Azi (the Serpentine)

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Name: Azi Shahmaran (it literally means "snake king-of-snakes", her family is not big on subtlety), a name without labial consonants

Skin: Serpentine

True form: scales all over, undulating limbs without joints. She's still pretty attractive in a Rule 42 kind of way. (Snakes aren't slimy... someone should tell the author.)

Look: sleek, apprehensive eyes

Origins: A family from old wealth

Stats: Hot 2 Cold 1 Volatile -1 Dark -1


Failing Dynasty:

Whenever a family member convinces you to do something for the family, carry 1 forward and that family member gets a String on you. When you add to the glory of your family, mark experience.

Patience is a Virtue:

When you bite your tongue in the face of adversity, roll with Cold. On 10+, gain a String on them and they get the condition snake food. On 7-9, they get the condition snake food.