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The Great Realm of Atlantis has a long history in the shadows of Amber.


Atlantis was created by Orsolla, Daughter of Oberon, soon after she fled Amber, many years before the birth of Eric. Orsolla's mother was Rebman so physiologically she is of the Rebman mode. Able to breath air and water. Orsolla is also a natural shapechanger as a fraction of the Rebmans are. Abe to shift between Legs and Flipper nearly instantly.

When she fled Amber she traveled shadow on her own form many years, living among the watery place the surface dwelling Amberites did not travel in. In time she was greeted by the Unicorn bearing the Jewel of Judgment. During their time together Orsolla was attuned to the Jewel and inscribed the short squiggle of Atlantis. It was never intended to be a full Pattern, but was meant to be a separate element as perceived in the Jewel


The island of Atlantis is approximately 1000 miles in diameter with a surface area roughly equivalent to Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Water & Air-People and Creatures of Atlantis[edit]

Rebma was populated in the earliest days by beings that were non-borns at the creation of the pattern of Amber. As time whent by and transitions occured more mer oriented peoples joined the Atlantis gene pool


The "Transition" refers to the movement of Atlantis from one realm to another. The entire grand city, its satellite cities, its lands and all move from shadow to shadow on an irregular basis.

  • The realm arrives intact after a transition and takes a position with a certain degree of inaccessibility to other points of civilization.
  • It arrives in realms with a relatively low technological level compared to itself.
  • It looks for realms of low to moderate levels of magic that allow high order sorcery but is not awash in its use.
  • A history of its transitions would show that most of the time it arrives in water at a 3 to 1 rate. It would show the realm usually transitions after spending between 100 and 1300 years in the realm. There is one instance of a residency of 3000 years. There are 3 residencies of less then 10 years, one of which was the shocking Cruseeca residency of 3 months.

Sigil and Powers[edit]

  • 10 Basic Imprint
  • 20 Advanced Imprint
  • 40 Master Imprint

Imprint of Atlantis donates Limited Shapechange to one who assays it and does not have the power. It adds 15 pips to the Shapechange Power of a walker with the ability to a total of 35. Atlantis1.jpg