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Description: Halflings are small demi-humans about three feet tall. They come from the hills to the west, from the Five Shires. Most halflings are connect to stay at home, but an occasional exception is filled with wanderlust to see the world. Halflings naturally are very resilient, and especially to magic. As a result, they also cannot use magic themselves, though they can employ magic items.

Restrictions: Halflings have access to all armor and weapons that are cut down to their size. Thus, they cannot use long bows or two handed weapons, and must use some large one handed weapons two handed.

Requirement: Halflings must have a minimum of 9 in both Dexterity and Constitution.

Prime Requiste: Their prime requisite abilities are Strength and Dexterity. Halflings with a 13+ Strength or Dexterity gain a +5% bonus to earned experience. Halflings with a 13+ Strength and Dexterity gain a +10% bonus to earned experience.

Levels Title Experience Points Hit Dice
1 Veteran 0 1d6
2 Warrior 2000 2d6
3 Swordmaster 4000 3d6
4 Hero 8000 4d6
5 Swashbuckler 16000 5d6
6 Myrmidon 32000 6d6
7 Champion 64000 7d6
8 Sheriff 120000 8d6

Attribute adjustments: Halflings may lower Intelligence and/or Wisdom by 2 points to raise Strength or Dexterity by 1 point. This process may be repeated, though Intelligence and Wisdom may not be lowered below 9, and Strength and Dexterity cannot rise above 18. These adjustments may only be done at character creation.


  Initiative Bonus: +1 to individual initiative above Dexterity bonus.
  Missile Weapon Bonus: +1 to missile weapons in addition to Dexterity bonus.
  Hard to hit: -2 AC to creatures larger than humans.
  Hide: Innate ability to hide anywhere with cover if the halfling remains still.
  Set Spear: Fighters are able to set a spear against a charging opponent.  This attack happens just prior to the charger's attack, regardless of rolled initiative.  The spear does double damage. 
  Lance Attack: Mounted fighters employing a lance do double damage.
  Normal foes:  Fighters receive a number of attacks per round against Normal foes (<= 1/2 Fighter's level) equal to the fighter's level.
  Morale:  Heroes and higher force foes to make a morale check to face them.  This is modified by the circumstances of the encounter.

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