Astral Extractions

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  • Bela uncovered that Astral Extractions is a powerful mining conglomerate with business ties throughout the Pact Worlds. Most of the company's operations are centered in the Diaspora and the rocky moons of the outer planets, but it has also begun sending scout vessels into the Vast in search of new claims.
  • The company recently hired one of the Hardscrabble Collective's ships, the Acreon, for one of these exploratory missions. The public face of Astral Extractions is that of an ethical and respectable corporation, but outside of the public eye, some say the company that uses higher muscle - corporate mercenaries, strikebreakers, and even criminal elements - as proxies to intimidate and threaten those who stand in its way. Following the arrival of the Acreon, Astral Extractions secretly hired a violent Absalom Station Street gang called the Downside Kings to coerce to Hardscrabble Collective into abandoning it's claim on the Acreon and the Drift Rock.


  • NONE.