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Autobot Cybertronian Body Guard and Executive Assistant

Aurora is a light weight chasis, high speed combatant and delightful conversationalist. She is at ease among anyone and there is little reason to question her accompanying those that she is protecting


A Delightful Lady from Cybertron[edit]

To Fast Too Furious[edit]

Speed Kills: Spend a PP to step up our double the speed die in any contest involving high speed movement[edit]

The Way of the Warrior[edit]

Zen and the Overclocked Processor: Double or Step up any die in a combat test, apply the effect die as Mental Stress after resolving the attack[edit]

Standard D4 Hinder SFX


Strength D6[edit]

Intelligence D6[edit]

Speed D8[edit]

Courage D8[edit]

Endurance D6[edit]

Skill (Physical dexterity) D8[edit]

Firepower D6[edit]

Transform D8[edit]


Commander (Decision making, inspiring, talking with authority) D6[edit]

Engineer (Repairs, fixing & building equipment, jury-rigging) D6[edit]

Scientist (Understanding aliens & weird phenomena) D4[edit]

Scout (Sneaking, reconnaissance) D6[edit]

Soldier (Combat & Use of explosives) D10[edit]

Diplomat (Negotiating and political savvy) D8[edit]

Power Set[edit]

Katana D10[edit]

SFX: Spend PP to cut apart solid, inert obstacle[edit]

Limit Gear[edit]