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Bellerophon and its moon, Parth

Parth is an unusual moon, its entire existence is to support Bellerophon so it serves as a sort of Staging Zone for the planet.

It is occupied by three general sorts of people. A servant class, from Chef du Cuisines and Stewards to maids, gardeners and the like. Support staff including shuttle pilots and crew that take said staff down to the planet. And Suppliers, people that supply Bellerophon with its luxuries. Some of the latter are not entirely legal as the tastes of the very rich can often go beyond the law. There is also the rumor of slavers on the small moon. Some say that this is a mere threat to keep servants in check (lest they be sold into slavery), others for the opposite, for servants to be recruited from people sold in the underground markets of Parth.

  • Winter 2520 - Emma and Hilde stowed aboard Summer's Gift from Bellerophon
  • Summer 2522 - Alliance Patrol ships have been seen supplementing the planetary defense boats for maintaining the restricted fly zones. Access to the moon Parth is now by invitation only.