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Basilicus is a free content fiction and world-building project designed to offer a wealth of resources, settings, and information to be used in fictional endeavors. The primary goal for this project is to create the largest, most detailed, and elaborate fictional setting ever conceived. Distributed under the GNU FDL, anyone can contribute, edit, modify and reuse any of this content for any reason, including commercial purposes, as long as the implementation falls within the parameters of the license.

There is an enormous amount of content on this site and it can be easy to become lost. Generally, the site hosts articles on fictional content to be used in fictional projects, but specifically this content can take on numerous forms. Depending on the genre, the materials can range from non-fictional locations to completely fantastic worlds. Creators can benefit from any genre ranging from horror to romance.

This material is completely free for anyone to use. Users are encouraged to produce fiction and media based on the materials here to drive more interest in the market. Additionally, it is hoped that users will contribute freely and join in an ambitious effort to create the largest fictional setting ever conceived.

To participate go to

and/or email the founder at

--Laveaux 15:00, 21 April 2006 (PDT)