Benedict-Jeweled Amber

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Here do I, Benedict, swear, by mouth and hand,

Fealty and Service to the Sovereign realm of Amber,

Fealty and allegiance to its king, anointed by the Unicorn, Random, King of Amber.

May the foes of Amber tremble.

I raise my sword in defense of Order, I raise my hand to still raging seas.

I put my foot firmly in the soil of my homeland and dare the forces of creation to move me.

Let those who seek to destroy my home, my realm, my king, know that I am not easily swayed nor turned aside.

While I live, I strive.

Benedict of Amber


I will swear this oath in court.

If you want anything more of me in the way of an Article of Submission you can kiss my hairy freckled ass, my liege.

Jeweled Amber