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Welcome to Atlantis.[edit]

This page is designed so that players and anyone else can contribute to my Magnum Opus Project in the way of Open Game Content. Since "BESM d20 Atlantis" is also based of Plato's Atlantis, you also have free reign to post OGC content based on that milieu. Plato-raphael.jpg

Please, feel free to add new spells using both regular d20 and Advanced d20 Magic format, new mecha (preferably using BESM d20 Mecha), and anything else; including sample characters or art (but please note that said art is posted under the creative commons license). Since this is a page anyone can edit, anyone is allowed to contribute. So enjoy!

Elton Robb


All game mechanics on this page fall under the Open Game License as recounted on the System Reference Document page at and the Guardians of Order BESM d20 SRD page.