Avasa Dufirosm

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The Avasa are the first evolution of theDufirosm to gain the ability to resist binding, and therefore negotiate for better returns. They trade their racial powers for whatever their heart desires.

  • Ava Dufiro equate to High School and College levels of maturity.
Air Avasa Dufiros Earth Avasa Dufiros Fire Avasa Dufiros Heat, fire, burning nonburnable things, melting, boiling, cooking. Many Fire Avas are chefs and BBQ experts. Water Avasa Dufiros Moisten, wet, dry, and attack with water. Can cause water to leave living bodies. Can dehydrate. Can rehydrate. Change Avasa Dufiros
Blending Avasa Dufiros: Experts in alloying, sewing, mixing, brewing and other forms of mixing. Many Blenders are painters and trump artists. Carnality or Lust Avasa Dufiros Cleanliness Avasa Dufiros: Clean objects, areas, or creatures, to a high level of excellence. Colors Avasa Dufiros: Artists in colors and how to use them, process them, replicate them and imprint them. Most Color Avas are painters Conflict Avasa Dufiros: Specialize in creating anger or competition as well as participating in fighting and combat. The Avasa of War are a sub-discipline among the Conflict Avasa.
Death Avasa Dufiros: Growth Avasa Dufiros: Make plants grow faster or slower. They are able to ferment and distill. Guard Avasa Dufiros: Specialize in deflection, distraction, and protection. Health Avasa Dufiros Ice Avasa Dufiros: Freeze, chill, cool, temperature control. Area of effect is highly variable.
Knowledge Avasa Dufiros: Scholars. Consumers of Libraries. Can create books, tomes, spell scrolls. Creator of Spell Scrolls for use by non-mages. Usually were Paper Spirits. Often copy Avasa & Spirit summoning tomes. Life Avasa Dufiros: Music Avasa Dufiros Musical experts. A subcatagory is Dance Rage Avasa Dufiros: Anger, woe, a AvaD of Rage can restore forgotten memories, inflict anger in others, can eliminate anger. Often a necessary Race for advancement for Death, Conflict, and other dark leaning races. Rage is often a punishment race. Rust or Rot Avasa Dufiros
Shifter Avasa Dufiros: Shapeshifters, replicators, Act as Ushfa Speed Avasa Dufiros: Speed change and advancement. Truth Avasa Dufiros: Tellers of Tales, Sage of Truth, Lie Detectors. A Truth AvaD can convince others of untrue things but its considered a betrayal of race. Vision Avasa Dufiros: Vision AvaD can remember and project the experiences of others. Act as oracles. Whimsy Avasa Dufiros