Barrett (honey badger)

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Barret (Subject: B-422-3T)[edit]

Malnourished Honey Badger with a Mean Sweet Tooth





Hmm... Since he's been in isolation so much he probably wasn't too mentally sable for a while. I can see our Mama Kangaroo Jill trying to look after him in the brief moments between experiments, something he is very grateful for.

He knows Maoz from the fighting experiments. Their captors were amazed at how long Barrett could hang in their with the apex predator... longer than many large predators could. This changed once they started messing with his sugar levels, the fights becoming more one sided until they were discontinued altogether. Maoz, being who he is, would have never lorded it over him or continued attacking after the fight was over, so Barrett would appreciate the tiger's fighting ability and sense of honor.

Once he learned about Blossom's skills, Barrett started talking to them, knowing they'd be useful for escaping. This might involve sharing of information or insights he's been able to glean, or passing off things Harrison stole over to Blossom to use in her crafts.

For his own skills, Barrett has a knack for spotting things and finding things out (Notice and Research at d8). Although he doesn't know why... he also seems to have the most practicable experience with the world (Common Knowledge at d6), a dab of formal education (Academics at d4) and has been able to functionally communicate with all the different test subjects (Languages at d6). I see Barrett as something of a reluctant protector or parental figure due to his Loyalty hindrance. He's going to feel compelled to get them out of whatever hot-water they got themselves into, even if he creates more trouble for himself in the process.


Mistreated and malnourished, subject B-422-3T may be scarred and scrawny, but he is still stubborn and tough as nails.

Subject B-422-3T was often forced into physical confrontations with larger test subjects and proved surprisingly dangerous and resilient.

Whether by accident or design, his body needs sugar daily. Withholding this sugar was a routine part of the experiments, though it had a lasting impact on subject B-422-3T’s muscle mass and his fighting ability.

Outside of the combat experiments, subject B-422-3T was kept in almost complete isolation. His only social interaction was with voices heard through air ducts, and he is only about 68% certain that those voices were real.





Agility 1d6
Smarts 1d8
Spirit 1d6
Strength 1d4
Vigor 1d8


Athletics (AG) 1d6
Common Knowledge (SM) 1d6
Notice (SM) 1d8
Persuasion (SP) 1d4
Stealth(AG) 1d6
Fighting (AG) 1d6
Academics (SM) 1d4
Languages (SM) 1d6
Research (SM) 1d8
Intimidation (SP) 1d4


Unstable (Major)
Loyal (Minor) The hero is loyal to his friends and allies.
Driven (Minor) The hero’s actions are driven by some important goal or belief.


First: Persuasion and Intimidation to 1d6.


Iron Jaw +2 to Soak and Vigor rolls to avoid Knockout Blows
Investigator +2 to Research and certain types of Notice rolls.

Derived Statistics:[edit]

Pace 6
Parry 5
Size 0
Toughness 8 (2)

Race: Honey Badger[edit]

Claws – Natural Weapon STR + 1d4 damage
Armor – thick skin +2 Armor
Skill (Fighting)
Skill (Notice)
Immune to Poison
Hindrance: Death-wish Minor
Dependency: Sugar

"Hunter" Harrison (Subject: H-421-5N)[edit]

Exuberant Hare with Youthful Aspirations



The voice on the other side of the wall. Barrett has never met him, but the voice has been his primary source of companionship for so long that he doesn't even care if he's not real anymore. Once the hare heard that the honey badger had a name, he asked for one too. Barrett named him Harrison, based on his subject number, but the hare didn't like it and demanded to be called Hunter instead, because it sounded cool.

Harrison has a knack for getting his hands on things he shouldn't, swiping things from food trays or the off of tables in the labs. Or rather, he does according to the stories the hare tells. Barrett isn't sure which is Harrison's true talent, pick pocketing or spinning a good yarn.


Notable Skill: Thievery d6 or Performance d6