Belthenor the Blue

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A character in the PbP game The New Chronicles of Krazz'ak the Risen: Tome 1 - The Sword of Lost Hope.

Belthenor the Blue


Guy with a beard and a pointy hat

Keywords & Hero points[edit]

HP: 2

Wizard! 3M

  • Kerpow!
  • Zap!
  • Bloody Clever
  • Now there's a tale in that
  • I'm actually older than the Hills (aka "Do you know how old I am? I'm three-thousand one hundred and thirty-two")
  • I know strange languages
  • And hidden lore too
  • Raise Quizzical Eyebrow

Of the People 18

  • Pipe smoking
  • You'd never guess I was one of the most powerful people on the planet
  • Peasant-Pleasing Prestidigitation

Other Abilities[edit]

  • one 13

Resources and Relationships[edit]

  • Staff 18
  • Pointy hat and Blue cloak 13
  • All those humble folk 18


  • Many Ancient Enemies 17
  • I Love my Brother (you'll never guess who he is!) 17
  • Sucker for Humble folk 17


Keywords are underlined. Supernatural abilities are in italics.

Last spend (early Dec): 4 to raise each keyword by 1 point each, leaves 2