Asher Redhanded

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Asher Redhanded

{ACNW 2020-Game-:the Sad Fate of Brand's Children} {For Jeweled Amber Asher seeAsher Redhanded Brandson







Total: 125= 57 Stats+ 60 Powers+ 10 Items -2 Bad Stuff

Statistics {57}[edit]

  • Psyche: 10
  • Strength:20
  • Endurance:10
  • Warfare:17

Powers {60}[edit]

  • 50 Pattern
  • 10 Power Words: Psyche def, Resume Form, Spark, Sneeze, Life Form, Pain attack, process snuff, weaken structure, Light strobe, Shade

Items {10}[edit]

  • 5-Red blade
    • 4-Deadly damage
    • 1 alt Form-Rapier/Bowie knife
  • 5- Sabre-Cat
    • 1-Double Stamina
    • 1 Vs Weapons
    • 1-Self Healing
    • 1-Follow Shadow Trail
    • 1-Sensitivity

Carried in a satchel.

  • Vambrace & demi-gauntlet.
    • Hardened bronze and titanium chain-mail. One red glove, one brown glove. Non-magical but found in a shadow where the metal is nearly as hard as hardened steel and light as aluminum.
  • Cavalier boots
    • High quality fancy boots with high-tech no slip waffle soles, Watertight. Warm

Picked up in Benedict[edit]

  • 2).45 Cal pistols. in shoulder harnesses.
  • 40) MK1 grenades, 6 in pockets, rest in a pouch.
  • Radio


  • 2 Bad Stuff


Asher is a son of Brand born in a world with an aspect similar to Renaissance England but not necessarily Earth. Raised as a scholar but a well armed one, trained and comfortable with rapier and cavalier combat.

While his father was a familiar presence in the noble court of his mother, since they were married in that shadow, he grew frustrated with his son's quiet though observant demeanor and for his inability to learn sorcery. He learned some power words but was too distracted by military matters of the region to focus on magical studies. His father taught him excellent artistic skills in the hopes he might learn Trump Art but he never got that far into it. It gave him an eye and appreciation for art. His only magical success was the creation of his cat Sabre, that Brand seemed to like better then Asher. His friends say Sabre is more talkative and congenial then Asher, though they mean it good naturally.

Brand snuck Asher into Tir-na Nog'th and saw him walk the pattern in the hopes of inspiring his magical studies. While Asher was astounded by being able to walk shadows, and has done it a bit, it did not make him more interested in sorcery.

One of his favorite memories was meeting his uncle Caine and fencing with him many times over a week that he spent visiting Brand. While his father was a fine swordsman of course, as all the elders are, he considered his son Asher a failure because of his magical disinterest. The last time they spoke he changed Asher's left hand, his swordhand, bright red from wrist to fingertips. They would be considered on bad terms though by no means hateful ones.

Since then Asher has been a soldier in the service of a local ruler. He developed into a loner, something of a spy, intriguer, and investigator since many of the other soldiers grew both in awe and fear of the red handed cavalier's strength and endurance.(1 pip bad stuff) He has studied the histories of warfare obsessively, both out of enjoyment of them but from an earnest interest in the subject.

He has a huge chip on his shoulder for being pulled from his life by Benedict, even if it was to save his life. (1 Pip Bad Stuff) The only thing about being with Benedict that makes it sufferable is the availability of greater fencing instructors. He has long depended on strength based fighting with the heavy rapier and a bit of finesse might be a positive thing