playful voice
"I mean the Red Shadow."

Michael James Watson
"Ya, Talk to Bleys about the Red Blade. He goes out into shadow, dresses in funny costumes, and fights bad guys. They make comic books about him...As for being a trekie, thats would have been fine. Other things worried me about you. Ok, " He waves at Vek who finishes up a piece and walks over. Arlo waves a trump toward him.
"The boat is mine. You coming now or later?"
Vek nods, "Now. the crowd will love seeing us disappear through a trump will be big news for them. "
He turns, "Good night folks! Dan will entertain you more! Remember tip your waitresses!!!"
Arlo opens a trump, "Yes, bring us through. " He stands and lets Vek and Alvah go through first before following.