Beryl Barrowmaiden

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Beryl Barrowmaiden, Female Dwarf, Fighter 6th

Physical Notes[edit]


Race: Dwarf; Sex: Female; Age: 45

Height: 3'11; Weight: 124lb (56kg); Eye Color: Blue; Hair Color: Blue; Features: Beard

Social Class[edit]

Upper Middle

Personality Traits[edit]






Strength 15 Mod: +1; Saving Throw*: +4; Base Encumbrance: 75#
Dexterity 12 Mod: +0; Saving Throw: +1
Constitution 14 Mod: +1; Saving Throw*: +4
Intelligence 13 Mod: +1; Saving Throw: +2
Wisdom 12 Mod: +0; Saving Throw: +1
Charisma 14 Mod: +1; Saving Throw: +2
* Proficiency with these Saving Throws


Level: 6
Experience Points: 38,558 (75,000)
Hit Points: 46 (6HD, +1 CON Mod)
Armor Class: 21 (armor 19 +dex 0 +shield 2 +misc 0)
Attack Bonus: +6
Ability Bonus - Proficiency: +3; Nonproficiency: +1
Languages: Common, Dwarf
* Battleaxe +2: Attack Bonus: +12; Damage: 1D8+6; Qualities: slashing
* Gauntlet: Attack Bonus: +7; Damage: 1D3+1; Qualities: bludgeoning
* Hvy Crossbow: Attack Bonus: +6; Damage: 1D10; Qualities: range 120', piercing, loading
* Net: Attack Bonus: +6; Damage: n/a; Qualities: range 10'


Size: Medium
Movement: (45 feet /2 ENC) = 25 feet
Combat Bonus: gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls against orcs, halforcs, goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears. Also gain a +2 bonus to Armor Class when attacked by giantkind (ettins, ogres, trolls, and giants).
Darkvision 60’
Skill Proficiencies: Language (Common, Dwarf), Profession (Miner).
Resistance: +4 bonus to all Saving Throws versus magic and poison.
Steady Tread: A Dwarfs speed is not reduced by wearing heavy armor or encumbrance. They still suffer penalties to steath and athletics.
Skill Bonuses: gain a +2 bonus to all Craft, Perception, and Profession checks when dealing with stonework construction, including finding secret doors and stonework traps. As natural miners, dwarves can automatically determine how far below ground they are and can automatically determine which direction they are traveling in when beneath the surface. Also gain a +2 bonus to all Craft: Smith skill checks.


Saving Throws: Strength and Constitution
Weapon Specialization (+3): Battleaxe. Gain the bonus with this weapon to both attack and damage.
Cleave: if you drop a foe (0 hit or less) with a melee attack gain immediate extra melee against another foe in reach with same weapon and bonuses to hit and damage.
Combat Dominance (+1): gain this bonus to resist disarm, push, and trip and can counter oppoents Acrobatics attempt to tumble past you. Also doulbe base attacks agains opponents of the bonus in HD or less (1HD).
Extra Attack (1): make 2 attacks per round

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies[edit]

Weapons: all
Armor: all
Shields: all


Animal Handling* (WIS) +3
Athletics* (STR) +4 (-4 ENC) = +0
Chiper (INT) +1
Craft [Carpentry]* (INT) +4
Deception (CHA) +1
History (INT) +1
Insight (WIS) +0
Intimidation* (CHA) +4
Medicine* (WIS) +3
Nature (INT) +1
Perception* (WIS) +3
Performance (CHA) +1
Persuasion (CHA) +1
Profession [miner]* (WIS) +3
Religion (INT) +1
Sleight-of-Hands (DEX) +0 (-4 ENC) = -4
Stealth (DEX) +0 (-4 ENC) = -4
Survival (WIS) +1
* Proficiency with these skills


Encumbrance: Base (No Encumbrance) [Strx5]: 75lbs; Moderate Load [Strx10]: 150lbs; Heavy Load [Strx15]: 225lbs

Full Plate of the Caves (of the Deep reskinned) +1, no penalty to Swim, breathe underwater, speak with intelligent aquatic creatures, Freedom of movement 1hr 1/day 40 lbs
Large steel shield 10 lbs
Battleaxe +2 6 lb
Battleaxe (spare) 6 lbs
Hvy crossbow 8 lbs
10 crossbow bolts 1 lbs
Net 6 lbs
Backpack 2 lbs
Bolt case x 2 2 lbs
20 crossbow bolts 2 lbs
Caltrops 2 lbs
10 candles 1 lbs
Chalk 0 lbs
Climbing gear 5 lbs
Flint & Steel 0 lbs
Grappling hook 4 lbs
Map case x2 1 lbs
Small silver mirror 0 lbs
Lamp oil x5 5 lbs
Naphtha oil x5 10 lbs
20 pitons 10 lbs
2 x silk rope 16 lbs
10 large sacks 5 lbs
Signal whistle 0 lbs
Soap 1 lbs
Spyglass 1 lbs
Large tent 20 lbs
10 x torch 10 lbs
Whetstone 1 lbs
5 x wineskin 5 lbs
5 x waterskin 5 lbs
Winter blanket 3 lbs
Bag of Holding 15 lbs
XX x lbs
XX x lbs
XX x lbs
XX x lbs
XX x lbs
XX x lbs
500 gold pices (in pouch) 0.5 lbs
Total 208 lbs




  • Gear
  • Bag of holding
  • Alignment
  • Enc
  • Personality etc