Between the Darkness/Session 12

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tylorva: Okies. So if I recall, you had managed to arrest the heretic and were waiting for the inquisitor to arrive?

Mercution_Hastus: We were questioning him currently. Mercution still wants to ask a couple of questions.

tylorva: Go for it. :)

Mercution_Hastus: sneers. "So, you "searched around"... And found an undercover Inquisitorial agent? Care to explain?"

Clavis_Morden: stands to the side, occasionally looking out the window slightly nervous about the Inquisitor's impending arrival.

tylorva: He nods. "I searched... ummm... by asking the warp. I can read the Tarot."

Mercution_Hastus: glances in Clavis' direction. "One can do that? With such a precision?"

tylorva: "It's not that precise... but it can give an idea of where and when might be important. I waited and eventually saw Alcoth. He was asking questions, about illegal trading. I knew he was the man."

Clavis_Morden: After a moment Clavis reluctantly nods. "It's entirely possible, though it would require more skill than I'd expect an untrained witch to have. That or ... help from dark powers."

Clavis_Morden: She turns to Sand, her expression stern. "Did you have ... help?"

tylorva: "No! I was... taught. At the prison."

Mercution_Hastus: shakes his head, not entirely sure how to react on that - warp-damned witchery that he himself barely understood, but it seemed like such a useful ability. Would've spared them a lot of trouble...

tylorva: Janus Sand watches everyone for a moment. "So... this inquisitor. What is she like...?"

Atella: "Oh, she's great."

Atella: nods

Mercution_Hastus: *sigh* "Hm. I'm going to describe a man..." He proceeds with the description of his fellow gang-member, suddenly heretic. "Tell me if you know him. Name's "Kirian"."

Clavis_Morden: nervously cleans her glasses. "She ... uh ... well ..." She doesn't seem to find the right words to actually describe Inquisitor Vika Shaeye.

tylorva: He listens to Mercution's description carefully, then nods. "I remember him. He was a prisoner, years ago but was sold off. I don't know what happened to him after that."

Mercution_Hastus: "Hmph. I must say, it is good news. They do tie in after all... He was always going by this name?"

tylorva: "Kirian? Yeah. He never said his surname. I don't think he knew what it was."

Mercution_Hastus: "That so?" Mercution adresses his companions. "I won't know two thrones about it, but he looked and sounded like he spend some time higher up. It may be a clue for whom he was sold to. May not be relevant, though."

Atella: makes a note.

Clavis_Morden: likewise notes this down. "We'll make sure to ask him once we have him."

tylorva: Janus looks up wondering if there were going to be more questions. He actually seems to like being helpful.

Clavis_Morden: ((Clavis has no further questions))

Mercution_Hastus: ((Likewise.))

Atella: (^)

tylorva: About an hour later there's a loud noise from outside as some kind of powerful vehicle draws up. Peering out of the window, you can see what appears to be a small tank had rolled up along the residential street and pulled up outside. Vika Shaeye does not do subtle.

tylorva: Sand flinches at the sound. "Is that... her?"

Atella: looks outside

Atella: "Probably"

Clavis_Morden: nods once, obviously nervous

tylorva: "Hey, you're scared of her too!"

Mercution_Hastus: is apparently torned, whether to try to look unassuming or sharpd and at attention. "She IS an Inquisitor."

Clavis_Morden: looks at him saying "She's an *Inquisitor*." as if that explains everything.

Atella: "She's awesome"

tylorva: "I've never met a real inquisitor before... Hoped I never would, you know?"

Clavis_Morden: doesn't say anything but her expression says 'me neither'

Atella: (silly criminal)

Atella: shrugs

tylorva: A few minutes later, there's a loud crash from the door as Inquisitor Vika Shaeye in all her power-armoured glory stomps through the door into the room. Her eviscerator is slung over her back and she gazes across the assembled as if they were a daemon that she was about to strike down. "Well? Report!"

Atella: salutes

Atella: "We captured the heretic Sand, ma'am, and have been doing preliminary interrogations."

Clavis_Morden: Clavis freezes for a moment, and Atella is quicker to begin the report.

Atella: "He has made... allegations."

Mercution_Hastus: "Mistress." Mercution gives something of a bow.

Atella: nods to Clavis_Morden

Atella: (there, report ;)

tylorva: "What... Allegations...?" Vika looms over everyone, her mastery at intimidation very obvious.

Clavis_Morden: "Inquisitor," Clavis manages to say without stuttering and curtsies. "Janus Sand claims that he did not kill Interrogator Alcoth. Rather he found him dead and stole his insignia from his corpse."

Clavis_Morden: "He claims that this was to investigate a group, a cult, a conspiracy that hides psykers from the authorities and sells and smuggles them."

tylorva: Vika turns and affixes her gaze on Clavis. "And do you think this makes him any less of a heretic?" Janus Sand just freezes, staring up at the woman in absolute blind terror.

Mercution_Hastus: "During the course of investigation and interrogation, we have determined, that he did not in fact killed your servant or has anything to do with his death. Yet he saw to meet with him to tell about the heresy committed. Alligedly, a group of people is holding a number of unsanctioned psykers captive for the purpose of some.. rituals."

Mercution_Hastus: "It would seem, occasionaly they also sell them. Sand claims to be an escapee. Kirian, apparently, was sold by this group to persons unknown some years ago."

Clavis_Morden: "Eek!" With a titanic effort Clavis after a few seconds manages to regain command of her tongue. "No, Inquisitor. Certainly not, Inquisitor. I would not dare claim such, Inquisitor."

tylorva: Vika shifts her gaze to Mercution. "Rituals... what kind of rituals...? Daemon-summoning ones?" Beyond all belief she actually seems to look eager at the thought of someone summoning daemons for her to go and smash,

Clavis_Morden: "The rituals, he says, were sexual in nature. He says he knows a Name they used."

Mercution_Hastus: "D-d..? I wound't know, misstress."

Clavis_Morden: ((damn, that's a question we should have asked))

tylorva: ((Vika likes people summoning daemons. It provides her with work. Oh happy days! ))

Atella: "He mentioned the leaders of the group were a woman with long dark hair and a scar, a rogue trader..."

tylorva: (( Welcome to life as an Ordo malleus daemonhunter. ;) ))

Atella: "a tall man, a gang leader, and..."

Atella: pauses.

Atella: "... the lord marshal"

Atella: "alledgedly"

tylorva: Vika turns and peers at Atella for a long moment. "And do you believe him?"

Atella: "I... don't know yet, ma'am."

Clavis_Morden: "He does seem to believe what he is saying," Clavis supports her.

Clavis_Morden: "At least to our inexperienced eyes."

Atella: "He hasn't... given any concrete proof."

tylorva: "THEN FIND IT!!!!!" she roars.

Atella: flinches

Atella: "yes, ma'am"

Clavis_Morden: jumps and nearly falls down. Not trusting her tongue she simply nods vigorously as Atella answers in the positive.

tylorva: Vika crosses her arms and paces, the floor shaking under the weight of her armour. "The proof will exist that either condemns or exonerates the Lord Marshal and these other conspirators. One way or the other, the truth must be learned. Is that clear?"

Mercution_Hastus: coughes. "At least, about Lord-Marshall. But the woman, rogue-trader, seems to be involved - he have found some documents among Alcoth's possessions. Other names were mentioned. Cold Trade. Slyth Brotherhood. Beast House."

Atella: "of course, ma'am"

Atella: salutes again.

Clavis_Morden: "... yes, Inquisitor," Clavis says in a small voice.

Mercution_Hastus: *we

tylorva: Vika nods to Mercutions. "Do you think these leads are worth pursuing?"

Mercution_Hastus: "With respect, mistress. Now, I know of no way to approach this rogue trader. Where to find her, even. But I know the region, where this group seems to operate. In the Underhive. Also, this is a turf and a base of operation of one of the supposed leaders. He is a more likely target for us."

tylorva: The inquisitor nods. "Then you have a place to start that may lead back to the others." She pauses for a moment. "Good work. Keep it up." Then she turns her attention to Sand. "Now what to do with this one..." Sand is absolutely frozen in terror and seems to have wet his pants as well.

Clavis_Morden: Without noticing it herself Clavis has taken a step or two away from Sand.

Mercution_Hastus: keeps silent. It is unlikely the Inquisitor is really waiting for suggestions.

Atella: keeps silent too.

Clavis_Morden: Clavis doesn't even think of drawing the Inquisitor's attention now, or even interrupting her deliberation.

tylorva: Eventually she turns to face you. "Have you learned all you can from him?" Sand seems to understand the intention behind that question and whimpers in terror. "Please... no! I didn't mean to do anything wrong! Please... let me make up for this!" He gazes at you all with a pleading expression. "Please help me!"

Atella: looks at Sand

Atella: "You might be able to get more out of him, ma'am, but I don't think the three of us will get anything else."

Clavis_Morden: "There may be more - details, little things - he knows about that conspiracy. Particulars of the rituals and such we didn't want to ask. Also a telepath or an artist might get actual pictures of the other conspirators from him, too," Clavis suggests after a moment of thought.

tylorva: Vika wiggles her shoulders actually managing to look disappointed. Sand stares at her, finally drawing a breath. Eventually the inquisitor scowls. "Fine, fine..." she grumbles. "But he's yours to deal with." She turns to stomp off. "Keep following the leads. report to Reinhardt when you find something. make sure you find something good!"

Atella: blinks

Atella: "Uh... ma'am?"

Atella: "You're not going to... take him with you?"

tylorva: "Why would I want to? I employ the likes of you, don't I?" She looks genuinely bemused and her expression softens slightly. "I'm not the 'sit in the Tricorn with lots of interrogators doing subtle investigation kind of inquisitor'. I'll leave that to the likes of Drake and Moranz. Or you. When the daemons appear though... that's when I'm most needed." She...

tylorva: stands still for a moment. "You're doing a good job. I mean that. Keep it up."

Atella: flushes

Atella: "thank you, ma'am"

Atella: "but still... it would be... easier for us to move if we didn't have to keep an eye on him."

tylorva: "You have my seal of authority. Use it." And with that, she does stomp off.

Clavis_Morden: beams at the compliment, then winces when Atella continues to push

Atella: blinks

Atella: frowns at Sand

tylorva: Sand blinks. "Thanks..."

Mercution_Hastus: stares at the floor. "Those eccentric authority figures..." he murmurs, after the lady left.

Atella: "One bit of trouble and I kill you myself"

Mercution_Hastus: "He is already "a bit of a trouble". Being unsanctioned psyker."

Clavis_Morden: watches the Inquisitor's departure in speechless silence

tylorva: "I;m still alive..." says Sand in utter amazement.

Clavis_Morden: "That qualifies for more than just "a bit", I'd say," Clavis adds.

Atella: taps her maul

Atella: "so... now what?"

Mercution_Hastus: "Which is pterry damn bizarre, if you ask me. "Heretic, Impersonating Inquisitor" one moment - now a servant of the one, who signed your death warrant..."

Clavis_Morden: "There is some precedent ..."

tylorva: "I told you everything though! I swear! Can I go now?"

Mercution_Hastus: "Those eccentric authority figures..." Mercution repeated.

Clavis_Morden: "Though I don't think she meant for him to be like us. Rather he is our responsibility as a prisoner."

Atella: snorts

Mercution_Hastus: "Well, yeah. Still, that's pretty much the same, as was the case in the "precedent" that Clavis mentioned."

Atella: sighs

Clavis_Morden: "So what should be done with him?"

Atella: "We could tie him up and leave him here in a closet"

Atella: looks at Sand

Mercution_Hastus: "And you are not going anywhere. Your status, if you don't know, brands you as "shoot on sight" on the Sibellus. Or pretty much everywhere."

tylorva: "No thanks! I promise I'm a reformed member of society! No more pretending to be an inquisitor!"

Clavis_Morden: "Even so. You are unsanctioned. You have taken part in blasphemous rituals. You should understand that we can't just let you go." There is a slightly apologetic tone to Clavis' words.

Atella: waves a hand at Clavis

Atella: "this is more your thing."

tylorva: "You can't shoot me1 I might know stuff! That's why you stopped her from shooting me, right? Right?"

Mercution_Hastus: "True, I suppose. He may be of use, if we, let's say, try to infiltrate the compound, where they are keeping psykers."

Clavis_Morden: "I don't *want* to shoot him either." Even though he's the reason I'm in this mess, Clavis adds in her thoughts.

Atella: "maybe we can maim him, just a little bit, so he can't run away as quickly?"

tylorva: "No!"

Clavis_Morden: gives Atella an appalled look. "Are ... are you serious?"

Atella: sighs

Atella: "so... what do you suggest then?"

Mercution_Hastus: "Well, maybe you car procure an explosive collar from arbites' armoury?" Mercution sighs and shakes his head. "It would seem, our path leads us to Underhive."

Clavis_Morden: "Umm ... maybe prison? Though we don't want to put him into Arbites hands."

Clavis_Morden: "The explosive collar might be the better idea. It's unpleasant -" Clavis seems to speak from experience here "- but it's approved as temporary security measure for psykers."

Mercution_Hastus: "Look, we either need him for his knowledge or we don't need him at all. Could've as well advise Inquisitor to shoot him, rather than throw him in a prison now."

tylorva: "I can be useful!" says Sand desperately.

Atella: "... how?"

Clavis_Morden: "I ... I meant, so we could ask him if it turned out that we needed to know something," Clavis says in a small voice.

Mercution_Hastus: "As for collars... I fought with Kirian side by side for some time. There were some occasional... odd stuff. I don't remember him blowing up. But he wasn't as inclined to run either."

Clavis_Morden: "He will, of course, be forbidden from attempting to use warp powers."

tylorva: "Whatever you say!"

Clavis_Morden: "If we bring him along to answer questions and use his knowledge of locations, then that's probably the best way to do it."

Atella: "fine, but you're responsible for him"

Clavis_Morden: ((said to whom?))

Atella: (you =p)

Clavis_Morden: ((hey, it was Mercution who said we should bring him along rather than put him in prison :p))

Clavis_Morden: looks doubtful but nods. "If that's what you want."

Mercution_Hastus: "This prohibiton is unlikely to hold true, when grox dung really starts flying..." He grumbles, but is apparently sees no reason to argue further.

Mercution_Hastus: ((Now, I just presented option of either him coming with us, or that we kill him immediately.))

Clavis_Morden: ((if those are the only choices ... Clavis doesn't want to shoot him))

Mercution_Hastus: ((So, I assume we no longer has any bussiness or worty leads in the Hive proper?))

Atella: (not really)

Clavis_Morden: ((but I think Kirian might be our best bet. He can independantly confirm Sand's claims and might have or know about something we could use for proof))

Clavis_Morden: ((plus it takes the death threat off Mercution))

Atella: (underhive we go then)

Clavis_Morden: ((ok, so procure explosive collar, put on Sand, down to the Underhive by Mercution's guidance?))

Atella: (sounds good)

tylorva: (( Okies. Will call it a day there, so we can start fresh with heading into the underhive next week. Sorry for the short session (expecially after long absence), today was just very crummy. :( ))

Atella: (k)

Atella: hugs tylorva

Mercution_Hastus: ((Some equipment may be necessary. If only to look inconspicuous. That is, not to look like an Arbites or a psyker or a clerk from Spire.)).

tylorva: (( You can procure and explosive collar and any basic equipment you need. ))