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Description: Thieves are humans who specialize in sneaking and stealing. They have certain abilities, described below, that allow them to accomplish tasks that no normal human can manage. Heavy armor impedes their abilities, as does any kind of heavy encumbrance. However, they can use any weapon and have a special ability for hitting foes from behind. Due to their typically high Dexterity, they make great skirmishers.

Restrictions: Thieves cannot use any armor heavier than leather and cannot use a shield.

Prime Requiste: Their prime requisite ability is Dexterity. Thieves with an 13-15 Dexterity gain a +5% bonus to earned experience. Thieves with an 16-18 Dexterity gain a +10% bonus to earned experience. Likewise, Thieves with an 6-8 Dexterity suffer a -10% penalty to earned experience, and Thieves with an 3-5 Dexterity suffer a -20% penalty to earned experience.

Special Abilities

   Backstab:  Thieves gain a +4 to hit foes unnoticed.  Additionally, they deal double-damage.
   Open Locks:  The ability to open a lock without destroying it or applying brute force to it.  Only one attempt is allowed on a given lock for a thief until that thief has gained a level.
   Find/Remove Traps:  The ability to find and remove well disguised traps.  Only one attempt is allowed per trap.  
   Pick Pockets:  The ability to pick another person's pocket.  If the roll is greater than double the listed percentage, then the target notices the attempt.
   Move Silently:  The ability move silently, even when it would not normal be possible.  (Note:  this is an extraordinary skill.  Everyone can move quietly when attempting it.  The thief can go above and beyond the normal.)
   Climb Steep Surfaces:  The ability to climb steep surfaces without the aid of specialized climbing equipment.
   Hide in Shadows:  The ability to hide completely in shadows.  The thief must remain still for this to work.  (Note:  this is an extraordinary skill.  Everyone can hide in darkness at night.  A thief can hide in the shadow cast by a building in the middle of the day, or establish hiding in the middle of a combat.)
   Hear Noise:  Everyone can hear noises if they stop and listen.  Thieves improve this ability with experience so they can detect the very faintest noises.  Note that this ability is on 1d6, unlike the other thief skills.

Levels Title Experience Points Hit Dice
1 Apprentice 0 1d4
2 Footpad 1200 2d4
3 Robber 2400 3d4
4 Burglar 4800 4d4
5 Cutpurse 9600 5d4
6 Sharper 20000 6d4
7 Pilferer 40000 7d4
8 Thief 80000 8d4
9 Master Thief 160000 9d4
10 Master Thief 280000 9d4+1
11 Master Thief 400000 9d4+2
12 Master Thief 520000 9d4+3
13 Master Thief 640000 9d4+4
14 Master Thief 760000 9d4+5
15 Master Thief 880000 9d4+6

Attribute adjustments: Thieves may lower Strength, Intelligence, and/or Wisdom by 2 points to raise Dexterity by 1 point. This process may be repeated, though Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom may not be lowered below 9, and Dexterity cannot rise above 18. These adjustments may only be done at character creation.

- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands