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Culture: Woodman of Wilderland
Standard of Living: Frugal
Cultural blessing: Woodcrafty
Calling: Wanderer Shadow weakness: Wandering-Madness
Specialties: Beast-lore, Mirkwood-lore, Folk-lore
Distinctive features: Forthright, Hardy
Body: 3 Heart: 4 Wits: 7
Body (favoured): 4 Heart (favoured): 7 Wits (favoured): 9

-Common Skills-

* Awe: 0
* Inspire: 1
* Persuade: 1
Movement •••
* Athletics: 2
* Travel: 2+2
* Stealth: 2
Perception ••
* Awareness: 3
* Insight: 1
* Search: 2
* Explore: 3
* Healing: 3
* Hunting: 3
Custom ••
* Song: 1
* Courtesy: 2
* Riddle: 1
Vocation •
* Craft: 1
* Battle: 1
* Lore: 1

-Weapon Skills-

  • (Bows): 3
  • Dagger: 1
  • Long-hafted Axe: 2


  • Grievous Bow


  • Natural Watchfulness


  • Grievous Bow damage: 7 edge: 10 injury: 14 enc: 1
  • Long-hafted Axe damage: 5/7 edge: G injury: 18/20 enc: 3
  • Dagger damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 enc: 0
  • Leather Corslet protection: 2d6 enc: 8
  • Shawm enc: 0
  • Travelling Staff enc: 0
  • Fancy Dress enc: 0 (+1 to Standing the first time in an Encounter with a new personage)
Fatigue & Endurance
Endurance: 22 Starting Endurance: 24
Fatigue from Encumbrance: 12 Fatigue from Travel: 2 Total Fatigue: 14
Default Journey Role: Scout
Hope & Shadow
Hope: 11 Starting Hope: 14
Temporary Shadow: 2 Permanent Shadow: 0 Total Shadow: 2
Fellowship Focus: Adalgrim
Protection & Damage
Armour: 3 Headgear: 0
Parry: 7
Damage: 5/7+3 Ranged: 7+3
Experience & Advancement
Wisdom: 2 Valour: 2
Experience: 2 Total Experience: 24
Fellowship: 11 Advancement: 0 Treasure: 1 (-2 for Inn, -2 for Dress) Standing: 0

Background Bergmál is the eldest of five sisters (Bergmál's family. Her father, Swidhun, had travelled a bit in his youth, and found a wife among the folk to the north, west of the river. Sigehild was a strapping woman who seemed destined to bear the sturdy sons needed to prosper at the edge of the great forest. She bore sturdy daughters, instead, but they proved no less capable. Bergmál early showed a talent for hunting at the edge of the forest, and often kept meat on the table.

After the great events of five years ago, life became somewhat easier at the forest's eaves as the shadow withdrew. No longer as necessary at home as she had been, Bergmál went wandering in search of others who could use her skills. She travelled with Brannock, who went in search of lore. Between his plant lore and her hunting, they ate well on their journey. They first passed among the Beornings, her mother's people, and there met Bjarndor. In time, they wended their way through Mirkwood, and on to the Long Lake.

Bergmál is short and slender. Her clear blue eyes never stop taking in her surroundings. She runs to freckles, and jokes that only half her skin takes after her father’s people. Her hair is red-brown and wavy. When traveling or hunting, she keeps it braided and tucked out of the way.

Bergmál's family: There is Swidhun, short and sturdy, gruff but kindly, burned brown by the sun. Sigehild is tall and stately, but humor gleams in her eyes. Swanhild is as tall as her mother but as brown as her father. The younger sisters each show a different mixture of their parents' looks. Moira takes more after her father while Bemia favors her mother. Idonea is as freckled as Bergmál, albeit darker of hair and greener of eye, and even at the age of ten she looks likely to grow tall.