Auren the Anointed

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Auren the Anointed
Race: Half-Elf Gender: Male Alignment: Neutral Good Background: Acolyte

Class: Paladin Level: 1 Sacred Oath: N/A Deity: Belenus Proficiency Bonus: +2

Height: 6'2" Weight: 185 lbs. Size: M Speed: 30 ft. Senses: Darkvision 60 ft., Passive Perception 13

Abilities: Str 18 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 11 (+0), Wis 13 (+1), Cha 16 (+3)

Personality Traits: (1) I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen. (2) I am tolerant of other faiths and respect the worship of other gods.

Ideal: (Goal) I will someday guide and protect the citizens of the Creedlands as a Priest-King. (Aspiration) I seek to prove myself worthy of my god's favor by matching my actions against his teachings.

Bond: I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my parents died.

Flaw: My piety sometimes leads me to blindly trust those that profess faith in my god.

Initiative: +2 Armor Class: 18 Hit Dice: 1d10+3 Hit Points: 13

Melee: Longsword Reach: 5 ft. Attack: +6 Damage: 1d8+4 Slashing (or 1d10+4 Slashing [2-Handed])

Ranged: Javelin Range: 30 ft./120 ft. Attack: +6 Damage: 1d6+4 Piercing

Spell Save DC: 13 Spell Attack: +5

Armor: All Armor, Shields

Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons

Tools: None

Saving Throws: Wisdom +3, Charisma +5

Skills: Athletics +6, Insight +3, Perception +3, Persuasion +5, Religion +2, Survival +3

Languages: Celestial, Common, Dwarvish, Elvish, Sylvan

Racial Traits
Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 2, and two other ability scores of your choice increase by 1.

Darkvision: Thanks to your elf blood, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Fey Ancestry: You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.

Skill Versatility: You gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common, Elvish, and one extra language of your choice.

Background Feature
Shelter of the Faithful: As an acolyte, you command the respect of those who share your faith, and you can perform the religious ceremonies of your deity. You and your adventuring companions can expect to receive free healing and care at a temple, shrine, or other established presence of your faith, though you must provide any material components needed for spells. Those who share your religion will support you (but only you) at a modest lifestyle. You might also have ties to a specific temple dedicated to your chosen deity or pantheon, and you have a residence there. This could be the temple where you used to serve, if you remain on good terms with it, or a temple where you have found a new home. While near your temple, you can call upon the priests for assistance, provided the assistance you ask for is not hazardous and you remain in good standing with your temple.
Class Features
Divine Sense: The presence of strong evil registers on your senses like a noxious odor, and powerful good rings like heavenly music in your ears. As an action, you can open your awareness to detect such forces. Until the end of your next turn, you know the location of any celestial, fiend, or undead within 60 feet of you that is not behind total cover. You know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) of any being whose presence you sense, but not its identity. Within the same radius, you also detect the presence of any place or object that has been consecrated or desecrated, as with the hallow spell. You can use this feature a number of times equal to 1 + your Charisma modifier. When you finish a long rest, you regain all expended uses.

Lay on Hands: Your blessed touch can heal wounds. You have a pool of healing power that replenishes when you take a long rest. With that pool, you can restore a total number of hit points equal to your paladin level x 5. As an action, you can touch a creature and draw power from the pool to restore a number of hit points to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool. Alternatively, you can expend 5 hit points from your pool of healing to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize multiple poisons with a single use of Lay on Hands, expending hit points separately for each one. This feature has no effect on undead and constructs.

Belt Pouch, Chain Mail, Coins (15 gp), Common Clothes (1 Set), Explorer's Pack (Backpack, Bedroll, Hempen Rope [50 ft.], Mess Kit, Rations [10 Days], Tinderbox, Torches [10], Waterskin), Holy Symbol (Amulet), Javelins (5), Longsword, Prayer Book, Shield w/ Emblazoned Holy Symbol, Sticks of Incense (5), Vestments
Born to a human father and an elven mother, Auren found himself an orphan by the tender age of six. His mother had tragically passed away due to complications during childbirth, and his father, a warrior in service to the Priest-Kings, followed her several years later when he was killed in action during a patrol of the Vale of Khernis' western border.

Luckily, the Priest-King whom his father had specifically served took the young boy in and sponsored his admittance to the temple of Belenus. With his childhood and adolescent years spent as an acolyte of the shining faith, Auren answered a similar calling to his father's as he trod the holy warrior's path to paladinhood.

As the Priest-Kings themselves are all powerful paladins, and because he owes his life to one of them, not to mention their impressive track record at keeping the peace in the Vale, Auren idolizes them. His greatest desire is to one day join their ranks in order to be in a position of power to help guide and protect the people of the Creedlands.

Currently though, the disturbing rumors of trouble from the west are weighing heavily on Auren's mind. His father had lost his life in a violent skirmish along the border just over a decade and a half ago. Not one to easily believe in coincidences, it makes him wonder if his father may have run into an early expeditionary force from the reputedly dark empire growing to the west.